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Life Plans, Screenplays, Personal Lessons

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 The Incarnation

On an individual spiritual being's timeline, his unique jorney during manifested existence in space and time, we have that thing called an incarnation, where the spiritual being resides in a physical body. An incarnation is very clearly defined as the time between a physical body's birth and its death. The spiritual being may be enter that body at any point after conception and before or at birth, sometimes a little while after birth - there are even cases reported where one spirit left a body while it was still alive, and another one took over - the rare phenomenon of a walk-in

 Units or Sections in a Spiritual Being's Existence

An Incarnation is a specific unit in a spiritual being's existence, marked by one physical body's life. There are other units too, which have their own definitions, starting point and end point. There is an illustration showing them on the page about the Human Timeline.

Standard Lessons typically happen around a certain age in a human being's life. They are necessary to orient the person in their present time environment and culture. Sometimes they cannot be completed at the age for which they are designed by nature - then there is extra care required to finish them later, as such a delayed standard lesson will keep a person from fully growing up.

Standard lessons are, or should be, specific sections in a human lifetime. Cultural Lessons on the other hand are bigger than a human lifetime - not only can they take several generations, they also typically include very many human individuals. They are ultimately learned by the whole morphic field of a culture. Who knows, there might even be something like a Cosmic Lesson?

A Personal Lesson is the time and activity that a spiritual being devotes to the learning of, and gathering experiences about a certain theme of interest - say, physical violence, addiction, unconditional love. A Screenplay is a "movie" that is acted out in life, very specifically designed to illustrate one or several personal and/or standard lessons, or to implement a goal. They can be distinguished from random events by their striking coincidences.

Life Plans are made between incarnations. They design the movies to play in order to illustrate the lessons a person wants to learn, and contracts are made between their future players.


"Manifested Existence", the ultimate lesson learned by the Supreme Being

 Big Viewpoints - Tiny Viewpoints

Following the principle of splits, this one big movie falls apart into movies inside movies inside movies. We can look at them in any zoom level that we like: cosmic, galactic, solar system's, planetary, national, individual... typically we look at our movies from an individual human being's zoom level, but we could as well zoom farther in and watch the adventures of an organ or cell for a while... even individual molecules or atoms... never a boring moment!



 The Ultimate Lesson

Of course the ultimate lesson called "Manifested Existence" would be learned by the Supreme Being him- or herself, over and over again in each Grand Cycle.

Countless viewpoints ("Eyes of God") would be needed for that - myriads of spiritual beings populating the universe. You and me are two of them.

A human egg cell with her beaus. Isn't she sexy?

 Life Plans "Life Between Lives" Pioneer Michael Newton

A Life Plan is made before a new incarnation, in the time between the death that just happened, and the birth to come next. It is the overall design for the upcoming incarnation. Michael Newton in his books describes in detail how people typically make their life plan in a specific area of the afterlife, with the help of spiritual masters who assist them in making their choices. Often a life plan is at least partially based on the life review of the life that just ended: things that have not gone well can go into a second installment. There are devices that allow the spiritual being to view key scenes of the past, but also to have a look into the future. Future gender, body type (color) and geographic location can be previewed and selected, parents and life circumstances chosen.

First bestseller of Michael Newton - Journey of SoulsMost life plans focus on one or a few specific Personal Lessons. The Screenplays for these lessons are worked out, and contracts are made with other spiritual spiritual beings who volunteer as players in the same screenplays, to learn their own lessons.

For instance a murderer and the victim of a murder can agree to play these roles in the same screenplay, as they need the experiences to be made there for their respective lessons of physical violence. In the next lifetime they may turn around and reverse the roles - they are still working on the same lesson, and now explore the other side of the situation. This is not really the same thing as Karma. In Karma we are haunted by our misdeeds, sinners who reap what they sow - in life plans we are the land's owners, and planning the whole farm, sowing, reaping and all!Robert Schwartz' book "Your Soul's Plan"

Life plan contracts are also made for the upcoming incarnation's Standard Lessons. Parents, children, spouses agree who will play which role in the new movie. Often there are personal lessons embedded in standard lessons: one spirit can volunteer for the part of a sick child so that he can make progress in his "disabled body" lesson, while another volunteers for the mother, who now can gain experiences in her "taking care of the handicapped" lesson.  

Robert Schwartz in his book Your Soul's Plan looks especially at tough screenplays like tragedies and undeserved hardship. He tells several dozen stories of people who recall how they planned these "movies" together with their future co-actors, because each of the players involved had a specific longing or curiosity to satisfy.

 Personal Lessons

A personal lesson is the time that a spiritual being devotes to the learning of, and gathering experiences about a certain theme of interest, like patience with self, tolerance for opposite opinions, sexual self-fulfillment, cultural oppression (how to deal with it on a personal level - in contrast to the bigger scene of a cultural lesson), physical violence, addiction, learning to sing or to paint, and a million other possible concepts that he is curious about. A personal lesson can go over several lifetimes, depending on the circumstances.

For instance, "the courage to be homosexual" may start in one lifetime where a person's homosexuality is suppressed or utterly fails, then in the next lifetime it goes through many clumsy and unhappy scenarios, until in the third one it is finally mastered and can really unfold and blossom - maybe it even breaks through from private to cultural importance by making an impact on a morphic field. By the way, the real focus here was on the courage, not the homosexuality! Homosexuality was only chosen for building up courage because when that courage lesson started, homosexuality was socially unacceptable, so that it would require courage to openly express and live it. 

We could discuss the power of intention here. One person finds her courage in enduring the opposition of a whole morphic field. The other blasts through into that morphic field and transforms it. Talking about courage! Sometimes we have tragic figures here - when a Cultural Lesson needs a central hero, some extraordinary character may become so active and stick his neck out so much that he doesn't live very long - morphic fields tolerate only so much change at a time. But some years later the culture has learned the lesson and builds him monuments: paying with his life, he propelled it foward big time, maybe much more than if he had survived. Chances are good that he did not show up at this exact location and time by chance - he probably was a key person for that culture, sent (or should we say called?) for a reason - for the culture to get the extra boost of evolutionary energy that it needed.

Here is the personal lesson Soap Opera of a spiritual being who was curious about physical violence. The diagram is of course simplified - only a sample of standard lessons are shown, and there are other open personal lessons, as well as cultural lessons that are active at the same time. In Life Lesson Processing, major switches of viewpoint or attitude - like turning from a saint or angel into a really "bad boy" or even a criminal - are not considered immoral or unethical, they are expected (although we always keep an eye on Bad Brain Health, which can begin with similar indicators). When we are nearing the end of such a life lesson, there is typically a growing awareness of all the angles of such a theme, until at completion they become fully visible simultaneously and can be put into context. 

Personal lesson "soap opera" of physical violence


Physical violence culminates like in a thriller movie's "showdown" at the end of a personal lesson


Personal lessons are not the same as personal goals, like driving a sports car, marrying a millionaire, saving the rainforest, or preserving the planet for future generations by reducing global insanity levels (or in other words, by doing, promoting and teaching Life Lesson Processing). A goal is mostly about doing things to achieve a result or make a dream come true; a personal lesson is mostly about looking, perceiving and studying others as well as oneself, participating in and watching educational screenplays, and evaluating the information gathered in the step of coming to a final conclusion.

In lessons we move ourselves into an effect point. In goals we ideally occupy a cause point. But there can also be lessons about how to reach a goal, and there can be the goal of learning a lesson... the fibres of cause and effect are always interwoven in the tissue of reality.


In our context, a screenplay is a "movie" that is acted out in life, very specifically designed to illustrate one or several personal and/or standard lessons, or to implement a goal, or to help in a desperate situation, or to propel any other theme that has been stalled for too long.

Many screenplays are pre-planned during the Life Planning sessions that spiritual beings have between incarnations, but people who are well connected to their non-physical friends ("guardian angels", "spirit guides"), or deeply believe in the power of prayers, can also make "calls" to the "other side", and if their prayer is worthy and does not get into the way of any screenplays already in place, a screenplay is crafted for them "on the fly".

Shakespeare said the world is a stage and we are the actors... just who watches over us behind the stage? Who tells our co-actors precisely when and where to enter the stage? Who does the timing of the so-called "coincidences"?

One book author who was outside his body during a near death experience (NDE) described how he could see the prayers of people flash up from the Earth's surface like lightning bolts!

Wait a moment before you find this ridiculous. The planning and/or selecting of future screenplays has been described by way too many out-of-body (OBE) researchers, and has been reported by entirely too many people from their between-lives sessions, to be disregarded.


Screenplays, in our context, are characterized by coincidences - events that could not have happened by chance - they are "scripted" and "timed" on a different level of reality, outside of the time stream of Earth life, and also outside of geographical boundaries. Coincidences seem to have their own logical network that defies Earth barriers.


Not all coincidences are pleasant. Sometimes we get the opposite of what we want, if we want it too much. Sometimes a coincidence is coming from a movie script that is a thriller or a tragedy rather than a comedy or a romance. But we can always recognize a coincidence by the invisible sticker "for you!" that it has attached to it. At least sensitive people recognize this "address label" of an experience - it clearly distinguishes a coincidence from a random event.

 Key People: A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

A type of coincidence that is often even less recognized than a specific event, is the entry of key people onto the stage of our life. Many people whom we encounter are random strangers, like the ones whom we meet in a train station. However, they key people more often than not appear because they have been "scripted" - either by doing a life planning contract with them before we (and they) incarnated, or "on the fly" after a call has been received from you. Sometimes they are also "angels" or "guides" who come in a body. This is rare, but it happens. They can be recognized by having their spiritual love still intact - in most human beings it has suffered too much damage to still be present and functional.

You will have heard the line "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Same for the actors who play key roles in our life lessons. They come "on cue", as if some stage manager in the coulisse had said "out on the stage with you, buddy - NOW!" 

There is a touching text around on the internet that we will not keep back from you. It explains the three ways that people can be part of our lives: a reason, a season, a lifetime. We have not much to add, except that such things are no random events - they are part of cosmic planning, and we should look out for them so that we don't miss their big potential chances.

 The Intelligent Universe: Cosmic Planning

So, next time you have a legal problem and happen to sit next to a lawyer in the aeroplane, recognize the loving little nudge from your screenplay writers. He is not a random passenger, he is there for a reason - maybe to remind you of making a lawyer appointment - maybe to directly answer your questions?

Our website's author Heidrun Beer has gotten a deeply painful question answered in such a "random" encounter, a torturing question about a beloved person's chances to turn around a fatal disease. The expert she met was so specifically trained to answer her question, trained in two highly specialized fields, both geriatric medicine and energy healing - not just general medicine, no, geriatric medicine, the very category she needed - totally and exactly and precisely what she needed was to ask questions about geriatric medicine in context with energy healing - no randomness lottery could ever provide such a perfectly crafted opportunity - geriatrics doctors don't normally teach in energy healíng workshops - or do they?

Trust the intelligent universe. Take a moment of time right now, address the universe and say "I know that you are intelligent, I know that you care about me, please talk to me, I will listen." And then do it. Listen. Or look. The deepest question you have in this very moment may be answered on TV right now - as you zap through the channels, the message may be there on the channel you hit in the very second you hit it.

Or it could be a book, or the internet. Maybe you only run into the gardener who explains how to save that little plant that you are so concerned about. Or maybe you run into the award winning philosopher who answers your life's central question. Or maybe you get to read a web page about how to complete your life's unfinished lessons. That would be a worthwile reason to open a browser - not? 

 Time And The River Of Life

Much in our life's screenplays has to do with timing - doing things at the right moment and at the right pace - not too early, not too late, not too slowly, not too fast. Now here is a photo to meditate about:


This boat got tangled up at a little island in the middle of a river. The situation

is quite similar when our attention is tied up with an experience that should have

ended long ago, but is still active in our mind. Rather than drifting along with the

natural current of the time stream, we are hung up in the past while life flows by.

The whole issue of processing is about time. Basically we are putting experiences that should have ended long ago, but are still active in some way in present time, back into their proper position in the time stream by thoroughly rounding them off. We complete the incomplete actions, deliver communications that could not be delivered, and add the understanding which was missing so strongly that the experience remained open, marked with big and desperate question marks, often also with emotional pain - in other words, we first learn the personal lesson that was the theme of that experience, and then put the experience to rest.

The lesson may be as simple as "Green beans need to be cooked to be edible" or "I should look left and right before I cross the road", or as huge as "I have been born into the wrong culture", or "I incarnated on the wrong planet." There still remains the question "And what is it that you needed to learn by doing that?" It's like "I never finished that movie 'Gone with the wind' - I wonder how that ended?" After 20 years of wondering, we finally go and see it. Maybe we are moved to tears, maybe we just shrug when we finally learn what happened at the end. Same for the missing answers of our past - in hindsight they may be of extreme importance, or they may not be important at all - but only the final assessment can give us that certainty.

In Life Lesson Processing (LLP), we also catch up with any missing study steps. That's another thing that keeps us tied up in the past.  Whether it's about how to read and write, how to find a job, how to properly feed a human body, how to really make a lady (or man) happy in the bedroom, or how to care for an aging father or mother - these things are human standard lessons, and not learning them at the age where they are typically learned, holds us back in that age to a certain degree. So we are again aiming at the ideal seamless integration with the time stream, the river of life.

 Types Of Movies

After a while of doing Life Lesson Processing, a sense for this time stream develops. We get a feeling, a perception for the timing of our life's movies. It is much like the perceptions we have in a tiny boat on a river. We see islands go by, we bump into rocks, sometimes we are stalled behind a big dam, and then again it goes down a waterfall. How we are hanging on to a past experience is also one of the things this perception of the time stream will show very clearly: it feels like a rubber band pulling us back.

We also begin to see that there are different types of screenplays. Some are real stories with a gripping plot - thrillers, romances, tragedies. We meet the love of our life, build a house, start a family, and suddenly we lose her again in a terrible accident. That was short, but boy, how intense a story! Other movies develop over a long time: a career that we always wanted, let's say surgery, is interrupted because of a pregnancy, then a marriage, more pregnancies, bringing up all those kids - but all the time we kept that secret love in our heart for the miracles of the human body and its vulnerabilities, and finally when all the kids are gone, it emerges again as a big passion, and we go back to university and finish the training and start that career as a surgeon at the age of 50.

Now economically that may be not a very wise thing to do, spend all the time and money for such a very ambitious training just to have another 10 or 15 years of satisfaction working in that profession, but how about the old "quality over quantity" principle? We certainly contributed to society by bringing up all these children, and now is the time to follow our personal longings. This screenplay first started, then it was halted and we played in different movies, but finally we came back to it and it unfolded in all its glory.

The theme of such a movie is not economy. It simply has different themes, like the ability to make a dream come true, persistence, a loyalty to one's personal truth that is big enough to break the traditional patterns of when to study and start a career - a determination to ultimately make it go right, no matter how many years later. All these themes are personal lessons. Economy was a lesson as well, a standard lesson to be accurate, but that was already completed by all these years of providing for children and bringing them up.

Movies like that develop over a long time. They have some of the awesome patience to them that we see in the Great Spirit's creation of galaxies, or the evolution of life on a planet. Such patience. Each year of life adds something to the plot - a strange coincidence puts us in touch with an essential book here, another facilitates an encounter with a key person there -, until all comes together, things suddenly fall in place, and the movie culminates in the dream coming true.


Other screenplays are too short to call them a movie. They are more like filmlets: we look into them for a week and then put them behind us. Looking for a job often goes that way - we write the application, wait for an answer, get a refusal, and that's all about it. But during the week we were waiting for an answer we have designed a whole screenplay based on the opportunities that this job would have opened for us: how we found the schools for our kids, how we were singing in the church's choir, how we became community board members, how we planted a garden... A week later, and that filmlet is over, the life screenplay based on it sinks down to the river bottom just like it appeared, without much fuss.

We are well advised if we learn to perceive these things. Sometimes we also let go of something that should not drift out of our sight - we should not leave it behind, allow it to move to the past, or let it sink back to the river bottom. Things like the tender feelings for our spouse when we first met him or her. The warmth in our words, the sweetness in our touch,  the sensitive attention for our loved ones' wishes and needs. In the romantic phase of a relationship such things come naturally, and naturally they would tend to fall away later, but if we can manage to integrate them into our regular armory of interacting, we will have added much quality to our relationships, and have much good to look back to at the end of our life. In the metaphor of a boat on a river, this would be something to tie to our boat with a very durable rope, so that we never lose it.

Sometimes we even need to throw a fishing line out into the river - backwards, into a time that has already passed - to save something that has been lost, but is worth saving. The little slip of paper with a phone number that turns up as we clean our desk, a call that we never returned - it could be the call of the publisher who has seen our work on the internet and wants to turn it into a book; or someone who has met the sister that we lost sight of as a child; the lottery company wanting to tell us that we just cracked the jackpot; or the future husband with whom we will walk in unison as if we were one person, who had one cipher wrong in a phone number that he called, and will never make this error again.

It could also be someone trying to sell us a used car, or somebody spying out houses for a burglery - but how would we know, if we don't pull that little filmlet out of the past into present time and allow it to play?

 Soap Operas - A Lesson's Showdown

A fascinating type of life movie is a theme that keeps presenting itself time after time, in many installments, like a soap opera. It keeps coming up and coming up in all directions. Here we are most probably looking at the "showdown" of a Personal Lesson, like described above in the example of physical violence. This is where the screenplay writing that we have done in the non-physical world - or that is being done for us - becomes most clearly visible.

Why is it that a lady always ends up with a husband who beats her? Why does a man get ripped off by one partner after the other? How can it happen that a person gets hit by lightning twice?

Statistics say that such things are rare, and certainly they should not happen to us more than once in a lifetime, but the opposite is true: they keep repeating themselves over and over, sometimes through several lifetimes. A completely random universe could never serve us with so many opportunities to study the same theme, one chasing the other, often faster than we can manage. It is our own inner involvement with the theme that keeps pulling these screenplays into our life. They keep happening because we want them to happen - need them to happen.

There is something we haven't understood yet, that insists on getting our attention. Why?

A theme coming up to the surface again and again, regardless of what it is, has one loud and clear message: Oh my dear child, can you please switch to Active Learning. The soap opera type of self-repeating movie is a characteristic of the person who is in Passive Learning mode. He suffers for ten years in an abusive cult, his friends need five years to pry him out, he is happy for a month, then he gets sucked into another cult by even more absurd promises of personal happiness, or eternal freedom, or the love of God, or whatever it is... and off he goes into the next round!

 Checklists And Active Learning

He has learned nothing. He has suffered, yes, but not learned. The thing to do in such a situation is to ask for the theme of the lesson, and then go and start to actively study that theme. Life Lesson Processing (LLP) will assist you in this. And next time you see a lady involved with one lover after the other, think twice before you call her a slut. After decades of soap opera installments around the theme of sexuality - neglect in sexuality, abuse in sexuality, sexually transmitted disease twice, rejected by men, humiliated by a bad character in beautiful wrapping, maybe some joy in a dear love for a change (just a little, not too much) - she may just have decided to take the matter into her own hands and study sexuality, this time for good.

Look at her checklist before you judge her. Is she moving? Does she change? Does she check off things? Ah, what do we have. Studying many men by advertising on websites. Learning how to sense people's energy by looking at their photos. Precise answering of all e-mails. Hm, these are side lessons, but not bad to learn, it's always good to sharpen perceptions and exercise reliability. Here, two months of one night stands. She checks that off - not really her thing. Friendship sex, more cheekily called F-buddies? Not a bad idea, unusual, needs to be explored. There, half a year of getting exactly what she likes in the bedroom. Neat - she is learning to openly express her needs. Oh, here she finds out that emotions are necessary after all. What a surprise...

Now what's that, a platonic love affair? Interesting! Another angle, but the same theme! Tantra workshop, yet another angle. Then for a whole year, she meets men who each have exactly one, and only one, of the features she is looking for: spiritual awareness, intellectual brilliance, emotional warmth, sexual fire, physical beauty, personal commitment, practical skills. How probable is such a sequence, precisely designed for systematic study, if it has not been deliberately scripted? (This story has happened, by the way.)

Next, some months of being on her own, married to her rubber toys, learning new ways to please her body without being distracted by anyone else. Then, a month of exchanging sex against money. Is she completely losing it? Is she becoming a delinquent? Is she on a downward spiral of deterioration? Maybe - or maybe not - she may just be actively learning. Next year - or next lifetime -  she may be finished with that checklist and start to learn knitting pullovers, because she finally listened to the universe whispering into her ears: "We have served you with enough screenplays, now write your own."


 Relationship Potential And Spiritual Love

Relationship Potential Diagram - Click To Enlarge


Relationship potential diagram - click to enlarge

Here is a good diagram for the human relationship potential. What it does not show is the fervor of Spiritual Love, which if present will use any and all possible vehicles and ways of expression to please, delight and nourish a beloved person.

This is the love that Gods have, and people who are more than their body. It is not the same thing as the unconditional love which is often cited in spiritual literature. Unconditional love may not have conditions, but it can be quite limited in capacity. Spiritual love is also not the same thing as the urge to re-unite from separation into one-ness - it keeps us connected with others while the walls of separation are still firmly in place. Nothing as intense as "I love you" - a self looking at a not-self! After re-uniting, we don't love anymore, we are simply being the other - growing into a bigger "me".

Spiritual love is Pure Divine Essence flowing from a Self to an Other - divine essence that has never been tuned down, broken or compromised. (If yours has been Destroyed, and you cannot develop it fresh in a new unit of time, we can work with you to recover it with Life Lesson Processing.)

Spiritual love still has the original divine quality of being able to take on all physical forms that it sees fitting, so it can slip into a pencil as well as into an excavator - into hands, lips or a set of genitals as well as a wooden spoon, a web page editor, or a sewing machine.

It also still has the original divine quality of being able to span all zoom levels, from biggest to smallest. So it will be fond to take care of the most delicate detail, while on the other hand it will also keep an eye on the overal framework of things. And finally it still has the original divine quality of embracing the most subtle energy as well as the most massive: so such a person can surround you with a shimmering cloud or field of sheer bliss that does not move at all, and in the next moment they can put out an energy beam with the power to move the world - or anything between these extremes. The range of available energy is of course modified by the size (main zoom level) of the viewpoint: a human being will neither push around galaxies nor juggle individual molecules, etc.

Between sexually active people, spiritual love would very much include mindfulness in sexual matters, and an ambition to excel in the bedroom - if not subject illiteracy or health problems are blocking it (not very likely, as it would feel hindered by these things and blast them out of the way) -,  but its passion and fire are so much bigger than human romance - it transcends human existence by far.

If you have ever been carried by such a potent stream of unswerving support, you will never forget it. It has this absoluteness of loyalty. In human beings, it is sometimes seen in parents who are totally dedicated to creating a good future for their kids. They will spare no pains to pave the way for them in most everything - but many of them overlook the fact that this would have to include making sure that we still have a planet for the generations to come!

As our planet is in dire danger to get destroyed by the short-sighted greed of people in responsible positions, a telltale sign of a dangerously narrow zoom level, Life Lesson Processing would have to get high priority as a tool for any loving person to restore sanity in human leaders, and/or the people who vote them into power.

 Deep Injustice - Peak Waves - The Boat Visualization

There is a phenomenon that no screenplay explains - the apparent injustice. Getting punished instead of rewarded for an extraordinary job. Being let down at the end of a lifetime devoted to loving service. Karma does not really explain all of it. Sometimes it explains none of it.

If we believe in an intelligent universe rather than a randomness lottery, such things must have a reason too. Mistakes by non-physical screenplay writers? Badly trained, incompetent spirit guides? The occasional evildoer in the non-physical world? Someone with a personal grudge against you got to the controls? There may be yet another explanation - a rather mechanical thing, not random really, but also not intended by anyone.

There is a rhythm in most things - they move forward in waves that are going up and down in various ways: good and bad, active and quiet, speed up and slow down, and so on. As we have several themes open at the same time, their individual rhythms overlap and form what is called interference patterns. Here is how complicated an interference pattern gets for waves coming from only two sources:


Interference pattern of waves coming

from only two sources


Each life lesson theme would be such a source. Imagine how complex it can become if there are not only several types of waves but also many more sources than two! Now in this interference pattern there can be the fleeting phenomenon of a peak wave. If you watch the animation below, you can see instantly that while there is usually a medium or even low level of activity caused by one waving adding to the balance while the other one subtracts from it, there is also the occasional super high wave, and the occasional super low wave.



If you watch this peak wave animation, you will see an occasional super high wave and an

occasional super low wave. These things are purely mechanical results of interference patterns.

The graphs to the left show the individual waves, the graph to the right shows the outcome

of their addition: the white color in the graph is the result of the green and the red wave.


In life, especially for sensitive people who perceive some of these things directly on the energy level, the super highs are experienced as the rare exceptional moment where everything is perfect. The super lows feel like falling into a bottomless pit. Now, if there is a lesson in everything, what is the lesson in that?


Maybe only this one little thing: make sure to understand life and its lessons and the rhythms of it all? 


If it really becomes rough for a moment, a day or a week, and if there is nothing you have done wrong or that could be improved, and if all wisdom and philosophy and action and distraction and niceties cannot console you, try this visualization: Imagine yourself in a small boat on the ocean of life. Feel its waves, up and down, up and down. Then expand, expand, expand until you contain the whole ocean. On your outside, you are now feeling God who is firmly holding all things in his hand, including the ocean of life with all its fluctuations, and your little boat dancing on them. Feel the waves. Feel the ups. Feel the downs. Feel the waves and their rhythm. Do nothing. Just be quiet and feel the waves. Sometimes your boat may have a rough time, sometimes you may even fall out of that boat, but you will never fall out of God's hand.




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