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The Human World

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Our World - A Huge Cinema Center  --  Diplomacy Between Parallel Worlds  --  The Radiation Disaster  --  Why So Many Visitors To Earth?  --  The Cosmic Lesson - Reversing Mental And Spiritual Entropy


 Our World - A Huge Cinema Center

Shakespeare already knew that the whole world is a stage and its people are acting out their personal movies. But there are many more stages than only one. We could imagine our world as one of these cinema centers with many movie theaters - a really, really big one - with many, many, many, many movie theaters! Some of them overlap, as millions of movies are played simultaneously by billions of people. 


The world - a huge cinema center where millions of movies are played at the same time...

Then again, this huge entertainment center where so many tragedies, comedies and thrillers are played at the same time, is also only one of many! For the Supreme Being, the whole human world with all its movies is only one bubble of existence - only one of so many millions he is involved with.


... and yet it is only one of so many bubbles of existence, big and small.

Many of these worlds have civilizations. Many of these civilizations have already contacted us. Many more are out of our sight, but certainly buzzing with activities. Endless creativity is going on in galaxies and solar systems which no sentient being has ever seen, except maybe through a telescope - matter enjoys its own rich ballet of existence there.

 Diplomacy Between Parallel Worlds

But even on our own planet there are worlds parallel to the human theatre stage. Hopefully we are aware of them and will do our best to not disrupt them with our own activities. Whales whose sensitive hearing system - that they need for their food hunting - is destroyed by Naval sonar signals are just one warning. The disastrous oil spill of early 2010 is really something to be ashamed of. There are many more such things - rainforest - bio fuel - the list goes on -

It is very unwise for any government not to maintain good relations with other countries. It is just as unwise to not stay in touch with the parts of nature that are not human - they are another world to us, just like China is another world for America, separated and yet very close. Somehow it seems that we need better diplomacy between the worlds on Earth. Is it really such a surprise that these other scenarios are part of our own environment? We share the same air with them, the same water, our chemical and radioactive pollution that hits them will also hit back at ourselves when it has travelled far enough around the globe - how can we not be harmed as well if we harm the rest of nature? Maybe we are too selfish, but maybe we are not selfish enough? If we mess up our environment so badly, it will be ourselves who will suffer... Just food for thought.

Whales and dolphins find their food with a sonar system

that gets disrupted by Navy sonar tests. Before they slowly

starve to death, they come up the beaches where they die

quickly. Hello? Anybody listening to what they are saying?

Not sure what's the ray of light illuminating the

Gulf oil spill here. Probably coming from a

helicopter, but what kind of helicopter

is so big? Should be God's wrath really.

 The Radiation Disaster

Depleted uranium, another shocking story - our radiation soap opera did not end with the two nuclear bombs on Japan, the disastrous tests in the Pacific that had such a bad impact on the wildlife there, and with Chernobyl - not at all! So many disfigured children every year in Iraq, it is entirely depressing. This "movie" belongs to the Cultural Lessons of human beings, and we better learn it soon, because we are running out of time quickly. Iraq is not on Moon or on Mars. It is just around the corner. Their statistics could be ours in a year from now.

Birth Defect Statistics of Basrah, Iraq. Depleted uranium (DU)

weapons were first used in 1991. Are they the real Dirty Bombs?

Oh by the way this image comes from DepletedCranium.com

(Cranium = the human skull, depleted = well you get the idea.)


This is not really the baby that the mother expected to see after its birth. Two faces, for Christ's sake! What will be next?

What a DU tank busting projectile normally does when it hits a tank is to explode into a dust cloud. Does anybody really believe that this dust does NOT travel with the wind, and will NOT come back to bite the very people who invented these weapons? Everybody is breathing that in. Oh... why is lung cancer skyrocketing in America? Can't have anything to do with DU dust?

How many more such children must be born before we wake up and do something? Isn't this our world? Aren't we the ones who put these politicians in power?

Errors of short-sightedness like this demonstrate that we are stuck in too narrow a zoom level. The radiation levels resulting from nuclear plants and DU weapons are a disaster in the making, even if we only look at the human movie as such and don't think at all about the other species involved. If we zoom out just one more bit, say two more generations instead of looking only at next year's rates of economical growth, we see that we are annihilating our own chances, and destroying our children's and grandchildren's future by doing such things.

It would be a dream if we could un-stick some politicians' fixated awareness horizon with Life Lesson Processing and make it more flexible and more attentive to life-and-death matters like wiping out our future with radioactive dust clouds. Not that they will very likely show up for a session, they are very sure they are perfect and don't need any self-improvement. But how about working with their electorate? Freeing up the life force they have buried in the unfinished lessons of their past would very well expand their awareness. As a consequence, politicians of more vision would be elected in the future. As always, the big changes start in the very tiny dot that is called an individual Self.

 Why So Many Visitors To Earth?

Many book authors who have been in contact with extraterrestrial beings have reported that Earth is seen as something exceptional in the universe - a planet specifically interesting and important. Channels and mediums all over the world say the same thing.

Why would that be? The words ascension, enlightenment and spiritual evolution have been mentioned a lot, and that Earth is a school. In a universe where everything and everybody evolves all the time, the evolution of a certain species should not be something so extraordinary. And yet our skies are teeming with UFO activity of civilizations who, when asked, say that they "study" us. Why is that? Are we a "zoo planet"? A civilization so primitive that they better finish studying us quickly before we blow up the whole place in a big nuclear firework?


Not even our sun is visible here in this image of the Milky Way,

much less our little planet. And this is only one of countless galaxies.

Why is it that Earth is studied by so many civilizations?

 The Cosmic Lesson - Reversing Mental And Spiritual Entropy

At the moment our planet looks more like a big garbage dump than anything else, but even a garbage dump can be seen from two sides. What if it is nothing else than a big movie scene? What if exactly this garbage dump has been written into our screenplay - not into a personal, but into our global screenplay?

We are in what ancient scriptures call the Kali Yuga, the age of corruption and destruction. DECAY written in capital letters. We are at the end of a rotting process of global proportions. The more scientific word for that would be Entropy. On its own page, we have found that entropy is the process of following the urge to rest. Why are people corrupt? They want money without working = they want to rest. This wish to rest rather than act is getting overwhelmingly big. Nature is healthy, it acts all the time. Humans are sick, they want to rest instead of acting. While this is a big generality - of course there are healthy ones too -, we do see this principle at work all the time.

Now, the same ancient scriptures that predicted the Kali Yuga would come, suggest that a new Golden Age will follow. Just how is that going to happen?

The Vishnu Purana says: "The minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal." Minds as pellucid as crystal - because they cleared their ballast of emotional pain, carefully washed away the mud thrown at them by morphic fields, and dutifully completed all of their unfinished life lessons? Crystal clear people? What a wonderful feeling there is to these words.

It seems that with processing, we may have found a way to reverse the mental and spiritual Entropy that expresses itself in all the horrors that we see in our present time world. The process of always shrinking in awareness and responsibility by losing more and more life force could be turned around into a process of gaining this life force back, and getting bigger again, and assuming responsibility again for ourselves, each other, other countries, nature, the world.

So very simple. So very central! 

If just and you and me turn around from shrinking to growing by patiently recovering our lost life force, bit by bit, a little every day; and if each of us brings only one more person, who then brings one more person, and so on - we may be the axis around which Earth is turning around, from entropy to a new evolution - the predicted new Golden Age.

This may well be the one thing that distinguishes us from all other civilizations. If we succeed in restoring the sanity of this planet's people and its whole morphic field with processing, we could take a deep breath, rest for a moment, and then look outside into the universe. There may be more work to do - another lesson to be learned, much bigger than a cultural lesson - there may a cosmic lesson to be learned. Earth may be the axis for the cosmos. It could indeed be the axis around which the Supreme Being's current Grand Cycle is turning after reaching a maximul level of Entropy.

But before we can become the teachers of that cosmic lesson, we first have to complete our own lessons and grow up to a mature species in such a way that Mother Earth can be proud of this most difficult of all of her children. And if all that is too elated and lofty and megalomaniac, and viewing things from such a wide zoom angle is unimaginably theoretical and big, let's just do one friendly and helpful thing every day. That's a good start.




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