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About the Author

Heidrun Beer - hbeer@sgmt.at


Heidrun Beer has been born in Vienna, Austria, 5th December 1954. After a blissful 9 year marriage with Canadian husband Paul Smith, she is now widowed. She raised her four children from two earlier marriages working as a software developer.

At the age of 19 she had a key experience - a love story with a man in deep emotional pain had a very unhappy end. That sent her onto a voyage into the areas of trauma therapy and more generally the human mind as such. When she found that the memories of her own past did not end at birth or conception but led back into previous lifetimes, she expanded her studies to include reincarnation and past life regression, and started to write articles and books about spirituality and mental training.

After a thoroughly frustrating encounter with the Church of Scientology, which promised an approach to all these areas but did not really deliver on these promises (and later got perverted into its own opposite), she continued her studies with researchers and innovators in other systems relevant to her main theme of trauma relief.

Finally the research of Michael Newton and Robert Schwartz, whose book Your Soul's Plan suggests that we are planning difficult life challenges before we are born in order to learn specific lessons - confirmed many more times by the books of Robert Monroe trainees, who got the same information during their out-of-body trips to the "other side" -, completely changed her ideas about traumatic experiences and emotional pain. She now understands pain as a function similar to the alarm lights in an aeroplane cockpit - a strong energy mark saying "incomplete!" attached to an experience, that can be used to find lessons that have remained unfinished in our past.

Based upon this concept she developed her system of Life Lesson Processing, which is not mainly aiming at trauma relief anymore, but uses emotional pain as a red thread that we can follow down to key situations in the past, whose complete and thorough understanding will allow us to become a more accomplished personality and speed up our spiritual evolution. The pain will dissipate when it has no more useful function - not an unpleasant side effect!  

Other practitioners who endorse the concept of life lessons can be found here.

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