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Spirit Splits - Viewpoints And Their Energetic Output

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 One Whole, Many Parts: Spirit Splits


From one Supreme Being, as it folds out of nothingness at the beginning of a Grand Cycle, to myriads of individual spirits who populate the universe, there must be a certain process of repeated splits happening, a bit like a tree which first grows one sprout out of a seed, then this sprout splits into two, and so on, until we have a grown tree.


At the end of a Grand Cycle, the reverse process would re-merge all these individual spirits into one big being, who then folds back into nothingness. Some people remember some of this process - also called individuation - in their sessions, but so far no complete encyclopedia about it exists.


Soul Group Matrix - Click to EnlargeHowever, there are theories about how the hierarchy of soul groups and families is structured. A famous one is being passed around by the Michael Teachings school - just one of several.


We are not convinced that the Supreme Being is willing to submit himself to any strict system like that. In our opinion he or she can have new ideas about how to produce an additional soul or spiritual being at any time, and even if Michael's system does exist and is valid, some parallel systems could be around - or spring into existence in 2.34 seconds from now!


We simply assume that the Supreme Being, who has no specific location and is not bound to the linear time we experience on the Earth plane, can reach into space and time at any given moment and do something new and unexpected.


Out-of-body pioneer Robert Monroe

Fascinating is the account of out-of-body pioneer Robert Monroe, who reports in his books how during his out-of-body experiences (OBEs) he followed a cord or string backwards to a bigger "disk" of soul fragments to which he belonged. His quite vivid description does have some similarity with the illustration above, so we can all be curious what will wait for us after our physical death - a tearful reunion with our "disk", or maybe our soul family will welcome us with a big party with cake, dancing and fireworks?


In Life Lesson Processing (LLP), we do not strictly subscribe to any of these systems, simply because we don't want to invalidate the potential many by acknowledging only one. We focus on our client's life and his or her life lessons. If he wants to align with any one of these schools and finds his lessons in the system it is teaching, we will work with that system and adjust our processing to it.


 Definition of Self - Individuality


One thing seems to be certain, which is that the individual spiritual being is a "Child of God", an offspring of the Divine, so in some way or other we all emerge from the All-That-Is, group soul or no group soul - and will return to it at the end of our existence as an individual.


This act of emerging from an originally unlimited potential, where absolutely everything is possible, makes for the polarity Self/Other which has so high importance for us in processing. The first thing that a spiritual being defining himself must do is to decide where, when and what he is, and where, when and what he is not. Being green means that he is not red. Being in Africa means that he is not in Australia. Being in today means that he is not in yesterday, and not in tomorrow.


He must set a million switches to either 0 or 1, just like a computer program. The combination of these switch settings will then make him a totally unique Self which does not exist a second time, even though there are "relatives" (maybe this is what soul families are about?) This individuality is not only important for himself: also the big picture of All-That-Is can only paint itself clearly when each of its "dots" or pixels are well defined, even if that means a sharp contrast with others.


So, in working out with our clients who they truly and fully are, we will have them look at this "self/other" distinction quite a lot, to make sure that they find their true self under all the ideas and labels and pictures and energies that parents, children, teachers, society and the pope have thrown at them over time. Basically it is simple - "self" is what they think and feel when they are alone, truly alone, not only without any other body in the room but also without any other consciousness modulating their own - and everything else is "other" to some greater or smaller degree.



 Viewpoints In Processing

As a general rule, an experience is fully understood when all the items that a viewpoint produced are completely examined, the tensions between the viewpoints resolved, and anything incomplete completed. Not only incomplete lessons can be buried in a past key experience - there are also communications that have not been fully delivered, energy flows that have been held back or stopped by opposition, masses that result from colliding impulses, thoughts that have been suppressed - and a whole world of material that has been thrown at a person by one or several or many viewpoints of the Other category. All that needs sorting out.

Now theoretically there could be very many viewpoints involved in every single one of our experiences, because every cell, every organ, every sun in every galaxy, every asteroid, every microbe, every molecule, every atom and every person in every world has their own consciousness and their own viewpoint and would look at this very same event from a totally different angle.

Theoretically a daisy flower on the other side of the globe or a flake of dust on one of Jupiter's moons are all connected with the scene while a married couple has an argument, a soldier shoots an enemy, or a shark eats a smaller fish. If we asked them all - only to get the answer "Oh, I didn't pay attention!" -, we would need forever to interrogate all possible viewpoints about one single moment of time!

So we  concentrate on what we call the Relevant Viewpoints, those who are active in a specific situation because they are present in it - of comparable size and close enough to participate - looking, talking, moving, acting - and most of all: awake, aware. Dormant viewpoints are interesting as a concept, as they may have an influence on awake viewpoints in making them sleepy, but unless we have a problem with sleepiness, we work only with awake viewpoints.

 Viewpoints And Their Energetic Output 

The image below shows some of the main items that any Self will produce, and where they are supposed to be located in the subtle bodies - marked with dark red color (a much more complete documentation can be found in the works of Barbara Ann Brennan). Also it shows the main types of Others whom we typically encounter in our sessions, marked with dark blue color. A special "Other" is our own Body, which is why we have marked it in green.

Here they come - click on any item of interest to jump to the corresponding text.

Guidance - a non-physical helper, mentor or coach Morphic Field - the consciousness field of a family, group or culture Supreme Being - the ultimate Divine Parent, All-That-Is, or God Self - the spiritual being, "myself", often (but not always) in a physical body Image - mental picture, composed of mental matter Mass - mental mass, the remains of energy collisions Flow - an energy flowing out from a person Entity - a unit of consciousness - the "demons" of Christian fame More information about the subtle bodies Other - another spiritual being than "myself", often (but not always) in a physical body Divine Connection - the point of contact between "myself" and the Supreme Being Thought - an idea produced by "myself" Feeling - an energy produced by "myself" Impulse - an urge to move or act, produce by "myself" Body - the physical "animal" in which "myself" is incarnated Body Perception Center - one center of perception inside the body Identity - a split personality of self

 Relevant Viewpoints in Life Lesson Processing



Self - the spiritual being, "Myself". Often, but not always, incarnated in a physical body. In Life Lesson Processing it is essential to make a person the sole owner of his or her impulses, feelings and thoughts. The influence of any "other" person or viewpoint is examined so thoroughly that no factor of it is hidden, out of sight, or "underground" anymore. We don't have to obsess about getting rid of any and all influences - but we want to distinguish them clearly from our own self.

For some people, in some situations, "Self" can act as a group identity - the couple, the family, the company, a nation, even the whole planet. Such people are rare, but they exist. We are looking at the emerging phenomenon of group consciousness here. In processing, we can make allowance for such a "bigger me" with special phrasing. 



A Split part of self - described here in greater detail. A client feels that there is more than one personality active in him. They can disagree with each other, or fight for resources (body time, money) or dominance (who decides what to do). Sometimes they have different locations in the body, sometimes they just have different opinions, or mood levels, or wishes and needs.


Example: a lady's "Athlete" identity is totally suppressed by the "Cook", the "Nurse", the "Nanny" and the "Lover". All of these identities are happy, but the athlete is gloomy because she never gets time to run a marathon. Her low emotions contaminate all the others until they are cleaned up in processing.


Body - the physical vehicle in whom we are incarnated. Ideally we are aware of the difference between ourselves and our body. Ideally we are a good team, like a horse with his rider. Unfortunately, there are often tensions between body and spirit. Well, that's what processing is for!

Our body is technically an "Other", but we often perceive it as ourselves. Actually it is its own "Self", who can have quite different ideas about how to live life. Just ask a priest's body about celibacy, or a supermodel's body about chocolate cake - quite dramatic tension can build up between a body and its owner, believe it! In Life Lesson Processing, we pay close attention to such tensions, and also make sure that our client develops a caring attitude toward the body and does not mistreat it.


Other - another spiritual being, another person like "Myself", a different "Me". In practice, anybody whom we meet - parents, kids, spouses, business partners, cats, dogs, space aliens...

The strong contrast and near-opposition between "You" and "Me" is a key characteristic of 3rd density existence. In the upcoming 4th density we go toward integration and group identity - "You + Me = We" becomes a stronger concept, and "You <>  Me" softens or disappears. We are not going to discuss Lyssa Royal's density cosmology here any further, but it is highly interesting and worth studying it!

One very important "Other" is our own Body, which is why we have placed it in its own category.

 Body Perception Center

Body Perception Center - a location in the body that perceives differently than other locations, and has its own urges and feelings. We will not follow any pre-defined system here, as there are too many of them. We simply work with what our client perceives in the here and now. If he perceives five perception centers in his hand today, one in each finger, and tomorrow the whole hand is one perception center, we address the five fingers today and the whole hand tomorrow.

Body perception centers often develop tensions among each other, which can be dissolved in processing. Example: chest enjoys deep breathing of fresh air during a mountain walk, but knees are stressed and complain, and maybe stomach is hungry. Good that they have a caring commander who will give the knees some rest while the stomach gets food, and keeps the chest happy by promising her that the walk will continue in a few minutes! Now this is not a serious situation, but where the body gets injured or strongly suppressed, a real outrage can come from body perception centers.


Entity - a separate unit of consciousness of a non-physical nature. The "demons" of Christian fame. Entities are "other", but can be located inside "myself" and mix images, emotions or thoughts into our own. People who "hear voices" may be just hearing entities? Entities can be located inside or outside our physical body or subtle bodies. Like any other physical or spiritual being, they have as much power over us as we assign to them. So some people make their "demons" very fearsome and then fear them a lot... processing handles all that. Ideally we have no entities around. They are not the same as Guidance, also not the same as "ghosts" (people currently without a physical body).


Guidance - a non-physical person who assists us in a similar way an older brother or mentor or coach would assist us. They used to be called "Guardian Angels", a modern name would be "Spirit Guide". Some introduce themselves with specific names, but not all of them have a name, and sometimes there are several of them, they alternate or work in a group. Guidance is not a morphic field, it is a separate viewpoint. It is also not an entity, which would be a separate viewpoint, but does not belong to our "spiritual team". We can discuss with Guidance, and either accept or reject their suggestions. Typically their advice is good, but they are not infallible - just like any other teacher or coach.

 Morphic Field

Morphic field - in our context the consciousness field of a family, group or culture. It is not entirely composed of its members' individual fibres of consciousness, like a group identity or group consciousness would be. The morphic field has a strong tendency to shape, equalize and control its members. It could be seen as a puppet master who slips into his puppets and operates them from inside their own selves, while a genuine group consciousness is entirely propelled by its individual members who act in a self-determined way. Their main difference is the factor of enforcement which is present in the morphic field, while it is absent in the group consciousness, and which makes the morphic field a spiritual criminal.

Morphic fields are at first difficult to discover, because they don't have a location like another person or an entity. But with some practice it soon becomes obvious what is Self and what is Other. Morphic fields are very markedly "Other", but often they have overpowered a "Self", who is then no longer able to distinguish himself from the field and acts as its puppet rather than a self-determined being. The end product of emancipating from morphic fields is a person who is the independent sole source of his feelings and thoughts, and the sovereign owner of his body.

This little chick's father is controlled by a morphic field. On his own he would be quite rational and friendly, but he is overpowered by his less rational and less friendly culture who is acting through him. Ideally the two flows of influence would be balanced - the culture would educate him to some degree, and he would in turn shape his culture to some degree. But for that to work, the morphic field would first have to un-learn enforcement, the ultimate sin against Spirit - denying us the infinity of choices we have inherited from our Divine Parent.




 Supreme Being

Supreme Being - the ultimate original viewpoint that has the "big picture" - All-That-Is, the Divine Parent, or God. There is nothing that is not permeated by the Supreme Being, as he does not have an outside - he contains all of existence inside himself. So he is neither "Self" nor "Other", or rather he is both at the same time.

 Types of Items in Processing

Here are the most relevant energetic items that are produced by spiritual beings, both Self and Other. When they collide or are not well aligned, they produce friction and tension - indicators of situations that need work.

A different type of problem is wrong ownership. When a person believes that their body's cravings for heroin are his own, or when an entity tells him to jump out of the window and he believes this is his own thought and acts on it, or when a culture's morphic field motivates its members to suppress and kill others, the trouble is big and obvious. Other situations of so-called "misownership" can be more hidden and subtle.  


Thought - an idea produced by a Self, supposed to be located in the mental body. Our thoughts can also be colored or even implanted by a morphic field or an entity - then we think a thought, but are not the source of it. In Life Lesson Processing it is essential to sort out the real owner of any relevant thought. The spiritual being will then be fully the source of himself and is no longer a mix of different sources.


Feeling - an energy vibration like joy, fear or aggression produced by a Self, supposed to be located in the emotional or astral body. Our feelings can also be colored or even implanted by a morphic field or an entity - then we experience a feeling, but are not the source of it. In Life Lesson Processing we will trace down the real source of any relevant feeling.  The spiritual being will then be fully himself and is no longer a mix of different sources.


Image - a picture consisting of mental matter, either a "photo" of reality or crafted by imagination. Often used for telepathic communication, but also the main building block of the memory. Images can be projected at us by other people, or fed into our stream of awareness by entities.  In Life Lesson Processing we will sort out where any relevant images come from. The spiritual being will then be fully the source of himself and is no longer a mix of different sources.


Flow - a stream of energy going out from a Self. A flow can be stopped either by the owner or by another person. This way, it can get stuck and will be unpleasant to have around. It also can be bent, turned around, reduced or modulated in other ways by a morphic field influence (usually coming through another person). In Life Lesson Processing it will be located and allowed to fully flow out (complete its cycle). Also its source or combination of sources will be determined.


Impulse - an urge to move or act, supposed to be located in the etheric body. An impulse can lead to physical action, but can also be non-physical, like the urge to push another person away, or pull them closer. Impulses are preceded by thoughts and/or feelings. They are not colored or implanted by morphic fields or entities, but our thoughts or feelings that cause the impulse can be - so indirectly an impulse can also be caused by another source than ourselves. Impulses can be copied from another Self - imitated - in this case they have their root in another source, but are still self-determined.

 Divine Connection

Our connection with the Divine is the most delicate and most precious connection we have. This is where we are rooted in our Divine Parent - nothing is as fatal as losing the awareness of our divinity and the line to our ultimate bigger self.

Even Jesus, who has only two commandments, mentions it first: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’" (Matthew 22:37).

This is the very source of our life force. We would not exist if not through that delicate line from the whole to the part - we would shrivel and dry up like a Christmas tree after it has been cut off from its root.

Life Lesson Processing does not tamper with your connection to the Divine, as it is the most sacred of all spots and really untouchable for anyone outside yourself. We will do everything in our power though to clean it from any lies and abuse that have piled up on top of it, coming from parents, churches or any other part of your culture that denies your divine nature. 


Mass - a residue of solidified mental energy, resulting from a collision of impulses. Typically there are two sides to a mass, and both must be viewed for the mass to dissolve. Example: a fight between brothers where nobody wins. Each brother will walk away with a mental mass from that fight. But also any attempt to fight a situation will leave us with a mass. And last but not least there are "minus masses" which result from pulling rather than pushing impulses - an extremely sharp pain.

It has happened time and again that when a person dissolved a mass in a session, the other person involved in creating that mass had a "magic" relief, and often a reconciliation happened if they were opponents. Life Lesson Processing practitioners have the tools to deal with these things.



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