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How Things End: Entropy

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 When The Sun Burns Out...


Nothing lasts forever. Not only our sun will burn out - the newest and youngest stars, not even born yet, will burn out too. At least according to natural science. According to natural science, everything in nature is subject to entropy, an ever increasing process of burning out, cooling down, going black, going cold, falling apart, freezing, dying - this is how it all ends - sun, moon, stars, comets, butterflies, everything.

When the sun burns out...

Entropy is the more scientific word for decay, or for order de-evolving back into chaos. The law of entropy (second law of thermodynamics, stating in many scientific terms “that the world acts spontaneously to minimize potentials” - quote from www.entropylaw.com) could also be called the “law of disorder”.

For some funny reason, thermodynamics (one most fundamental chapter of physics) describes the decay of energy in its second law, and states that energy cannot be destroyed in its first law (it has only these two laws), but it has no concept of the creation of energy, no concept of creation at all. Obviously for energy to stay the same in amount (first law) and steadily move towards a state of inert equilibrium (second law) it has to exist first, or in other words: it has to be created. So, where does it come from?

Here we happily diagnose the inherent illness of natural science: it does not have a concept of creation, it does not have a concept of Spirit and its relationship to the universe or universes (as their creator), and while it is useful for the management of an already existing world of creations, it has nothing to say about the world of creating. But let's be a little more modest. We don't want to play God, do we. If we just could learn how to reverse entropy, that would be nice. Hell, halting it at least!

 The Last Question 

Isaac Asimov in his famous 1956 short story “The Last Question” has the same question not-answered by countless generations of always more and more sophisticated computers: How to reverse the entropy of the universe? Not one of all these computers has sufficient information to answer the question - somewhere in their many databases they must have read about Sisyphos, who was condemned by the Gods to forever roll a boulder up to the top of a mountain, just to forever see it roll back down again, and realized the truth in this poignant old myth.

Only this one question is left, all other questions have been answered, when after an infinity of time, in a dark universe where all stars have burned out, the last and most advanced computer, who by that time has merged with all consciousness, answers the question by going full circle and saying: “Let there be light!” - and there is light!

It finally realized that the answer to the entropy of the universe is God’s, or Spirit’s, act of creating from the void, and demonstrated it by creating a new beginning of biblical proportions.

Spirit creates from the void - not only in Isaac Asimov's typewriter.

So, for the sake of a short story, Isaac Asimov created a new Big Bang with his typewriter - just like we re-create the Supreme Being's journey through existence with Microsoft Frontpage (the editor used for this website) - both mini-Gods, at least in our restless imagination. In reality, we will probably have to watch our universe go dark... or rather we won't watch it, because our bodies will have gone extinct long before, together with our physical eyes that we used to use for watching such things.

Now, it will be a while. And just to kill all the time until then, how about the entropy on a smaller scale, on our human zoom levels? Wouldn't that be an interesting thing to study?

 Human Size Entropy Levels

Flakes of dust on the shiny dining table, descending without a sound already five minutes after we went through the room with a duster, lovingly polishing every surface. Fillings falling out of our teeth. Plaque residues forming in our arteries so we have our pre-planned heart attack after a modest time of enjoying our retirement payments, and don’t live forever. Dirt particles in our car’s brake caliper, gradually building up enough blockage for the brake to suddenly fail in the wrongest moment imaginable - in a traffic jam while trying to catch a plane that will not wait, or as we drive to the hospital to give birth.

Minuscule rust specks in a bridge’s steel beams, one new speck a minute, or maybe one in five minutes, for 50, 100, 150 years - until the vibrations produced by one lonely car in the early hours of the morning cause the whole bridge to collapse. (This actually happened! In Vienna, in 1976 - only 30 years after the "Reichsbrücke" had been built.) Not an enemy’s attack, not a terrorist’s bomb - no - "only" the corrosion built by design into all physical things, patiently adding up to deadly levels over decades in the most eerie silence.

A similar thing happens in cultures. Nutritional stupidity raising its ugly head in national kitchen recipes. Ecological principles disappearing from city planning boards. Compassion fading away in the rulemaking - greed creeping in there instead. Political movements that were meant to improve a people’s conditions ending up filling mass graves with corpses. Witch burning in the name of Jesus Christ, less than 2000 years after his revolutionary call to love and forgiveness. Religious philosophies turning into cults… Kali Yuga again - corruption, destruction...

 Spiritual Entropy - Does That Exist?

Or between people: We start a relationship, get married, enjoy a glorious honeymoon, are busy for many years raising kids and earning the money for everything they need to impress their classmates at school - then they leave, and without any visible fights or open disagreements, our marriage quietly crumbles away to nothing. Lucky we are if we perceive at least that, and can dismantle it cleanly and completely, instead of being trapped in it for another robotic and lifeless decade or decades…

But wait a moment. Didn't we say that entropy was a thing of the physical universe, and that it was happening to material objects like suns, stars, moons, comets, butterflies?

Yes - but something similar is happening for spiritual beings too. Actually there are three things that have a similar effect as entropy has on matter: Life force lost in past negative experiences, energetic contamination, and ceasing to create. They all go back to one central concept that has been overlooked in most religions and spiritual movements.

 The Urge To Rest

The Supreme Being, All-That-Is, or God - he is always seen as the central creative force that comes through in all life forms, spiritual beings, and phantastic beautiful symphonies of matter in the brilliant firework of stars and galaxies in space. What is overlooked is that there is a counter-force to this irrepressible urge to act, which is an equally powerful urge to rest. This is also an urge of the Supreme Being - it balances the urge to act, so the final score of these two urges is an equilibrium - a shimmering on-off-on-off pattern of energies.

We see this polarity played out in many ways in our daily lives. Any talk between people consists of one talking, the other listening. The one who talks is acting. The other one is resting. Of course while he is listening, he is doing a lot of things in his mind, but basically for a moment he rests. Then they turn around, and the one who has been resting will now act out his side of the dialogue, while the one who has been talking is now the one who rests for a little while.

 Sensing Entropy - Cycles Of Acting And Resting

As we have just seen, this is going in cycles. At least if we are in a time stream, sometimes called "linear time". First act, then rest. Then act more, then rest more. A human body is like that: it first grows, then lives for a while, then dies. Embedded In that big cycle of acting and resting we have many smaller cycles. Each day we are acting, each night we are resting. Even during the day we take some breaks from our activities and get a moment of rest. On the other hand, during the night we often act a little, we turn around in the bed, we dream... 

Or breathing. Our lungs act to expand, and draw in fresh air. Then they let go of that expansion and rest for a moment - the air is exhaled. Acting, resting. Growth, decay. Creativity, entropy. Even the space of a universe follows this principle: it first expands, then contracts - God is breathing! If we look closely at the concept of entropy, if we really feel our way into it, we can sense a majestic pull, much like gravity, that wants everything within its reach to become quiet - to rest - forever.

This urge to rest is becoming so strong at the end of an individual spirit's existence that he gives up all expression of being separate as a Self, and merges back into the Divine Parent. A physical body on the other hand has a much shorter span of life. We can see it grow and expand its reach in the first half of its life, then it slowly shrinks its reach and finally dies in the second half. A million or more of these fireflies can be born and buried during the lifetime of a spiritual being.

 The Pain Of Dying

Quite a bit of struggle and pain is involved in the process of shrinking and dying if it is a human being's body (animals are much more at peace with their death). This can be explained with the two different energies that combine in a life form: the spiritual being, and the biological organism. A human body for instance has a genetically programmed life span of about 120 years. Realistically, with the many errors that we currently make in diet and lifestyle, it is more like 90 years. We could assume that the body grows for 20 years - creativity prevails. Then it lives and works for 50 years - growth and entropy are balanced. Then it goes through 20 years of entropy taking over, its cells and organs slowly stop repairing themselves, the body more and more follows the urge to rest, it is phasing out and finally dies.

What are 90 years for a spiritual being, who lives for countless human years? Nothing - just the blink of an eye! It enjoys a lot the lively activities of the body's younger years and still feels comfortable while growth and entropy are balanced, but when the physical body starts to phase out and increasingly follows the urge to rest that has been genetically programmed into it, the spirit is less and less in agreement. More and more he is frustrated with the body's decay, more and more protest builds up, until he makes a final cut and leaves in the act of dying, looking for the next young body if he still wants more of these exciting adventures in the physical.

Were he to look back at all, he might be fascinated by the fact that while the body now seems to be at a point of ultimate rest, far beyond the point of no return, this is not so - not at all! In the very next moment, tiny life forms (microbes) take over, start to eat it, and immediately recycle its molecules into their own minuscule organisms. Biological life does not rest for a minute. From a big structure it dances all the way back to a small one; from complicated to simple; from dead to alive! It will be a long time before life gets tired of this eternal ballet between acting and resting, and follows the urge to rest to a point of absolute, total and infinite silence... until the next Grand Cycle begins.

 Healthy Old Age - Key Mental Exercise  

The human body's slow decline is a process pre-programmed by nature - maybe we speed it up a bit by making silly mistakes in eating and other such things. A smart spiritual being with good perceptions though can look through this scheme and use some of his own, still youthful creativity to counter-act the body's natural fading. Most probably he will not succeed in keeping it alive forever - although there are people who are working on this -, but he can keep balancing more entropy by pushing against it with more creative energy, and then at some point just make the cut deliberately - let go of the body quickly at a high age while it is still feeling and acting youthfully, without going through a long period of decay.

In practice, that would mean quality food, an active wonderful love life, a healthy environment with fresh air and a beautiful inspiring scenery away from city stress, city noise and city pollution - beach, forest, mountain, whatever the personal preferences are -, but also smart medical work and plenty of exercise that is adjusted to what the body still can do and enjoys.

Especially the medical work may involve quite a bit of creativity. A detoxification cure here, a course of chelation therapy to restore blood circulation to the heart, brain and legs there, well managed hormone replacement, new teeth, new joints - sooner or later such a body will have to go to the graveyard too, but it will go there without prior decades of aches, pains, brain fog, frustration and humiliation.

Being the body's passenger is nice as long as the ride is enjoyable - as long as biological creativity is holding biological entropy in check and the body is healthy. But sooner or later, when entropy grows and diseases start to manifest, the spirit should get himself into the pilot's seat and make the decisions about where to go, when and how! While it may be important to study the relevant books and websites, make doctor appointments and run processing sessions, the most important step is one specific mental exercise: pushing up - up - up against the pull of entropy - just like in the photo below - as long as the geyser is gushing, the ball stays on top of it! This visualization needs to be practiced until it is a natural part of our daily activities.

 Ceasing To Create

What would happen to this red ball if the geyser suddenly stopped? Silly question, isn't it. Obviously it would fall down and roll away. The same is true for all aspects of our life - as soon as we stop creating them, they will follow the pull of entropy and fall apart, disorganize, die, de-evolve back from order to chaos. Business life, community activities, marriage, parenting - all of them require constant attention and creative activity.

Creation, the act of bringing about new things or organizing chaos into order, is a natural activity for a spiritual being. It is not by chance that God is always called the Creator - his main quality. And as divine offspring we have inherited this quality.

If a spiritual being ceases to create, he can simply follow the pull of entropy - give in to the urge to rest. That would be a natural thing to do at the end of his existence, or at any point during his existence if there is a need to balance periods of pronounced activity. There is no reason to intervene here - either he comes back out of it with new creative impulses, or he ends his existence as an individual spirit und re-merges back with his Divine parent. He may remain at rest for quite a long time - there is nothing wrong with that.

However, there can be other reasons that are less natural. He can be overcome by opposition (enemies - fighting - other people's creativity battling his own); he can be overwhelmed by a sick or aging body; he can have lost his orientation (lost touch with his life plan); he can have lost his joy of creating because he has no other beings with whom he could share this joy; he can be contaminated by other beings' weakness and low energy levels; he can have lost trust in himself after too many errors and failures; and last but not least he can have "parked" much of his life force in past key experiences that were not fully mastered and understood.

In all these cases there is a good chance that Life Lesson Processing (LLP) can help to get him going again. We can coach him to deal more successfully with opposition; we can coach him in managing his body better; we can put him back in touch with his life plan that he may have forgotten, or assist him in making a completely new life plan; we can support him in finding people with whom he truly resonates; we can build up his strength in holding his own in the presence of people with low energy; we can help him to develop more competence so he will not make so many mistakes anymore - and examining his past key experiences until he has fully understood and processed them is of course our central capacity.

 Energetic Contamination


Energy contamination is basically a process of induction, very much a mechanical thing, following the law of physics. The person with the stronger field induces their energy pattern on the people around. This can work in both ways - people can pull each other up and down, depending who has the stronger energy. Example: If we touch an ice cube, our warm hand will make it melt. We have transferred our higher temperature to it. If on the other hand we touch a hot plate, our hand will get burned - in this case the hot plate's energy was stronger and transferred its higher rate of molecular motion to our hand.


Actually our examples are not quite right - more precisely the heat energy here is transferred by conduction, while the energy between people would be transferred by induction, an interaction between energy fields rather than physical objects. But we can imagine it in a similar way - the energy fields of people are "touching" too.



A warm hand transferring heat energy to some ice cubes -

they are already melting. Holding a big cube of frozen

spinach for some minutes would freeze the skin on the

hand instead - don't try this at home! The stronger energy

is always the one which will transform the other.


Energy contamination may happen automatically as we grow up - we tend to adopt our parents' prevalent energy levels. Later we adapt to the stronger energy field. This can be the personal field of people in our environment, or the prevalent morphic field, which touches us through many channels every day, and is often much below an optimum level. See what happens here? The stronger field is the one that acts more. The weaker field is the one who wants to rest more - it follows the pull of entropy. We don't get contaminated unless we are already in the claws of entropy!

The way to avoid contamination with bad energy is first to learn what is bad energy and what is good energy - then to recognize it - then to emanate so much good energy that we are the ones who induce it to others! This will happen quite naturally as processing frees up life force that has been lost in past negative experiences.

Also there is always the chance to keep ourselves "clean" - by not accepting any induction from others - at least not if it is negative. This can be trained. With good perceptions and a stable presence it is always possible to keep the own energy levels and patterns intact, with or without inducing them to others.

But it is also wise to pick the right people to be with - people with whom we belong. Being a very loving person surrounded by angry ones, for instance, is not a good way to live, even if no contamination happens. Sometimes a divorce, or sending the grown-up kids their own ways, is the better decision than to keep these grumpy people around and suffer from their bad vibes every day.

 Regaining Life Force Lost In Past Negative Experiences

Just how exactly does life force get lost in the memories of accidents, losses, upsets and other dramatic experiences that overwhelm us? Why do we not just get a good night's sleep and then wake up fully refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to start a new day?

For this to understand, we need to be able to think in four dimensions. We need to add the dimension of time to the three dimensions of space. The best example for a four-dimensional object is a roll of film. All the individual pictures of the film exist all the time, but the projector only shows one at a time.

The image below shows a four-dimensional cube. We can see it move through time, because a red dot is wandering across and also growing. In Earth reality, this would be a cube that exists and keeps existing. A three-dimensional cube would flash into existence for an instant and then be gone - for it to stay around, age and get dirty (and seen by people!), it has to be four-dimensional. All our personal possessions, shoes, ties, belts, bags, apples, oranges - all of them are four-dimensional. So is our body. And our mind!


This is a four-dimensional cube - a three-dimensional

cube moving through time. A red dot is not

only wandering across its top, it is also growing.


A spiritual being in human form has this four-dimensional quality too. He puts his life force (interest, attention) into any situation he is part of. If a situation does not fully make sense to him, or if he resists it or fights it and never stops doing this, a part of his life energy stays in that time and does not move forward with the time stream. The more he leaves behind in the past, the less life energy he has for the understanding and management of present time.


The past is not gone. In our four-dimensional space-time bubble it is still there, we just cannot interact with it anymore - much like a text document in the editor, where we can also type only at the cursor position, but the text we have typed before is still in the document. The life energy that hangs in the past is missing in our present time activities, where it would counter-act present time entropy. Also, which may be even more important, these energy clouds have non-optimum frequency levels. There can be clouds of gloom, grief, anger, aggression hanging around. The fresh life force we produce every day passes through that and gets tuned down.


This life's movie is in good shape. All of the past has been

fully processed, either right when it happened or later

in session. All attention is focused in present time or

directed into the future. Perception is complete and vivid,

reactions fast, memory reliable, the person has a powerful, positive and stable presence and deals well with others.

In this life's movie, the life force is dispersed. There is

no real focus on present time, and not enough energy

for the future. Much attention is still on past experiences

that have not been fully mastered or understood, or

have a ballast of emotional pain. Current life is troubled

and pale, with much doubt and fear about the future.


Now we cannot go back to the past physically and change it - but as spiritual beings we can move out of the time stream, find the lost attention fibres, and bring them to present time where they belong. This is done by examining the "hanging" parts of the movie - which is what happens in Life Lesson Processing (LLP). The practitioner works with the mind's Replay control and plays the movie back and forth, many times, in slow motion and super-slow motion. He has it viewed from all angles, sometimes even looked at still frames, sometimes zoomed all the way in -  until all aspects are fully understood, all lessons learned, and this particular chapter can be closed and marked "complete".


Now all of the client's life force is back in present time, where it belongs. He can use it to create a glorious future, or he can use it to counter-act entropy, or both. This is why Life Lesson Processing is the tool that is most needed to reverse mental and spiritual entropy - and could turn from a personal lesson to a cultural lesson, to a global lesson, to a cosmic lesson. Maybe we are the only one of all civilized planets who has discovered these principles?


Talking about playing the keyboard of zoom levels all the way up and down and back up again. Talking about induction of positive energy, talking about evolving a morphic field - talking about killing the time until the sun burns out!




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