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Movies: Zoom Levels 

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 Movies: Zoom Levels

Each human movie has wide shots, medium hots and closeups. If a player has his attention on a wide shot, he can fail utterly in a closeup where his performance is needed at the same time. Wide shots would be global or national issues. Many a politician has wrecked his marriage or lost the affection of his children, because he did not pay enough attention to these closeup scenarios. Medium shots would be business scenarios or community scenarios. It is also possible to fail in these wider areas if the attention is stuck in a closeup - a new romance, a health problem, or a family drama. Lots of lessons can be left over from such errors in properly focusing one's attention.

Here is an image that shows the typical politician's awareness horizon. He is concentrating his attention on his work for national and international affairs, or maybe community affairs if he is a local politician. He is less interested in singing opera, star gazing, playing with ouija boards, or saving the whales. Hopefully he does pay some attention to his family, or he is in trouble! Note that he has his attention very much on the future and very much not in the past.

Politician's Attention Horizon

This man is focused. In other words, he bundles his attention on a part of the whole - on one or a few selected puzzle pieces of the "big picture". In movie terms, we are looking at a medium shot, a cutout of the whole of existence. We hope that this politician will also change the oil in his car, attend his children's school theatre performances, eat regular meals, and have a shower every now and then - these would be some of the closeup scenes of his life that he better does not neglect.



Focusing is a good thing, as long as we do not get stuck. A person who manages well has flexible attention. Getting stuck is simply not what he does. He will follow through on a romantic encounter to really make it evolve into a stable relationship, and he can concentrate on a task long enough to get it completed, but he does not get stuck. He does not get stuck on medium shots - like the politician who forgets his family over the well-being of the country -, he does not get stuck on closeups - like a criminal, who can only think of himself and will harm everybody else for his own benefit, or a very sick person whose attention is tied to the body by constant physical trouble and pain -, and he does not get stuck on wide shots, like the philosopher who cannot boil an egg, or the religious visionary who will let his body have a miserable existence because he so much wants to wallow in the eternal glory of God.

A person who manages well will zoom out in order to orient himself, see what needs to be done and make his plans according to that, and then zoom in in order to implement these plans. A small example: A lady zooms out to see whether the traffic light ahead of her car is red or green, sees that it is red, and because of that she zooms in to the inside of her car, hits the brake, and has no accident. She expands her space to see the traffic light, then contracts her space to find the brake, then expands her space again, just a little, to see where exactly she has to stop the car. We do these things so often that we do them automatically now, but remember when you first trained them? There was quite a bit of expanding and contracting the "attention horizon" to do to get it right!

A little bigger example: Man walks through his village with his attention expanded, and sees that last week's heat wave has damaged the road surface on the way to the garbage dump. A slab of asphalt is standing up nearly a foot high. Many drivers will get problems if they drive into that. So the man goes home and calls the mayor's office to report the problem. See? He is thinking in a wider range. Himself he has seen the slab of asphalt, he would drive around it when he goes to the garbage dump next time, but he is caring for the other village residents as well, and so he gets active to have the problem fixed before it hurts any of them. He has his level of attention and responsibility expanded to community level - a typical medium shot scenario.


 Zoom Levels in Time

A much bigger example: Photos from the ISS, the International Space Station, have revealed impact craters on Earth. Of course we have all seen the photos of the enormous meteor impact site in Arizona, but there are so many more of them - smaller ones, overgrown ones, underwater ones - that finally NASA thought up a project to monitor meteors, the so-called "Near Earth Object Program" - see the NEO website if you are interested. We don't know yet what to do against them if they really come our way, but at least we can prepare for bad times, and who knows, maybe we work out some meteor defense project like envisioned in the movie "Deep Impact"?


Impact Crater in Arizona

The responsibility level here is global - the project will serve the whole population of Earth, not only one nation or community. And note that the zoom is not only done in space, it is going 4-dimensional, if we want to count time as our fourth dimension. NASA's project is aimed at centuries rather than days, months, or years. It is big in terms of time as well as in terms of space, and reaching very much into the future.


 Zooming to the Distant Past: Ancient History and the "Gods"

A very interesting zoom-out movement into the other direction would be a look at ancient history. Typically we think only a few 1000 years back. For many people history does not really start before the birth of Jesus Christ. But things that influence our reality very much right now go back several 100.000 years, to the time where the Gods first came down to Earth in their space ships and messed with our genes big time (we still struggle with their genetic tampering and have a hard time sorting it all out), as documented in many books by Erich von Däniken, oh and by the way also on thousands of Sumerian clay tablets, as translated and interpreted by Zecharia Sitchin.

But all these things are still medium shots. A really nice wide shot would be a look at a Grand Cycle of existence, with whole solar systems and galaxies being born and dying between one Big Bang and its final reversal in what some scientists call the Big Crunch. Mountain ranges like the Himalayas would fold up and erode down like a single wave in the ocean, species like the dinosaurs would blossom and wither away within a week, and a human lifetime would be just a spark that glows for a moment as it flies through the night. Of course the ultimate wide shot would be a look at the overall Big Picture of All-That-Is, the "Heartbeat of God"...


 Zooming All The Way Out

Here is an image that shows an awareness horizon inside one grand cycle which is completely expanded. It is not a viable angle of attention for our daily life as a human being, as we do need to focus on smaller areas to manage really well, but for contemplation, meditation, or re-orientation it would serve well. It embraces all of the past, all of the future, all human beings, all other life forms, the whole physical universe, all of spirit, and anything that has not manifested but theoretically could spring into existence at any given instant - created out of the void by spirit's infinite power. A person who can imagine all this has taken on the viewpoint of All-That-Is, or the Supreme Being - and as this is a viewpoint outside of the time stream, it is a moment of eternity.

Completely Expanded Attention Horizon


 Troublesome Zoom Levels To Be Stuck In

The two most troublesome zoom levels we can get stuck in are: a very small awareness (only ourselves - others are unreal), and hung up in the past (not able to function in present time). Typically both come together when a person has a lot of unfinished life lessons, and therefore much emotional pain that tries to urge them to finish these lessons. As an alarm signal that something requires our attention, emotional pain is basically not a bad idea, but when it gets too much, it can block us from functioning, and then we can neither manage present time nor clean up the past.


A healthy human being - well focused on his personal movie, but at the same time in touch with the rest of the Human World. The awareness of the larger parts of existence is reduced, which contracts his horizon, but at the same time makes for a more efficient Focus.

A human being who lost most of his life force. His zoom level is too small and too stuck to function. He has too little energy for his own personal life, and no more awareness of the world around him. Have a look at our Entropy page to see how this comes about, and how to regain lost life force.

Here we see only a few of the countless viewpoints that the Supreme Being has - or the image would be all white with rays of spiritual presence. He is literally "omnipresent". Every cell, maybe every molecule, every single unit of consciousness is a viewpoint of the Supreme Being. The human world is one branch of this wonderful big tree, and each human being is one Eye of God.

At this point we really need help. Life Lesson Processing (LLP) is designed to sort it all out, free up enough life force to expand the awareness horizon well, and bring a lot of attention to present time - but like any other service in this economical system it costs money, and often a person will be in such bad shape that they cannot earn enough to afford it. This is really a vicious circle - the worse they get, the less they can afford the practitioner who could help them out. Often they also have a bad credit rating, and wrecked their families and friendships so much by unpleasant behaviour that nobody will be interested in getting them back on track either.

Finally there is so much pain that the mind locks it away completely, as it would be unbearable to feel it all the time. People in this condition are much worse off than people who suffer a lot. They are a risk to have around, because they have been overwhelmed so much and so often that they now feel threatened all the time, see enemies everywhere, and can attack for no reason, often in a very covert, insidious way. By the way, we will also find them sick - typically they have not reacted to any of their mind's alarm signals, and their troubles will manifest in the body.


 Greed, Corruption, Criminality

It gets especially bad when such people somehow wiggled themselves into a leader's position and now have the power to command armies, start wars, pollute the environment with radioactive fallout, or rip off their whole country's finances to enrich themselves. Here we have to go into wide shot zoom mode with a critical look at the years to come. If we allow such troubled people to become the majority on Earth or to have any power, they will destroy our planet, and suddenly all of us, sick and sane ones alike, have run out of a future. These people are so stuck in such a small awareness horizon that they cannot think and care beyond themselves anymore. In everyday terms this is called greed, corruption, and criminality. Does that ring a bell? Kali Yuga, anyone?

We have to get active to reduce the insanity level on this planet, if we want it to serve us for future incarnations. The way to do it is Life Lesson Processing or some other system that will clean up irrational and irresponsible behaviour by tracing it down to its roots in the past - often in a previous lifetime, so mainstream therapy is probably not the best system. If each of us gets him- or herself fixed up, plus only one more person - who then fixes up one more, and so on -, we are in fine shape. Of course we could also decide to go into super-extra wide shot spectator mode, lean back and grin as the planet burns up in a big nuclear firework. There is always a next planet, if that is what we want. There is always a next incarnation, if that is what we want!

Any activity to save this planet for future generations is only valid if we want to keep playing the movie Life as a Human.  Well, there are some millions of other life forms involved as well - who would all lose their future because we could not get a grip on our collective insanity -, but still, measured against the scale of eternity, "Life on Earth" is a pretty small game in a pretty small bubble of space. Maybe the fact that we want it so badly just shows that as eternal spiritual beings we are more stuck in a medium shot than we should be? Are we just little ants who frantically crawl around to save their ant hill that has been invaded by some predator, or turned upside down by the careless step of a human toddler? Much food for thought...




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