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Life Lesson Processing Theory Tour

Life Lesson Processing - Theory Overview

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Life Lesson Processing - Theory Overview  --  Images On This Website  --  Giving Thanks


 Life Lesson Processing - Theory Overview

We are going to look at our theory as one big hologram. Everything in it is connected, and we will zoom in to details and zoom out to see the "big picture". Click on the links to get more details to the details... it's like going from universes to galaxies, to solar systems, to planets, to life forms, to organs, to cells, to molecules, to atoms... a bit like God looks, with a telescope at one end and a microscope at the other end of one big zoom tool.

You can also "walk" through this "tree" of information in our theory tour. It will use the same "zoom in" and "zoom out" concept to navigate between greater detail and a more comprehensive overview.

The human being comes into this picture at the high magnification factor or zoom level of only one section (one incarnation or lifetime) in an individual spiritual being's timeline - it takes quite a close look to see a dot as tiny as ourselves! Body cells or microbes on the other hand would perceive us as huge... so everything is relative, and of course for God, or the Divine, all zoom levels are equally precious. - Life Lesson Processing belongs to an even higher magnification factor, the very specific zoom level of the replay function in one human movie.


  The Big Picture: All-That-Is 

Ancient scriptures talk of a pattern that could be called the "Heartbeat of God" - a rhythm encompassing eons, like an immense system of ebb and flow. It goes from non-existence to existence, back to non-existence, to existence again, covering billions of years in each cycle, like breathing in and out, or rather like waking and sleeping. In God's eons long sleep, all that exists would be the dream. Chapters on this page: The Heartbeat Of God  --  Manifested Existence  --  Churches and Priests.


  One Grand Cycle - Seen in Super Fast Forward Mode 

Each one of these grand cycles, if we look at it in the super fast-forward mode that lets us see a whole movie in a few seconds, is like a soap bubble that is blown out of the center and then drawn in again.  It starts with a Big Bang and finally ends in the reverse of that. Between these two points, billions of years are passing. While the bubble of existence is folded out, whole universes with their galaxies, solar systems and planets are born and die. Some of these planets have life forms - like Earth. But before it comes to life forms, a lot has to happen - a whole symphony of splits and merges. Chapters on this page: One Breath Of God   --   The Principles of Split and Merge  --  Multiple Universes? 


  Basic Split (Spirit/Matter) and Final Merge 


Many religions and spiritual systems look down on matter as something low and inferior - as if it had not also emerged from the same divine parent who gave birth to all spirits. On the other hand they also feel entrapped by matter - seems that there is no way to reconcile the two of them! The saga of Kain and Abel could be seen in the hostility between these unequal brothers - and matter is the innocent one! - Also on this page: the final merge at the end of the Grand Cycle. Chapters on this page: Looking Down On Matter  --  The Richness Of Creation  --  Present Time: Madness Rules - The Kali Yuga  --  New Golden Age - The Original Idea  --  The Final Merge



Spirit Splits - Viewpoints And Their Energetic Output









Matter's Career In The Physical Universe 


Major page about how Spirit splits into individuals, the main types of viewpoints in processing, and the energetic output of these viewpoints.

Chapters on this page: One Whole, Many Parts: Spirit Splits  --  Definition of Self - Individuality  --  Viewpoints In Processing  --  Viewpoints And Their Energetic Output  --   Relevant Viewpoints in Life Lesson Processing  --  Types of Items in Processing



This page deals with the career of matter in the physical universe, with consciousness in matter and biological organisms, and the feelings of the Supreme Being while creating a universe. Chapters: Matter's Career In The Physical Universe   --   The Stages Of A Universe  --   Concepts Used On This Page  --   Science And Religion - Two Half Wisdoms  --  The Schwarzschild Wormhole  --  The Consciousness of Matter  --  Consciousness in Chemistry and Biology  --  Ecology And The Food Chain


Spirit Splits - Identities

How Things End: Entropy


A bit of information about the concept of Identities - typically a split part of the client who is in conflict either with other identities, or with the client as the "boss" who makes the final decisions about what the money is spent for, what the time is spent for, and who (of all the identities) gets the body to act out their ambitions and desires.


Chapters on this page: The Identity Concept  --  Types of Combinations  --  Dominating, Suppressed and Struggling Identities  --  Priority Conflicts  --  Dormant Identities  --  Group Consciousness Identities  --  Identity Hierarchy  --  Multiple Personalities  --  Survival Situation  --  Obsessed With A Game



According to natural science, everything in nature is subject to entropy, an ever increasing process of burning out, cooling down, going black, going cold, falling apart, freezing, dying - this is how it all ends - sun, moon, stars, comets, butterflies, everything.


Chapters on this page: When The Sun Burns Out...  --  The Last Question  --  Human Size Entropy Levels  --  Spiritual Entropy - Does That Exist?  --  The Urge To Rest  --  Sensing Entropy - Cycles Of Acting And Resting  --  The Pain Of Dying  --  Healthy Old Age - Key Mental Exercise  --  Ceasing To Create  --  Energetic Contamination  --  Regaining Life Force Lost In Past Negative Experiences


Spirit Merges: Morphic Fields - Group Consciousness

The Human Bodies


Major page about group consciousness concepts and the restricting influence of cultural morphic fields.

Chapters  on this page: Group Consciousness (4th Density) -- Morphic Fields (definition, examples) -- How to disconnect from morphic fields -- Morphic Field Evolution -- Natural Limits and Personal Choices --All About Morphic Field Interaction with Individuals -- Spiritual Criminality: Sanity/Insanity -- Self/Other polarity --  Personal Reactions  --  Education Versus Brainwashing  -- Individuality in the Big Picture


Our body is the biological organism that serves us as a physical vehicle while we interact with the material universe as a life form - a spiritual being incarnating, which literally means "taking on flesh". The body is the vehicle, the spiritual being is the driver - so far so good. The body has also another role, which is to point at difficulties in life lessons that have somehow escaped our attention. The body acts as the last and loudest in a series of alarm signals (we call them diseases). -


Chapters on this page: Body Biology: Some Medicine Links  --  The Human Body - Information Still Coming  --  Matter Is Not Solid At All  --  Our Body - An Energy Cloud  --  Wavelengths Of Light And Magnification Factors  --  States of Aggregation  --  The Tuner Concept  --  The Railroad Crossing Ghost  --  Ancient Knowledge - The Subtle Bodies  --  Alarm Signals  --  How Damage Travels Through To The Physical Body  --  Prevention And Life Lesson Processing  --  Health In Relationships - Erectile and Brain Dysfunction  --  Nutrition  --  The Boiling Frog and Borrowing a Brain  --  Life Planning and Guidance  --  Emergencies: Medical Care and Energy Healing


Individual Spirit's Timeline

Owning The Body


The  individual spiritual being emerges from its source, the divine parent, following the urge to individuate and express itself; after a timeline of experiences it gives up this individuality again and re-merges with its source, following the urge to unite, or go home, or become whole again.


When such an individual merges with a physical body, together they become a life form, and we talk about an Incarnation. Chapters: Spiritual Being's Birth And Death  --  Chain Of Incarnations



This page is an excerpt from a technical LLP page about a processing program, called the Morphic Field Emancipation, Body. It gives insight into our management of "unspeakable" body parts like the genitals or the excretion organs.


Chapters on this page: Owning The Body  --  "Unspeakable" Body Parts  --  The Notorious Sexual Organs  --  The Power of Sovereignty  --  Sexuality, Two Versions Of  --  End Result of Morphic Field Emancipation, Body




  Spirit + Body = Life Form: Merge Of Spirit And Body

A Life Form would be any combination of a physical organism with a spiritual being. Two totally different energies have to share everything from now on - for many decades, until they separate again when the body dies. According to the traditional split of work between spirit and matter, the spiritual being takes on the leading role in the teamwork that now ensues, but actually their life together is an ongoing negotiation process, or better a dialogue between partners. Chapters on this page: Life Form: Spirit Plus Body  --  Different Energies Merge  --  Good And Bad Leadership  --  The Caring Commander


  The Human World: A Big Cinema Center With Countless Movie Theatres 

Shakespeare already knew that the whole world is a stage and its people are acting out their personal movies. But there are many more stages than only one. We could imagine the world as one of these cinema centers with many movie theaters - a really, really big one - with many, many, many, many movie theaters! Chapters on this page: Our World - A Huge Cinema Center  --  Diplomacy Between Parallel Worlds  --  The Radiation Disaster  --  Why So Many Visitors To Earth?  --  The Cosmic Lesson: Reversing Mental and Spiritual Entropy


  Human Being's Timeline - Standard Lessons, Delayed Lessons, Collective Karma

There are  lessons that have to be learned by any human being as a foundation for everything else they want to tackle during a Lifetime - walking, talking, reading, writing, earning money, making love... We could call them the alphabet of living - the words and grammar from which all personal development on the human level is composed. Each of these Standard Lessons is typically learned at a certain body age, even though it can happen that for some reason they have been delayed - in which case they must be learned 10, 20, 30 or 40 years later. Chapters on this page: From the Cradle to the Grave  --  Standard Human Life Lessons  --  The Lesson Of Incarnation  --   Carrier and Signal  --  How Standard Lessons and Personal Lessons Overlap  --  Service To Self/Service To Others  --  Grounding  --  Delayed Standard Lessons  --  Cultural Lessons/Collective Karma  --  Active and Passive Learning  --  Personal Responsibility For Our Culture  --  Morphic Field Emancipation  --  Spiritual Sovereignty 


 Love And Human Bonding vs. Sexuality

Essentials about the life areas of sexuality and human bonding, with some paragraphs about forms of love that transcend the current human scope - maybe the future of humanity, if we keep evolving as predicted (given that we still have a planet after 2012)? Chapters on this page: Love And Human Bonding Versus Sexuality  --  In a Nutshell  --  Sexuality vs. Bonding  --  Taboos and Rituals  --  Natural Limits, Personal Choices and Morphic Fields  --  Monogamy and Polyamory  --  Compersion - the Opposite of Jealousy  --  Bonding Types  --  Monovalent Type  --  Multivalent Type  --  Duration and Scope of Bonding Contracts  --  Casual Sex  --  Love Affair  --  Permanent Relationship  --  Shorter Relationship  --  Lifetime Relationship  --  Morphic Field Boundaries  --  Value Ratio Of Bonding Models  --  Celibacy  --  Monogamy  --  Polygamy  --  Swingers  --  Free Love  --  Tribal Group  --  4th Density Family Group  --  God Emulating Human  --  Your Personal Future


 Spiritual Love and its Translations into the Physical Plane

Details about the divine energy of Spiritual Love that keeps us connected while we live as separated units of consciousness (3rd Density), its patterns of translation into the physical plane, the 5 Love Languages as defined by relationship therapist Gary Chapman, sex as a channel of love, the major ways how love can be destroyed, and how to reverse this damage.  Chapters on this page: Spiritual Love, Definition  --  "Temperatures" of Existence  --  Temperature Loops  --  Human Emotions  --  Ways of Co-Existence  --  Degrees of Love  --  Translating Pure Energy: Four Patterns of Loving  --  Automaticity  --  Give and Take  --  The 5 Love Languages  --  Sex as a Channel of Love  --  Destruction of Love  --  COUNTER FORCES:  Forbidden  --  Punished  --  Never Developed  --  Treason  --  Contracts  --  Abuse  --  Perversion  --  Rejections  --  Wasted  --  Failures  --  Discouraged  --  Exhaustion (Burnout)  --  Bad Brain Health  --  All The Way Back to the Top


  Life Plans, Screenplays, Personal Lessons

Beside an Incarnation, which is a specific unit in a spiritual being's existence, marked by one physical body's life, there are the following other units: A Personal Lesson is the time and activity that a spiritual being devotes to the learning of, and gathering experiences about a certain theme of interest - say, physical violence, addiction, unconditional love. A Screenplay is a "movie" that is acted out in life, very specifically designed to illustrate one or several personal and/or Standard Lessons, or to implement a goal. Screenplays can be distinguished from random events by their unusual coincidences.

Life Plans are made between incarnations - not by some committee of non-physical authorities, but by the spirit himself, who designs his upcoming life like an architect, or rather a screenplay writer. A life plan designs the movies to play in order to illustrate the lessons a person wants to learn, and contracts are made between their future players. Wait a moment before you find this ridiculous - it has been documented in entirely too many books to be just nonsense! We show you some of them. Chapters on this page: The Incarnation  --  Units or Sections in a Spiritual Being's Existence  --  The Ultimate Lesson  --  Big Viewpoints - Tiny Viewpoints  --  Life Plans  --  Personal Lessons  --  Goals  --  Screenplays  --  Coincidences  --  Key People: A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime  --  The Intelligent Universe: Cosmic Planning  --  Time And The River Of Life  --  Types Of Movies  --  Filmlets  --  Soap Operas - A Lesson's Showdown  --  Checklists And Active Learning  --  Relationship Potential And Spiritual Love  --   Deep Injustice - Peak Waves - The Boat Visualization


  Movies: Zoom Levels 

Each human movie has long shots, medium shots and closeups. If a player has his attention on a long shot, he can fail utterly in a closeup where his performance is needed at the same time. Long shots would be global or national issues. Many a politician has wrecked his marriage or lost the affection of his children, because he did not pay enough attention to these closeup scenarios. Kneeshots would be business scenarios or community scenarios. It is also possible to fail in these wider areas if the attention is stuck in a closeup - a new romance, a health problem, or a family drama. Lots of lessons can be left over from such errors in properly focusing one's attention.  Chapters on this page: Movies: Zoom Levels  --  Focusing  --  Zoom Levels in Time  --  Zooming to the Distant Past: Ancient History and the "Gods"  --  Zooming All The Way Out  --  Troublesome Zoom Levels To Be Stuck In  --  Greed, Corruption, Criminality


  Movies: The Replay Function 

The replay function of a movie player is where our service comes in. Here we see in detail what went by too fast when it first happened. Like, say, any good football TV broadcast crew will show you the key scenes in replays from many angles, until they are sure that you have understood all about them. Read here why it is so tricky to get this essential function of our mind to work. Chapters on this page: Movies - The Replay Function  --  Movie: Sweet Babe And The Evil Cat  --  Viewpoints In The Babe Movie


  Emotional Pain, Its Roots In The Past 

Emotional pain has long been seen as some kind of handicap. People who spend their time in therapists' offices are perceived as kind of sick, weak, weird, not really reliable. In fact these people are the only ones who at least try to do something about it - most others have their emotional issues too, only that they hide them so well that they don't even notice them themselves anymore, and so these issues have all the time in the world to wreak havoc in their relationships, families, professional lives, and their physical health. See here how we perceive the function of emotional pain - we use it as a red thread to trace any suffering branch of your life back to its roots in the past.

The "Life Lesson Processing" Tree

Life Lesson Processing uses emotional pain as the red thread to trace

any suffering branch of your life back to its roots in the past.


  A Note on Mainstream Therapy 

Mainstream therapy will typically not follow the red thread of emotional pain back into previous lifetimes - an idea that a practitioner can only use if he perceives you as a spiritual being rather than a chunk of meat -, and will therefore fail to uncover quite a percentage of your key experiences. There is a promising development though in the work of Brian Weiss, who has converted from a very conventional head of a psychiatric hospital to a deeply spiritual pastlife regression therapist. More to mainstream therapy here.


  "Life Lesson Processing" - What Makes It Different? 

While they steer clear of mainstream therapy's shortcomings, Clearing practitioners will uncover the key experiences in past lives that mainstream therapy fails to find, but most of them will be content with you getting rid of the emotional pain and understanding what happened. Life Lesson Processing will also guide you through the integration of your new insights into your current life and into your planning of the future - it does the extra step from thinking to action.


 Images On This Website

The images on this website are meant to be inspirational only. They are in no way "photos" or accurate representations of things as difficult to comprehend as the Supreme Being, an individual spirit's timeline, or the way a spiritual being and a biological organism combine into a life form.


We will not get into biblical discussions here, like "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image" (the second commandment, which by the way sounds very different from one translation to the next). Just so much - it is simply not possible to paint an accurate picture of All-That-Is or any other spiritual concepts. After all, they are spiritual, not physical - invisible rather than visible - we can only loosely approximate them with "graven images", or rather with Hubble or NASA photos, which are much nicer than the clumsy biblical idols, a true step forward in the evolution of mankind.

The impressive old man to the left is probably not how God looks. Michelangelo got that wrong. But sexy he is! Even though he could do with a shave.


The ball of wool to the right is more like it. Countless individual threads of divine presence,  intimately interwoven with each other, embedded in a sea of possibilities that never manifested - or better, didn't manifest yet - unlimited potential - a universal creativity field. We still don't see these individuals begin and end, and we don't see them travel through time, but basically this is how fibres that have emerged from the Divine Parent fill the spaces and times of manifested existence, if we zoom all the way out.


Not all of them are of the same size. Some are as small as an atom, some are as big as a galaxy. Planets like our Earth, also lovingly called Gaia, and human beings are somewhere in between. Microscopes - telescopes - the Supreme Being has these zoom tools naturally built in. The individual units that emerge from him are limited though - atoms and galaxies don't see eye to eye. Nor do microbes and human beings, or mice and elephants for that matter. They each live in their own world.


By the way, we will not go into much into the details and theory of how consciousness works in context with the physical world, we'll leave that up to Quantum Physics and other cutting edge modern scientists, along with ancient philosophy and religion. We only touch these things because they have to do with our main topic, Life Lesson Processing. We will give a few links, but if you really want to study that in all depth, you'll have to find more thorough material in the search machines. 



Now we could have made this less trivial, but we are really trying to explain things. It is quite a trick for a human mind to wrap itself around mammoth ideas like all of creation, or the fascinating aspects of entropy. So we help it a little by giving trivial examples. Also, these mundane human things are part of existence too, just like the big concepts and majestic visions. Movies, you know! Some are quite the epic drama, some are romances, and then there are so many tragedies and comedies, and then all the slapstick... the awed look into the depths of space is the rare exception.



Looking at the Milky Way, the center of our home galaxy.


 Giving Thanks



Heidrun Beer, the author of this website, in June 2010


We want to thank the man or woman who made the photo above and shared it on the internet, as well as the other creative spirits whose work we borrowed, who put so much love into their photos and then uploaded them for all other people to see. A similar love comes from us and propels Life Lesson Processing - so we hope a lot of love will come back to them through this website, and may it help them big time at the moment where they most need it, or at least inspire them a little!


We also want to thank NASA and the people who built the Hubble space telescope. And each individual tax payer who financed them. And the farmers for feeding the NASA staff, the Hubble constructors, the tax payers, and the non tax payers as well. And our Sun for making the farmers' plants grow. And the Great Spirit for making that sun.


That's where it all starts - just like in the Bible, "Let there be light!" And here we are, writing a website. "We" in this case means your humble typist, Heidrun Beer, and some people standing behind her, who don't really have names, but are doing quality work by delivering text and images every night, which are then ready to be put into the computer in the morning.

Good job, guys - big thanks to you too from the little Earthlings! It's quite a neat movie that we are playing here. Charming. Ambitious. Fun!


Here is a "Grateful Heart" for you from "iHearts" on Facebook. Uuuuhhhh... Facebook... now that's a different story. I'll explain it to you when we are done with the work. For now, a big non-physical smooch to you from the Earth people!




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