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Owning The Body

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 Owning The Body

This page is an excerpt from a technical LLP page about a processing program, called the Morphic Field Emancipation, Body.


We are used to the idea that our body is our own, but is that really so? For the typical Western citizen, two major body areas are considered "unspeakable": the genitals, and the excretion organs. In other cultures, a woman cannot even show her bare ankle, much less her bare face, without suffering severe consequences. So, do we really own our body? Is it not rather the property of our culture's Morphic Field, which tells us what we may do with it and what not?




 "Unspeakable" Body Parts

In our current western culture, even though it is learning, there is still enormous morphic field based ignorance (Subject Illiteracy) in several of the human Standard Lessons concerning the body - mainly Nutrition, sexuality and environment/ecology. But many people also don't know much about their physiology, and healthcare is mostly left to the doctors, or neglected entirely. We would never dare to handle a horse or a car in a similarly unprofessional way as many of us handle their body! 


Even more important than being well informed would be that there is no point in or on the body anymore from which the spiritual being is withdrawn or has backed off. The organism is very eagerly taking care of "unspeakable" body parts like an anus, a glans or a clitoris. The spirit should not let it down or leave it alone in this caretaking.


The spiritual being provides the very life force and motivation for any part of the body to exist and to thrive. He is literally animating them all. We do need these pieces of the machinery. If we withdraw our life force from them, they suffer - see image to the left, where the spiritual being has a nice clean energy field permeating the body, except for the anal area, from which he is withdrawn. We can expect nasty health problems there, from a harmless eczema to less harmless piles, all the way to cancerous tumors.



Having the spiritual being permate and truly "own" these body parts again is an important goal in Life Lesson Processing. With the client's permission, we may use processes where the practitioner touches the client's body in these sensitive areas, and in such cases we ask a third person to be present in the session, so that no misunderstanding about the practitioner's intention can come up. 



 The Notorious Sexual Organs

Another thing that we address is the painful attention that many people have on their genitals. There is so much attention fixated on them, coming from countless clashes with other people, some of which may have had massive social consequences with loss of face, status, connections, and income. Morphic field based infringements of an incredible brutality!


The body tries to get what it needs against a multitude of possible culture based forms of mismanagement, and the upsets caused by this struggle lead to constant red hot energy in the genital zone for very many people - a strong indicator for not only one, but several Delayed Lessons, possibly Personal Lessons as well.


Actually the genitals could be treated in the same relaxed way as the ear lobes or eye lashes. They are just another structure needed by the body, energetically very active but in a pleasant, exciting, and very innocent way - if they are nourished in the same caring manner in which we nourish a foot or a hand or a finger or a face.


 The Power of Sovereignty

About the only people in our culture who are free of negative emotions on genitals are doctors and nurses. They got to that point by handling many, many, many of them many, many, many times. They got used to that not by going in session, but in the physical universe (suggesting the same simple drill to a non-medical person would probably be considered outrageous). For medical people, genitals are just body parts, natural elements of the physical structure. Touching a penis or breast and touching a knee is both done in the same confident and gentle way. This relaxed and completely natural attitude is what we want to arrive at.



This spirit is permeating his body with a nice and clean energy field, but there is red-hot energy in the genital zone - a majority of people, not only men, have that when they start processing. That, or they avoid permeating the area, much like most people avoid the anal zone.

After the morphic field influence has been cleaned away from the case, the genitals move very much into the background of attention, and the focus is mostly on the spiritual being's activities. Note the powerful emanations of a person who has full certainty about their sovereign ownership of the body!


Red-hot energy in the genital zone - I don't know how many horrible crimes are based on that maybe most massive morphic field pattern of oppression in our culture. A dear man used to say "It could be worse, it could be raining" - and of course it could always be worse, but in our opinion it is bad enough, and cleaning up the painful emotions on the genitals, sex and love relationships is a major chapter of Life Lesson Processing.


With the alarm signal of emotional pain removed, the sexual organs are just another physical system that we happily take care of - while the main focus is on our activities as a human being, and on our spiritual endeavours. The American mental trainer Alan C. Walter used the word "sovereignty" a lot. Another term he used for a spirit after much processing was "God of his own universe". With the Morphic Field Emancipation, Body level, we are not quite there yet - but getting there!



 Sexuality, Two Versions Of

Ideally the spiritual being would animate the whole body with the same lively and peaceful positive energy, without treating the genitals in any special way. The Caring Commander would manage the physical side of the body's need for sex, regardless of whether or not there is a sex partner, along with the needs for food, sleep, exercise, hygiene and healthcare. Regular orgasms are not so very different from regularly clipping one's toenails - until sexual actions become a tool in expressing love between partners, which is when sexual activity turns into communication, and the quality of this communication is typically a big factor in a relationship. It is also a powerful channel for Spiritual Love.



It has been said that "Quality of communication = ART". The simple act of mating can evolve into an art form, just like any other part of life - cooking, interior decoration - can be done with a quality factor that moves it up to a very elaborate level. There is a big difference between sleeping on a mattress on the floor and sleeping in a stylish bedroom, or between biting off from a carrot and dining in a five star restaurant. The same is true for lovemaking - evolving it to an art form, without exaggerating that, can make such a big difference in life quality.



It is kind of peculiar that as soon as the genitals are energetically cleaned up - which includes completion of the practical steps of active learning in any delayed lessons involving sex and lovemaking -, they typically move very much into the background of attention along with all other well nourished body parts that have no reason to hold a grudge or scream with pain.


Now where they are allowed full and free expression, they no longer frantically fixate the attention - maybe after an initial pendulum swing into much sexual activity, just to make sure that the new freedom is actually a freedom and not an empty promise. So we get to the scenario that the culture wants - relatively little attention on sex and genitals - not by suppressing these things, but by doing the opposite: cleaning away the suppression and encouraging sexual self-expression, until the spirit is certain that he completely owns all of his body, that he is free to take care of its sexual needs and use it in any desired way as an instrument to express love, and there is no aggressive opposition in sight that requires him to stay alarmed and in fighting mode.




 End Result of Morphic Field Emancipation, Body

This may sound too simple, but the end result of this step is a client who fully owns his body and can operate it with the friendliness, competence, stability and complete responsibility of a Caring Commander. This does not mean he has overwhelmed the body and is in total control now. It does also not mean that the body never dares to "speak up", or in other words, express complaints like tiredness, aches and pains, or have a pimple.


It means that the spiritual being has learned to maintain a dialogue with the physical organism, and is listening and providing vital necessities like any caring team leader would do: quality food, a biologically sound environment (noise, pollution, toxins all within tolerance limits and space not overcrowded), vivid sex even if no partner is around, sufficient sleep, a healthy amount of exercise, and professional healthcare.



Most importantly, coming down to the fundamental simplicity that we prefer, we have a calm and serene permeation of all body parts, without areas of avoidance, or frantic attention on certain points.



 Resuming The Theory Tour On The Spirit Side Of The Split


If you have come to this point following our theory tour on the matter side, you have not seen what Spirit does while matter evolves and then dies. Jump now to the Timeline of Spirit if you want - or continue the tour, zooming in to the Life Form.





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