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Matter's Career In The Physical Universe

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 Matter's Career In The Physical Universe


This page deals with the career of matter in the physical universe. See the pages about the Basic Split, the Human Body, and the Life Form page to read about its role as the intimate partner of the spiritual being in living life.


As we have not seen any illustrations of creation that also included the end of the universe by way of Entropy, and its transition into a new Grand Cycle, here is a very simple diagram of how we imagine the whole story. Of course, about anything outside of Earth or before Earth, we can only speculate, just like the scientists do... Click on any item of interest to jump to the corresponding text.


Creation - the Urge to Act Creation - the Urge to Act Entropy - the Urge to Rest Entropy - the Urge to Rest Expanding Universe Contracting Universe Light - Start of Creation Star Systems Planetary Systems Magma - Molten Rock Solid Rock - the Lithosphere Water - the Hydrosphere Wildlife - the Biosphere Sentient Beings - Civilizations Ice - End of Biosphere Dead Matter - End of Planets and Stars Matter Melting Matter Vaporizing Zero Point "Nozzle"

 The Stages Of A Universe


 Light:  The first physical creation, according to both physics and religion, is light, the finest and energetically strongest form of energy. Physics cherishes the Big Bang theory, while religion sees the Supreme Being bring it forth by will power. Maybe both are the same thing? Our imagination, or is it a perception, tells us that even before the light, in a gigantic storm of joy and enthusiasm, the Great Spirit makes space - which will keep growing for a long time, to hold all the phantastic works of art that Spirit is now going to mould.  

 Stars:  After the first unimaginably hot and dense moment of existence, the universe expands quickly. Clouds of matter start to rotate and contract. After millions of years, the gravity that is forming causes such a high pressure that the matter particles heat up and start a reaction of nuclear fusion. This reaction produces heat, light, and all sorts of other energy rays. It is this energy that feeds all plants, and therefore all animals and human people. Also, in this "furnace" where atoms repeatedly merge and add up to bigger atoms, the heavier elements like carbon, silicon or iron are made that are later used to build rocks and water and all the precious sculptures that we call life. Have a look at our own dear home star here - we have built an observatory watching it 24/7, orbiting Sun exactly where its gravity balances that of Earth: the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory or SOHO.

 Planets:  Not all the matter in a center of gravity contracts into the central sun. Following a mathematical formula, other bodies form farther out. They cool down into planets that from now on rotate around their central sun in predictable orbits. Some of them have their own satellites, called moons. Some develop tiny life forms, like ants, earthworms, and human beings...

 Magma:  Those planets who are lucky enough to have heavier elements in their mix of matter, will now solidify. Others stay gaseous. There might be liquid planets around as well - but there is always a core of heavier materials in the center of any planet.

 Rock:  The Lithosphere. After cooling down long enough, planets like Earth or Mars now have a rocky surface. While they are form a solid crust, their inside still consists of Magma. If they are big enough to have a good gravity, they will keep the gaseous parts of the element mix from taking off into space, and form an atmosphere.

 Water:  The Hydrosphere. If there is both hydrogen and oxygen in their atmosphere, and the planet cools down enough, we'll have liquid water. On Earth, all life has first developed in the "primordial soup" in the oceans. Apparently this happened because electric discharges "ignited" chemical reactions in water with the molecules needed for the building blocks of life - a student of chemistry and his friend demonstrated it in the laboratory in 1953.

 Wildlife:  The Biosphere. Two big steps were necessary to see all the life that we find in the forests, oceans and in the air today: the step from one-celled to multi-celled organisms (thought to be paralleled by the merging of individual spiritual beings into a group consciousness), and the ability to use sunlight as energy source for cell growth (photosynthesis). Only the plants have learned this, but they process enough sunlight that all animals and human beings can live on food made from solar energy. This is one of the big miracles of creation, trivially called the Food Chain.

 Sentient Beings:  Human beings may not be as smart as the term Homo Sapiens ("wise man", ha ha) suggests, but like many other intelligent species in the universe they are "aware to be aware", so that they must be called sentient beings. Whether their wisdom is substantial enough that they can live out the whole lifespan that the unevitable end of the biosphere would allow them, is still an open question. As they are endowed with divine essence, they can be quite good at bringing order to chaos, but many of them do the opposite - bring chaos to order - for instance to the beautiful order of nature. Sentient beings typically form civilizations - ours is one example. Human civilization, as we speak, may be playing an interesting role in the Screenplay of a cosmic lesson?

 Ice:  The end of the Biosphere. That our Earth will freeze over one day is pretty certain. Whether we will still be around to see it happen, is a different question! Hopefully we will have made our way to new planets by then, or maybe we will live in spaceships. Or we went extinct, like the dinosaurs - thrown into the dustbin of evolution as another failed experiment. Or we developed Bodies of Light, as the Bible suggests, and don't need physical bodies anymore? In any event, the frozen Earth will then be swallowed by our exploding Sun when it turns into a Red Giant, millions of years before this sun will finally burn out.

 Dead Matter:  The end of stars and planets. The law of Entropy dictates that all matter moves inevitably toward a state of no motion - that would mean it all goes cold and dark. All planets and suns would turn to ashes, and forever float around at an absolute zero point in a completely dark universe, unless there were something like the Big Crunch that some scientists imagine could happen - the opposite of the Big Bang. They see all the dead matter disappear in a black hole... which could have a white hole on its other side in a neighbouring universe, thereby forming a Schwarzschild Wormhole?

 Matter Melting:  With some intuition, and a bit of empathy with our Divine Parent, we could also imagine that after holding so much space open for such a long time, he really wants to rest now, and not only stops making new fireworks, he also stops holding open the space (just think how much your arms ache after holding them up for only a minute, even without supporting a whole firmament!) As space contracts more and more, countless gigatons of dead matter are compressed so much that they heat up again and start to melt...

 Matter Vaporizing:  With space more and more contracting, matter is no longer just melting, it vaporizes and then moves into even higher states of aggregation. We can now speculate: does it get pumped into a neighbouring universe through a Schwarzschild Wormhole? Or is its rate of vibration cranked all the way up into the range of subtle energy, so that the Supreme Being finally can absorb it again into a zero point, similar to the one from where he first blew out the big soap bubble of a universe? Or after an infinite time of resting, does he get fascinated again by his old toy of highly concentrated matter, which stays boiling hot and fresh like on its first day in its thermos flask of a minimally small space? Does he finally start to play again, and initiate a new Grand Cycle? Oh, what a movie!


 Concepts Used On This Page


 Creation:  One of the two basic urges of the Supreme Being, All-That-Is, or God. The urge to act. Or to bring order into chaos. Or to play! For human beings there is plenty of stuff around that they can use for playing, but God has to create from the void, or there would be nothing, not even empty space. His instincts are quite similar to the creative instincts of an artist. If we feel our way into the energy that motivates the creation of a galaxy, there is an immense ambition to self-express, a sparkling playfulness, a childlike joy to juggle very peculiar details, but also a gentle patience to give it all the time in the world to slowly, slowly unfold. In the beginning of creation, the urge to act is very dominating. Then over a long time it is dancing a ballet with Entropy, the second basic urge. Finally entropy gains momentum and creation ceases.

 Entropy:  The second basic urge of the Supreme Being, All-That-Is, or God. The urge to rest - balancing the outbursts of creation. Physics sees it more pragmatically as the tendency of energy to equalize toward a final state of equilibrium or no-motion. As soon as creation (bringing order into chaos) ceases, order de-evolves back into chaos.

 Expansion:  Physics believes that after a Big Bang, where a universe comes suddenly into existence after there has been none before, this universe's space keeps expanding at a steady rate. They have dug up sophisticated evidence for that, like Doppler Images that show that galaxies all around us keep moving away. Theoretically, if we remember what we have learned at school, the expansion of a space means that the matter contained in it cools down, because its molecules move apart from each other. Now we could not really say that our Sun is overly cool, so obviously the Great Spirit has found a way to maintain centers of heat in this more and more chilly universe: he concentrates so much matter in one spot that it develops an attraction (gravity) that pulls its particles together. So in this area of the universe the particles of matter are tricked into believing that space has actually contracted, and they move very closely together and heat up. After a while they are hot enough to start a nuclear fusion. In this way, the heavy elements are made that are later used to build rocks and water and all the various forms that we call life. 

 Contraction:  Some scientists believe that at the end of the universe, there is a Big Crunch - space starts to contract until it disappears - the opposite of the Big Bang, the explosion of space which starts a universe. We cannot really understand why they believe that all the burned out suns and frozen planets and moons will stay black and dead as they move closer and closer together and finally disappear in a black hole (might well be a Schwarzschild Wormhole). In our understanding, matter that gets compressed more and more would have to heat up again, like described in the Matter Melting paragraph and the next one following, with its molecules breaking up into atoms, and its heavier atoms breaking up into smaller ones, probably going even beyond that to a state where there is only pure energy left. So we would arrive at a pristine state of matter again that is exactly the same as at the start of the universe. Matter would then have gone full circle. It would have turned back from a huge museum full of dusty old paintings and sculptures to a small cabinet full of soft fresh clay, clean canvas and sparkly new colors - just waiting for the artist to come up with new inspirations - ready to go into the next Grand Cycle!

 Zero Point:  This is the point where nothing exists, not even empty space - but all could come about. The true home of the Supreme Being, where he is not split up into many individuals, but one concentrated whole, which is not looking, because there is nothing to look at. If you sense your way into this zero point by moving into the viewpoint of the Supreme Being, the feeling in it is that of a boundless suspense. He is not present and not absent, not eager to act and not longing for rest, not wide and not narrow, not powerful and not weak - he is all of that and none of it at the same time. But he is deeply saturated with the certainty that from this point of ultimate balance, he could lean outward into any direction he wants to explore in the next instant.


This is why we have said that in this eternal moment of no space, no time and no existence, the Supreme Being is fully awake. Only there he is not unaware of something. As soon as he decides to leave that point, he starts to experience states of not being some things by being some other things. Where he is light, he is no longer dark. Where he is mass, he is no longer empty space. Where he is hot, he is no longer cold. He experiences "not resting" by acting, and "not acting" by resting. He experiences "not being weak" by being strong, and "not being strong" by being weak... and so on, countless polarities like that. The only moment where he is truly complete, is when he is nothing at all.


The greatest "not" experience is that of not being Others by being a Self. Here we have an endless reservoir of potential pain that people cause when they hurt each other because they have forgotten that the other person is part of themselves. Also here we have the endless reservoir of joy that people bring to each other in the many possible expressions of love, be it words like letters or poetry, gentle touching, passionate embraces, inventive and playful or spontaneous and wild sex, going to work every day to make money, taking care of a household, raising children, protecting the environment so that there will still be a planet, a stage for all these many movies in the incarnations to come... things so fascinating, so captivating that we forget that ultimately it is always the same thing, always the same thing: God playing hide and seek with himself. 


Lyssa Royal, the famous channel who explains humanity’s galactic history in her book The Prism of Lyra, suggests that we are heading for a major amalgamation of separated threads of consciousness (individual spiritual beings - in other words, you and me and our kids and great grandparents) into group consciousness identities. Probably a Creator who could make a perfectly structured organism like an elephant only a few million years after having one-celled organisms first assemble themselves from primitive molecules in the primordeal soup, can manage that too... better than new life forms that mark their territory with terrible odors... skunks are tame in comparison, they spray only when they are attacked...




 Science And Religion - Two Half Wisdoms


One very peculiar thing jumps into view immediately when we think about our universe and its Creator: both traditional natural science and traditional religion miss half of the picture.


Tradtitional natural science has no concept of creation (newer schools like Quantum Physics are slowly getting there). Traditional religions on the other hand see God as the Creator of everything that exists and lives, but see death and de-evolution (Entropy) as a force opposed to God. Entropy, however, is a central concept of traditional physics, so we see it mirroring religion in the other direction: Science does not know how creation starts, religion does not understand how it ends!


We are hopeful though that science is going to find out sooner rather than later, staying on a level, or better catching up with visionaries, intuitive people and channeling folks - another very encouraging development that has already been mentioned ages ago in the Bible: "God has revealed it to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God." (1 Corinthians 2:10).


The really ultimate Creator would have to include both of these forces, creation and its counterpart, as there can be nothing outside him - there goes the myth of a Devil! Also we have learned nothing about the flip from the end of one universe to the beginning of the next in our school years. Physics has come up with a really charming idea here, the idea of a Schwarzschild Wormhole.



The Schwarzschild wormhole - a pump of energy

between two neighbouring universes.


 The Schwarzschild Wormhole


The Schwarzschild wormhole idea works with the model of several universes, as pictured on our page about the human world. Two of them are connected by a black/white hole - black in the universe from where it pumps the energy out into the other one, where the same point of connection would appear as a white hole, a powerful source of fresh [light] energy (not the same as a star, which forms from clouds of hydrogen and produces light by nuclear fusion).


Now, how many such universes the Supreme Being has in operation at any given moment is of course not visible to a resident of one of these universes. If there are really more than one, the question is whether there is ever a moment where all of them are contracted - or is it a principle of existence that some of them always expand, while others always contract, and the energy is pumped around between them? Then God would never rest, and the Grand Cycle described by the ancient scriptures illustrates only one of these universes, and the agonizing riddle of the perpetuum mobile has been solved.


Our diagram of the physical universe at the top of this page deals only with one universe. The "zero point" through which the energy is injected into the universe at its start, and drawn back out of it at its end, could well be a Schwarzschild wormhole. On the other hand, the Supreme Being - being unhappy with the fact that his canny tricks were found out by us today - could think up a completely new and much less pleasant model tomorrow, like a universe where everybody has to wear high heels, or a universe where every swear word is punished with chewing gum growing in our hair - so we will not insist on this theory too loudly.


 The Consciousness of Matter


Natural science does not consider anorganic compounds to have consciousness, and in the organic world consciousness is seen as a product of brain function. The experiences reported by people who have remained conscious, or regained consciousness after physical death ("Near Death Experiences", NDE's) seem to change this picture...

Actually to play its role in the big movie of creation, matter has to be perceptive in its own very small range, at the zoom level of atoms and molecules. Very spiritually able people can zoom in to that level and "look through the eyes" of an atom or molecule. They can "see", or rather feel, how their inner design urges them to associate with other individuals of the same kind by strong forces of attraction. They can feel the exact right distance these atoms or molecules need and want to have from each other, and the exact right arrangement in space, where they feel comfortable and at peace - the others are not too near and not too far, and everybody is in their perfect position. To the human eye, such a construct looks like a crystal. To an atom or molecule, it is a community - like a village or city. Wouldn't it be great if humans would listen to their feelings so well, and have so perfectly structured communities?



Community (crystal) of SiO2 molecules (quartz) - what an awesome architecture!

As if holding hands, SiO2 individuals (quartz) have found their perfect distance and position in space... if only humans could feel these things with such a natural and comfortable certainty!

Humans have mostly lost their feeling for the perfect comfortable distance between individuals, as it is programmed by nature. They not only do this to chickens - also to themselves and each other... if tiny molecules, who don't have any brain, can feel these things so very well, what keeps humans from listening to such feelings, and even more important, trusting them?


 Consciousness in Chemistry and Biology


Other communities of matter involve "people" (molecules) of different kinds. They are roughly grouped into the anorganic and organic categories. Anorganic would be the various forms of rock that geology covers, the chemicals that are contained in these rocks, then the dissolved chemicals when rock is met by rain, the interaction of chemicals in rivers and lakes, and finally ocean and air chemistry. Organic would be the whole chemistry based on carbon - carbon based molecules both natural and synthetic -, which over many steps leads to the evolution of first one-celled and then multi-celled organisms. More about the human organism on our page about the Human Body.


The exact point where organisms can be called life forms is not really determined. Certainly sentient (intelligent) life forms are not the only life that has some kind of consciousness. Is a cat or a dog animated by spirit? Pet spirits have been seen in the astral planes (the non-physical world where we live between incarnations) by out-of-body explorers.


Why pets, not vultures or earth worms? The theory is around that pets are ensouled by interacting with loving owners. So, are wild aggressive stray dogs ensouled or not? How about cows, do they wait for us in the afterlife to blame us for slaughtering them? Do we really have to do as some Buddhist monks do - sweep the floor in front of our feet, so we don't squish an ant or bug as we walk?


 Ecology And The Food Chain


Debates about this can go on forever. There was a discussion on a mailing list whether the use of deodorants is a murderous crime - after all, we kill so many microbes with it! One thing is certain: without the Food Chain there would be no ecology - the planet would tilt into disaster in a very short time - its ecological balance is very delicately built on plants and animals eating each other - that's right, plants eat animals - they feed on their excrement and also on the chemicals they release when they decompose after dying.


The death of individuals is accepted as a natural part of this pattern. Organisms apparently at the top of the food chain - predators and the human being - are eaten by the smallest organisms - microbes - when they die, so we have a full circle going from the top right to the very bottom. Toppling the food chain by taking the carnivore and omnivore members out of it would destroy the whole balance of ecology.


So, a person who cannot agree with eating (vegetarians have no excuse - plants are "people" too!) better does not incarnate at all. It seems that animals are more at peace with being eaten though than human beings. Maybe they are still in touch with the innate construction plan of creation, while we have stopped listening to it?


In any event, we mainly trust biological organisms to take care of themselves - unless we want them to work for us for the time of an incarnation. But before that can happen, we need to understand ourselves. As spiritual beings, we are on the other side of the basic split into spirit and matter. Continue our theory tour with the Entropy page (how things end in the material world - includes an important chapter about Healthy Old Age), or jump directly to how Spirit splits into individuals. This page also gives you an overview of the main concepts used in Life Lesson Processing (LLP).



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