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The "Life Lesson Processing" Tree

 Life Lesson Processing...

... is a mental training system designed to assist you in finishing incomplete life lessons and processing emotional pain. It comes complete with

  • Life Coaching

  • Processing

  • Customized Study Assignments Plus Practical



 Is Life A School?

It has been said that life is a school, and that we return time after time in order to learn all of its lessons.

Scientist Michael Newton has researched this idea. His clients remember how they planned their lessons before their upcoming birth - here are his books if you are curious. Robert Schwartz comes to the same results in his book Your Soul's Plan, and a great many books written by trainees of out-of-body pioneer Robert Monroe, who have been on the "other side" during their out-of-body trips and came back with detailed reports from there, give the same information: we pre-plan our lives in order to work on certain themes that we choose together with our future co-players (spouses, kids, even opponents).

These lessons get presented to us in Screenplays that are laid out for maximum learning. Now sometimes life moves on before we can complete a lesson - there is a war or a natural disaster, or we die, or we get distracted by something terrible or beautiful... or a lesson is simply too much! Sometimes we also fail, and need a second or third installment...

Such lessons feel painful to us. They are  marked in red, so to speak -  they keep coming up in our mind, so that we will not forget to finish them later. Sometimes they are too painful to be experienced, and are buried deep down in our memory. We would rather not learn these lessons. But our mind keeps them in storage until we are ready to look at them again - or maybe have found some helpful friends or the ideal teacher - or simply the time is right to roll up our sleeves again and finally graduate. 


 Life Lesson Processing (LLP)

In our workgroup, a system has been designed that allows you to find these unfinished lessons by tracing them back to your past, and complete them. It is called "Life Lesson Processing", and its concept resembles the layout of a tree: from the suffering branch of your life we feel our way back to its root in your past - and by tending to the root, the branch recovers.

The "Life Lesson Processing" Tree

Emotional pain is one helpful feature in that, it works like a red thread that we can follow - but there is another telltale signal as well - the unfinished Standard Lesson.

Each age in a human lifetime has its typical lessons, from reading and writing in school age to lovemaking around 20, parenting around 30, and many other important stations. If one such lesson remains unlearned, the person does not fully grow up.

There is always a reason why such a lesson has remained unfinished. By following the standard human timeline, we trace these things back to their roots to uncover the key situations in the past with processing. Also we add coaching and study to that, so that sooner or later you can complete all your lessons, even if they have been incomplete for a long time - 10, 20, 30, 40 or more years!   

See here what can be done to trace down your unfinished life lessons, or walk through the tree of the theory, or see the whole theory tree


 Other Approaches

Mainstream therapy will typically not follow the red thread of emotional pain back into previous lifetimes - an idea that a practitioner can only use if he perceives you as a spiritual being rather than a chunk of meat -, and will therefore fail to uncover quite a percentage of your key experiences. Bestselling pastlife regression therapist Brian Weiss is currently doing groundbreaking work in this area, but his cutting edge findings have not yet arrived in university training, while we are working with these concepts for over 30 years.

Clearing practitioners do have the tools to uncover these key experiences in past lives. You might be on your own though if you need to complete your studies for an unfinished life lesson, or have to find a coach for practical training, a diet specialist, or an energy healing practitioner for a medical problem. We have learned to recognize these additional needs and have the connections. You will even get "homework" to do to make your new understanding actually work in present time.


 Cultural Restrictions

One of the most important restrictive factors is addressed by very few other practitioners: the multitude of cultural influences that want to make you their puppet.

If you really intend to write your own movie's screenplay rather than playing the pre-written role that a society or a church wants you to parrot, then Life Lesson Processing is for you - it will allow you to find out who you really are and what you really want to do with your life! Just send us a mail to info@life-lessons.eu or give us a call under +43-7956-69441 - we will be happy to make an appointment!


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