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Spirit + Body = Life Form

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 Life Form: Spirit Plus Body

A life form would be any combination of a physical organism with a spiritual being. Not only human beings or other intelligent species are animated by spirit. A basic consciousness is present in every organism, in animals, trees, and even individual organs or cells. This is a fascinating field for philosophy and research; however for our purposes we will concentrate on the combination of a human body with a spiritual being who enters this body at or before birth, and leaves it at death.

Evolution! Right...

Any organism that is evolved enough to be inhabited by a spiritual being has its own history. It comes with 100.000 years of experience gained during this time, and with its own wisdom. And it very much has his own life and awareness - eager and trusting at first, later maybe a little less enthusiastic, or even bitter, if things have not gone well. Read more about the structure and functions of our body, or get an idea how we perceive the body and its perception centers in Life Lesson Processing.

A spiritual being on the other hand is not always incarnated for the first time. We hear about space pilots, Egyptian priestesses and scientists from the continent of Atlantis in our sessions - the very same Atlantis that disappeared in the ocean in ancient times. Some people have been around for a while.

Incarnations or lifetimes are on a spiritual being's individual timeline like pearls on a string. He can have lived lives on very different planets and may come into this one with experiences that very much not match the experiences of an organism that has evolved on Earth. Or he may have skipped many 1000 years of Earth time and comes into modern civilization with the engrained patterns and habits of a cave man, who now has to adapt to something totally unfamiliar.


 Different Energies Merge

The photo above shows two rivers merging into one, which then becomes the Amazon river. Note how the two rivers have water of a totally different color. They have been through very dissimilar countries - one brings a load of yellow clay, the other brings a load of nearly black soil particles. It needs a long time until they finally merge.

This is how a life form is combined from a physical body and a spiritual being. Two totally different energies have to share everything from now on - for many decades, until they separate again when the body dies. A lofty spirit has to get involved with solid things like digging in the soil for food, or pushing a woman's body through the bed with considerable raw force, sometimes shocking to the spiritual being, or at least very foreign, even weird. On the other hand, a rustic organism has to get used to becoming monogamous, playing the violin or sitting in a tailor seat meditating for hours - totally unnatural things for an animal who would much prefer to munch grass seeds most of the day, share his sperm with many ladies, stroll through sunny meadows and chase lizards.

 Good And Bad Leadership

According to the traditional split of work between spirit and matter, the spiritual being takes on the leading role in the teamwork that now ensues, but actually their life together is an ongoing negotiation process, or better a dialogue between partners - if not one of them totally overwhelms the other (this can happen in both directions). It can be awfully difficult for the spirit to make a youthful body behave. Then again, sometimes the boss overdoes it and becomes a tyrant. That can make life really miserable for the poor animal who tries to do his best, but gets junk food, a sedentary lifestyle, polluted air, sickening noise levels, bad medical care and a hasty or boring or love-less sex life in return (often enough none at all).

That's not really how a responsible owner treats an animal! On the other hand, in some spirit/body teams the body revolts, takes over, and makes the spirit the slave of his desires - here we have the reckless womanizer, the compulsive eater, the drug addict, and the person who cannot work because he or she will sleep all day (beware of medical situations - some people who need so much sleep are sick rather than having bad discipline). So, life is not easy for either one of the two partners, spirit and body!

 The Caring Commander

Look at this lady. There is no doubt that she is in command of her horse, but there is no grain of harshness, cruelty or violence in her.

We can nearly "see" how she is taking care of her animal. She finds the right food, clean water, a peaceful environment, generous space, sunshine, she washes and grooms him, has him examined by a vet in regular intervals, and even though there is a strict discipline in exercising and working throughout most of the day, the horse also has leisure time where he can be lazy or gallop around a bit just for fun. 

You can see the horse's response to her loving attitude. He is so much in sync with her. These two are a genuine team, even though she is the one who will "tell you what to do" (the traditional role of spirit in the spirit/matter duality), while the horse is the one who will "do as you say" (the traditional role of matter in the spirit/matter duality).

The secret of their success is that not only the horse listens to the lady - she also listens to him. This is a caring commander - the role a spiritual being will ideally play in his relationship with the body. He will take care of his animal in most every way, including - but not limited to - making sure that it has a healthy old age.

In Life Lesson Processing we pay great attention to the smooth and loving teamwork between spirit and body. We always keep an eye on the wellbeing of your physical body, and have enough knowledge in medicine and nutrition that we recognize when we have to send you to an expert who can work with you on these things.

Send us an e-mail to info@life-lessons.eu or give us a call at +43-7956-69441 if you want us to coach you in the role of a caring commander! Your body will be grateful for that.


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