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Movies: The Replay Function

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 Movies: The Replay Function

The replay function of a movie player is where our service comes in. Here we see in detail what went by too fast when it first happened in life. Like, say, any good football TV broadcast crew will show you the key scenes of a championship game in replays from many angles, until they are sure that you have seen all that you wanted, and if you have recorded that football game on a tape, you can replay them many more times - see illustration below.

The practitioner operates the memory's player controls - the client can concentrate on the movies of his past

Now the critical point here is that while a football scene is all in plain view, the same is not true for many key situations in our life. They are often deeply buried in the unconscious mind, especially if they have been traumatic. Not only accidents, operations or death experiences are typically not present in our everyday's memory - also the things we have done to others and are ashamed of. Much would be left to learn in some of these experiences, but the mind will protect us from the impact of their emotional pain, so it simply hides them away until we are really ready to look at them again - best when we also have competent help.

What parent would not bury this memory as deeply as possible? And yet it may contain an important lesson...

It takes enormous skill and experience to dig these movie scenes out from the unconscious. If we have a closer look at Life Lesson Processing (LLP), we find that a whole world of practitioner knowhow and practitioner training is involved here. But you don't have to worry about that, you can come and book theํr experience, just like you book the experience of a tennis coach or a heart surgeon - their years of training will come across as a pleasant, stable presence and smooth, reliable skill. 

Read here how to receive "Life Lesson Processing"!

 Movie: Sweet Babe And The Evil Cat

We take an example from the famous "Babe" movie to illustrate the Life Lesson Processing concept. Just in case you have not seen it, here is the story in a nutshell:

A farmer and a little pig become best friends. The pig (Babe) learns the skills of a sheep dog. There is an evil cat in the household who is jealous of Babe. She picks the right moment to tell him that pigs have only one purpose - to be eaten -, and that his ambitions to be a sheep dog are ridiculous. Babe has a total shock. Time is running out, as he is supposed to perform in a sheep dog competition. When nothing else helps, the farmer improvises a crazy dance to cheer him up. That pulls Babe out of his gloom, and he goes and wins the competition for his farmer.

The evil cat tells Babe that pigs have only one purpose - to be eaten -, and that his ambitions to become a sheep dog are ridiculous. Babe asks: "Even the boss?" And the answer is: Even the boss - he also must eat!

Babe has the shock of his life. He runs away into a rainstorm in the night before he was supposed to give his best in the sheep dog competition. When the farmer finds him, he is sick.

The farmer gets the vet to examine Babe, but physically he is OK. He does not eat or drink though. When nothing else helps, the farmer performs a crazy dance to cheer him up.

Now that dance was a good idea, but we would have done Life Lesson Processing instead. Babe would not only have been cheered up, he would also have no more ballast of emotional pain aggravating his memory, he would have learned that the cat cannot be trusted, and that the farmer has a heart of gold!

Our practitioner would have had Babe replay the memory of these bad minutes several times. He would have asked him to look at the event from all possible angles. Finally Babe's understanding would have grown out of his own self, and he would have realized why the cat was so mean. He would have learned a lesson. But even if he did not get a session at the time, he could get one today! It is never too late to pick up an unfinished experience and complete it - not even if it happened in a previous lifetime.

 Viewpoints In The Babe Movie

Here are the viewpoints of the people involved: Babe, the cat, the farmer, and the farm animals who watch the scene from outside. And not to forget, the Supreme Being is in there too, seeing the complete picture, while each of the actors views it only from one angle - their own. In his Life Lesson Processing session, Babe would look at the events from each of these viewpoints until he comes to a complete understanding - just as if he had had several cameras filming the same scene.

Babe, the pig, sees the cat telling him outrageous news about his best friend, the farmer. He has a bad shock. But then the farmer does everything to cheer him up. He really has a heart of gold! Babe recovers and wins in the competition.


Babe has the shock of his life: does his best friend want to eat him???

The cat sees the pig Babe, an intruder who steals the hearts of her people with his sunny chatty child character, and jumps at the chance to crush him thoroughly.

The farmer sees his little animal friend being hurt and unable to perform in the competition.  Worse: Babe may be in danger because he does not eat and not even drink. After he has cheered him up with an improvised crazy dance, he realizes that all the farm animals have been watching!

The farm animals see their caring farmer go out of his way to help the little pig. He gives him water with a baby bottle, cradles him like a child, and when nothing helps, he performs a crazy dance for him that really shows how behind his quiet facade he is the most passionate person.

The Eye of GodThe supreme being can slip into every actor who plays in this movie, and see it from every point in space and time, and every zoom level (magnification factor). Actually the fact that the client can view these memories from other people's viewpoints is perfect proof for the theory that as a spiritual being he is the direct offspring of the Divine Parent!

This farmer is an extraordinary person. Apparently old-fashioned and eccentric, he has the courage and persistence to train a pig as a sheep dog and register for a competition!

Only when he is alone because his conventional wife has gone for a trip with her friends, and only in order to cheer up his sick little pig, will he show his true passionate nature.

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