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Life Lesson Processing Theory Tour

Individual Spirit's Timeline

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Spiritual Being's Birth And Death  --  Chain Of Incarnations


 Spiritual Being's Birth And Death


One individual spiritual being could be compared to the protuberance of a sun - a bow shaped stream of solar substance that is ejected into space by internal pressure and after its journey through space falls back into the sun, following the pull of gravity.



The individual spirit emerges from the Divine Parent like a protuberance from a sun, and falls back into it at the end of his timeline.


The spiritual being emerges from its source, the Divine Parent, following the urge to individuate and express himself; in this process he inherits the divine qualities of creating from the void and having an infinity of choices; after a timeline of exercising these qualities in a multitude of experiences he gives up this individuality again and re-merges with his source, following the urge to unite, or go home, or become whole again.


This could be called the "birth" and "death" of a spirit. When such an individual merges with a physical body, together they become a life form, and we talk about an incarnation - literally translated "becoming flesh", or rather "taking on flesh". Remember Jesus Christ's words about becoming flesh? He was talking about incarnation - a spiritual being taking a physical body as a temporary vehicle.


See how the famous spiritual school of Theosophy illustrates the way of the spirit through the various planes of reality inside and outside of the physical body: Lesson 8, Death And The Reincarnation Cycle. That page has a very good concise diagram of the non-physical planes of reality.



 Chain of Incarnations


Many such incarnations are on one spiritual being's timeline between his emerging from source and re-uniting with source. Seen from the outside, they look like pearls on a string. Seen from the inside, each lifetime is a full 4-dimensional holographic movie, complete with sound, sight, smell, taste, tactile sensation and motion, and populated with many other actors - the movie "Brainstorm" (1983), where a lady scientist dives in and out of the bubbles of her memories as she dies, gives us an idea about that. Other units or sections of time inside a spiritual being's existence are described here.



Viewed from the outside, the chain of Incarnations on a spiritual being's timeline look like pearls on a string.


We could speculate whether the solidification in incarnating has anything to do with the distance from the source, which would be so "hot" that nothing close to it can stay rigid enough to become so solid. Maybe that's too much of a mechanistic viewpoint, but the idea is kind of intriguing. Actually it could be the other way round, and our degree of solidification constitutes our distance from the source?


At no point in this timeline do we actually disconnect from our source - even if we forget all about it. Forgetting is a function of memory that is intimately connected with the time stream that makes for the consistent sequence of events inside our movie. But from outside the movie, the whole sequence is always there - just like the movie's film roll exists in its entirety, even though only one picture at a time is illuminated by the projector.


We are firmly connected to our source on both ends of our timeline. Some of us are aware of it, others have forgotten about it, or have become "short-sighted" and don't see all the way to the beginning and to the end at the moment. They are very firmly zoomed in, so to speak, at least with regard to their past, future, and time in general. And that's about the only difference between spiritual and non-spiritual people.


 Resuming The Theory Tour On The Matter Side Of The Split


If you have come to this point following our theory tour on the spirit side, you have not seen what matter does while Spirit goes through his adventures. Jump now to the Timeline of Matter if you want - or continue the tour, zooming in to the Life Form.



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