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Spirit Merges - Morphic Fields - Group Consciousness

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 Moving Into 4th Density - Group Consciousness On The Horizon?

While each spiritual being has his or her own "universe", a non-physical space where they are the sole creator of reality, there is also a "fused" reality that several beings are creating together. Lovers often experience strongly that the two of them live in their "own world", but each family is creating such a world together, each community, each culture - and the more people develop telepathy, the more this turns into some kind of group consciousness.


Lyssa Royal, the famous channel who explains humanity’s galactic history in her book The Prism of Lyra, writes, after explaining how seven different levels of consciousness, also called “densities”, came about by fragmentation: “Consciousness also fragmented, and the fragments moved 'away' from each other as the 'Big Bang' theory symbolically suggests. The illusion thus arose that each fragment was very, very alone. [...] The Whole understood that the purpose of this experience was to learn to reintegrate from a point of separation."


Her work suggests that from the individual "puzzle pieces" (fragments) that we are now, a bigger "self" will assemble itself. Or maybe several of them, who will then integrate with each other in a later stage? This is very much a function of people developing a perception for the right distance for each other and their relative location in space - something that the particles of matter have learned to do a long time ago. The first step would be the development of group consciousness in smaller, then bigger groups, and so on - the step into Fourth Density (superconsciousness; reintegration of group identity without loss of ego identity).



 3rd and 4th Density, Explanation  

In simpler words: 3rd density means thoroughly separated units of consciousness, or solid fragmentation of Spirit:

  • "Me <> You"

  • "Me is not You"

  • "You are somebody else than Me".

Oneness can be experienced only by becoming aware of having the same root in spirit - which happens rarely, in the more enlightened 3rd density people. There is no direct perception of another person as belonging to oneself, or being part of oneself, or being part of the same bigger whole.


4th density means integrated units of consciousness - the solidity of Spirit's fragmentation lessens, or disappears:

  • "Me + You = We"

  • "What mine is, is yours"

  • "Your pain and joy is my pain and joy"

  • "You and Me form a bigger Me"

  • "You + Me = One" (and/or by telepathic overlapping, permeation, merging and sharing of perceptions)

This is the basis of group consciousness - see Heidrun Beer's article From Separation to Co-Creation, which explains it more. It corresponds closely with the second commandment given by Jesus Christ in the New Testament: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:37).





If only we could find the ideal distance and position in relation to each other, we might see

the "Face of God" emerge in all its glorious beauty. (See Josephine Wall's original painting here...)



This could well be the opposite of the initial series of Spirit's splits into individual beings - the beginning of a series of merges that ultimately leads to the harmonious unification of all spirits into All-That-Is, or the reinstatement of the complete and un-fragmented Supreme Being, as envisioned in the description of one Grand Cycle.

 Morphic Fields - Good and Less Good Ones

While the step of evolution into Fourth Density (superconsciousness; reintegration of group identity without loss of ego identity - see above) may or may not be waiting for us in the future, there is another type of group consciousness field at work already, which has a different quality and origin. For our purposes we will call it a Morphic Field, although the term that was originally coined by Rupert Sheldrake may not mean exactly the same thing: he uses it for an energy field that serves as a blueprint of physical growth (also for behaviour) of an organism or even a whole species, while we use it to denote some kind of group mind. The two uses may overlap in a way though.


In our context, a morphic field is the consciousness field of a family, group or culture. It is not entirely composed of its members' individual fibres of consciousness, like a group identity or group consciousness would be. The morphic field has a strong tendency to shape, equalize and control its members. It could be seen as a puppet master who slips into his puppets and operates them from inside their own selves, while a genuine group consciousness is entirely propelled by its individual members. Their main difference is the factor of enforcement which is present in the morphic field, while it is absent in the group consciousness, and which makes the morphic field a spiritual criminal. We need to teach morphic fields how not to enforce!

Morphic fields are at first difficult to discover, because they don't have a location like another person or an entity. But with some practice it soon becomes obvious what is Self and what is Other. Morphic fields are very markedly "Other", but often they have overpowered a "Self", who is then no longer able to distinguish himself from the field and acts as its puppet rather than a self-determined being. The end product of emancipating from morphic fields is a person who is the independent sole source of his feelings and thoughts, and the sovereign owner of his body.


This little chick's father is controlled by a morphic field. On his own he would be quite rational and friendly, but he is overpowered by his less rational and less friendly culture who is acting through him. Ideally the two flows of influence would be balanced - the culture would educate him to some degree, and he would in turn shape his culture to some degree. But for that to work, the morphic field would first have to un-learn enforcement, the ultimate sin against Spirit - denying us the infinity of choices we have inherited from our Divine Parent.




Morphic fields are not identical with geographical areas. Not always at least. A family's morphic field may be rooted in one location in America, but if the grandmother moves to a senior's home and one grandson flies to Australia, the morphic field is still the same, even though its individual members no longer share the same space. They are connected by energetic cords and resonance patterns rather than physical vicinity. So, while a family, the local chess club, a city or a country probably all have a morphic field, it is not a requirement that they share the same location. Other morphic fields are located in many places from the first day on: a religion, an army, mainstream medicine, alternative medicine, figure skaters, rock musicians, mountain climbers, suicide bombers, they all have a morphic field that simply exists where any of the group members live and are active. We can be members of many morphic fields - they do not exclude each other.


Obviously, just like individuals, morphic fields can be sane or less sane, constructive, destructive, of serene perfection or raving madness. It all depends on the people who contribute to them with their personal energy and individual thoughts, that they radiate out into the field, from where they then act upon the other members. The cultural morphic field which perpetuates genital mutilation in Africa is of an overwhelming stupidity and brutality. The morphic field which created a national outcry in America when Janet Jackson exposed a nipple on TV is less brutal, but... well.



Genital Mutilation in Africa


On the other hand, scientific studies have found that sick people for whom many friends and family members are praying will recover better and faster. Here is a morphic field which is doing good things. The morphic field of space scientists with its enormous curiosity and creativity and its big awareness horizon may save us from an asteroid hit in the near or far future... and the list goes on and goes on.


There are two scales in morphic fields: one sanity scale, and one acceptability scale. Ideally there would be only one scale, and only sane things would be acceptable. This morphic field is totally sane: what's sane is acceptable, and what's insane is not acceptable. This morphic field is totally insane: only insane things are acceptable, and anything sane is not acceptale.

A mostly sane morphic field. It has a tendency to become more and more sane. A mostly insane morphic field. It has a tendency to become more and more insane. This morphic field is half sane, half insane. It can go toward sanity or insanity from here on out.



 How To Disconnect - Help Comes From The Computer World

Of course we hope that we can eradicate things like genital mutilation or terrorist attacks sooner or later. Yes, there is hope! We have another parallel with computer programming here - we already encountered one when we looked at the way a spiritual being inherits his qualities from his divine parent. In the world of computer operating systems, there is a thing called a "Dynamic Link Library" (DLL). This is a collection of functions which can be used by several programs at the same time - they share the library and hence save computer memory, because the library has to be loaded only once, but can be executed by many different programs.


A DLL library will remain in the computer's memory as long as it is used. It has an internal counter that registers how many programs use it at the same time. When this counter goes back to zero, the library is unloaded and the computer memory released. Now a morphic fields acts in the same way: the more people participate, the stronger it is (by the way, fighting it makes it stronger too) - and only when the last member has disconnected from it, will it disappear.


This very simple, yet very powerful mechanism tells us how to eradicate destructive morphic fields: we have to get active in disconnecting one member after the other from them, until their internal counter goes all the way down to zero. Then they dissolve and are no longer active. Human slavery in America for instance - this morphic field is no more - at the time of its peak it would have been an unthinkable thought that it could ever come to an end! The Roman Empire's morphic field, the Catholic Inquisition's morphic field - they all have moved to the past when their last members disconnected (died, changed their mind, or in some other way gave up the connection with the cloud of energy that they all collectively projected).

 Morphic Field Evolution


Queen Noor of Jordan

Of course a morphic field can also evolve, and turn from destructive to constructive. There is a beautiful example in the country of Jordan, which turned from stone age Islam into an intelligent modern state. You will have seen the photos of its beautiful Queen Noor: not only does she not wear a veil, she also speaks out as a woman - this country's ideas about what women may do and not do have changed on a morphic field level.


Here we have opinion leaders (kings) who powerfully radiated their own sanity, education and vision into their country's morphic field and completely transformed it - the very opposite of what criminal and corrupt leaders are doing in other countries. Note that there is still an enforcement factor at work - but at least it goes into a positive direction.


Now, while a computer program can disconnect a million users from a DLL within fractions of a second by going through a loop that methodically addresses them one after the other, it needs a little longer when we are dealing with human beings. But time is not the essential factor - the knowhow is!


Life Lesson Processing (LLP) has the exact tools and patterns to completely make visible to a person to which morphic fields he or she is connected where and how. It also makes transparent how sane or insane a morphic field is by comparing the good it does with the bad it does, and calculating a balance. Any member can then make his or her own choice whether to disconnect or to remain connected. As Life Lesson Processing tends to make people more rational and constructive, destructive morphic fields should disappear sooner or later, the more people go through this processing.  

 Natural Limits and Personal Choice

Merging with a physical organism invariably requires a spiritual being to zoom in to the size of that organism. Moving out of the organism while that organism is still alive is happens rarely, although it can be trained (see Out of Body Experience or OBE - and of course the spirit moves out of the organism when that organism dies.) Also the infinite choices he has as an offspring of the Divine Parent will reduce to the natural limits of the Life Form resulting from the association with that particular organism. Sometimes only one choice remains, sometimes there are several.

As a human being, our choices of how to move are reduced to the natural limits of either walking, or running, or crawling. We cannot fly like a bird because we don't have wings; we cannot swim under water because we cannot breathe there. We also have personal choices - most of us probably don't crawl very much, we prefer to walk or to run. So we as human species live in a sub-set of the morphic field of all animals.  

In our procreation, we have only one choice, which is the one pre-determined by our physical evolution. None of us can decide to lay some eggs rather than giving birth to a live child, nor can we grow sprouts or divide like microbes do. Again the human morphic field is a sub-set of the morphic field of all living beings -  microbes, plants and animals combined. The morphic field of live-bearing organisms we share with most mammals, some reptiles and some fish.


Other than in most life forms, our mating has been partially unlinked from procreation. Some people even decide to live totally without offspring - which on a planet as overcrowded as ours should not be a very big problem. Various cultures have developed different family forms and different forms of sexuality. The main division is between sexuality with long-term bonding between partners, and sexuality without bonding - in such cultures, other ways have to be found to ensure the upbringing of children. In the image above we see the personal options of one lady who can share her partner with another woman or even more than one. She needs a stable structure though. This flexibility is her personal feature and does not come from any cultural morphic field. Having that culturally accepted would allow for a much more caring social structure, because single people could join a couple, have their sexual needs fulfilled, and enjoy the emotional warmth of a marriage without having their own partner.


In the image above we have two examples of people who are not the typical cookie-cutter copy of their cultural morphic field - they transcend it to a certain degree. Both live in a culture that approves of either celibacy or a form of marriage, but does not allow any unbound form of sexuality. The Christian couple to the right seasons their sex life with visits to a swinger club. For their Christian morphic field this is a mortal sin, but whom do they harm? They may have more fun together than other couples, who first get bored by their sex life and then give it up altogether. Fortunately the Christian morphic field is growing out of being violent, so they have a chance to implement their own lifestyle, even though the morphic field does not approve. - The Mohammedan man to the left was already married to four women and had children by all of them, when he met his soulmate from an earlier incarnation, the love of his life. He could have divorced one of his wives and married her, but decided to remain a loyal husband and father. Islam being a culture of physical violence and ruthless enforcement of sexual morals regardless of personal choices, this passion turned into a tragedy. 


 Morphic Field Interaction

This is a photo from South America, where the Rio Negro ("black river") flows together with the Amazon. The darker color is not a shadow! Rio Negro's black water is colored by soil components that are not present in the lighter colored water that runs in the Amazon. Another photo of that river union is here.


For quite a while, the two different waters don't mix. Simple, isn't it? Now imagine there were not two waters but 50. And each of them changes in percentage all the time, depending on a multitude of unpredictable factors... this is how the many morphic fields' energies mix in us to which we are connected. And then there are all the components that come originally from ourselves... quite a complicated picture of energy sources continually changing percentages and priorities.

Here is how a morphic field interacts with its individual members. Note that we have not called the green color "sane", and the red color "insane", because it works both ways. Whatever the prevalent orientation is, sane or insane, the interaction pattern will be the same: the morphic field will tend to equalize its individual members and adapt them to its own energy.


In other words: a more insane morphic field can turn sane individuals insane, while a more sane morphic field can turn insane individuals sane. The methods of transport will typically be communication of some sort - talks, letters, TV shows, magazine articles, books, parenting, school education, university training, or in a more telepathic society also direct projection of images, energy and thoughts -, but underlying that is a more fundamental factor: the morphic field's energy composition, which is either headed toward creation (organization, creating order from chaos), or entropy (disorganization - allowing chaos to spread and take over).


This morphic field has many more red members than green ones. So it is a

mainly red morphic field. As a consequence, while the green individuals

radiate green energy, they get constantly hit with mostly red energy from the morphic field. If they adopt or "digest" that (make it their own), they will slowly turn red. This way, an insane morphic field can turn sane people insane, while a sane morphic field can turn insane people sane.



























 Spiritual Criminality: What is Sane? What is Insane?

This is of course a topic for dicsussion, but here is our view on it: sane is all that is oriented toward the ultimate truth - the truth that we are "Children of God", offspring of the Supreme Being. As children or offspring we are made of the same material - "in the image of God" -, and have therefore inherited our Divine Parent's potential to create from the void, and his or her infinity of choices.


Anything and anybody that will empower our birthrights to unlimited creativity and an infinity of choices, in our opinion, is sane. Anything and anybody that will suppress or deny these things to us, in our opinion, is insane.

Of course a spirit with unlimited creativity can use this creativity to create his creativity away. That's included in the contract. At the same time we can always make the choice to have less than an infinity of choices. Now, whether that is a good idea or not, is an open question - however, we can do such things only to ourselves. As soon as we try to enforce them on others, we have crossed the border into the land of spiritual criminality. To enforce our own choices on others means to deny them their divinity - the ultimate sin - actually the only sin!

This is even laid down in Christian scripture: "Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven." Matthew 12:31. Or can there be any other interpretation?


Whole cultures and bodies of law will tumble and fall when that truth is fully implemented. Are we up to it? Up to it yet?


 The All-Important Factor: Self/Other 

Here is the one thing that makes the big difference in morphic field interaction (also in the direct interaction with other people): the all-important act of an individual adopting a thought, image, energy, intention or impulse from another source - making it his or her own. Who and what we are today, is the product of millenia of such exchanges between individuals among them, and between individuals and morphic fields. Each of us has produced some original ideas, each of us has adopted many ideas from others. The act of giving them importance, or adopting, or "digesting" leads to a new person, who is now a composite from own and others' mental material.


Among human beings, this process is called education or learning. It is good as long as the source is good - as long as the educational material comes from a sane morphic field. If there is a little non-optimum in it, that is still not a big problem, because a sane morphic field is headed toward creation, organization and evolution, so it tends to correct any errors.  If, however, we find ourselves in one or several morphic fields of a mainly corrupt and destructive nature - as expected and predicted for the current era of Kali Yuga -, it becomes mandatory that we no longer digest the morphic field's material - we have to refuse to make it our own, and start to transform the morphic field instead, if we don't want to simply leave it alone and move on.


Just how do we recognize which thoughts, images, feelings, intentions and impulses come from a morphic field, and which ones are our own? Life Lesson Processing (LLP) has an exercise called "Viewpoint Processing". After some hours of doing that, our inner eyes are sharpened for the exact precise source of any mental material. We can then freely decide what to adopt from whom and what to reject, and to what degree. We no longer swallow each and every idea without discerning it first, just because it has this invisible sticker attached to it, saying "Swallow me - I come from your Mummy!", or "Swallow me, I come from your President!"


No, dude. I'll first have a good look whether you are rotten, and then I might swallow you. Or not! We have a control built into our mind, which we can use to determine how much importance we want to give to any other source's input, and how much we want to give priority to our own original thoughts, energy, impulses... should they collide. 



 Each of us has such a ruler. So, no matter how much we are

overwhelmed by other people's ideas, it is still our own

doing - after all, whose ruler is it? Who owns it? And who

else than the owner could operate the control?



Here are the main three ways of how an individual can interact with a morphic field, using the ruler mechanism shown above:


This member of a morphic field is giving the field's influence more importance than his own original impulses, feelings and thoughts. The morphic field will transform him sooner or later - which can be good or bad, depending on his own qualities and the qualities of the field. Here is a great chance for the morphic field of processing to do something about human irrational behaviour.

This member of a morphic field is giving his own original impulses, feelings and thoughts more power than the input from the morphic field. He will participate in transforming this morphic field. Depending on whether he is mostly sane or mostly insane, he will have a good or a bad influence (100% are rare, either way). Hitler or Jesus - technically it's the same!

This member of a morphic field gives equal importance to his own ideas and the input from the morphic field. People like that are good scientists or historians. They will record what they see and reflect it back to the the morphic field - this way it gets the chance to use this feedback to see itself in the mirror.

 Personal Reactions

More specifically we experience our interaction with the morphic field as an impact on our personal space. In a morphic field that resonates with us we feel great, literally "big". In a hostile environment the opposite is true - we shrink, we would like to disappear into a mousehole, or at least we feel that our space got "dented". A second, more figurative "dent" is caused to the whole life pattern to which the morphic field is hostile.

The examples below illustrate how different personality types react to a hostile force coming from a morphic field. Their personality profile contains a factor (represented by the blue color) that is not backed up by the morphic field. The morphic field does not resonate with this interest or type of activity (from a scientific viewpoint we could call it one frequency in a spectrum). We are not evaluating the quality of this factor, only the fact that it is not aligned with the morphic field. It could be left-wing opinions in a right-wing morphic field, or right-wing opinions in a left-wing morphic field - totally different things, but the dissoncance or opposition is the same, in both cases we have a contrast between an individual and its immediate cultural environment.

Tolerant morphic fields allow a contrasting activity or interest or idea to co-exist. For instance the morphic field of folk musicians would not fight a jazz pianist growing up in their midst (while they might fail in properly backing him up with the appropriate training). Other morphic fields are less benign. The morphic field shown below is intolerant - it has a pattern of aggressively fighting what it does not approve of. Now there are four main ways of reacting to this opposition:

This strong individual ignores the morphic field aggression in the "blue" life area or interest or activity where the morphic field does not approve, or even fights him. He does what he wants, regardless of any consequences. He can hold his own, navigates his life well, and his personality structure seems intact, although not integrated. However he does not take any responsibility for contributing his share to evolving his culture by working for a greater willingness to co-exist. 100 years later the hostility that is still tolerable today may have become really violent, and he will suffer the consequences of his carelessness in an upcoming incarnation. This rather weak person has caved in to the force coming from the morphic field. The originally "blue" life area has collapsed. As a compensation, other life areas or activities have grown bigger - they are very aligned with the morphic field. We do not see emotional pain - instead there is a black deadness, we could call it apathy or complete overwhelm, in the "dented" area. And big foreign thoughts are overpowering this person which are not her own - she has been brainwashed. A typical example would be women's rights to education and work in Islam countries. These concepts have been completely annihilated in their culture. This individual has enough strength to fight the opposition, but it is an ongoing struggle, and the resulting emotional uproar keeps poisoning much of his life. His space remains "dented". He does not swallow the brainwashing that the weak personality is prone to, but neither is he at peace in the life area that is not accepted by the morphic field, he is affected by its hostility and suffers from it. Sexual suppression typically results in this pattern. Were this individual really the sovereign owner of himself, his body and his thoughts, he could implement his own ideas of how to live life, and could even help evolving his morphic field. This is the strongest of all the people we are comparing here. He has activated the critical life area very much - actually more than he would activate it if it were not met with opposition. He has such a strong focus on it that other life areas suffer. How much of a family life does a Greenpeace activist have? He would enjoy going to the movies or having a holiday like other people, but there he is out on the ocean all the time, saving the whales. These people sacrifice their personal balance for the evolution of their culture. In all the fighting, their emotional pain is not very big because they are successful, so it's just "no pain, no gain".

 Education Versus Brainwashing

Education can essentially happen in two different ways: either a child or student is invited to develop their own intelligence and judgement while learning things, or their own urges to learn are broken and they get trained into drilled monkeys. If we look at the energies involved, the drilling consists of forcing morphic field thoughts and activity patterns into the individual's personal space and possible moulding them very much against their nature, while in the other case the morphic field will open a space for the individual to grow into. It only offers the opportunity, but the individual has to reach for it on their own, and will typically do so in all the areas that they are interested or talented in.

A morphic field can also fail in a more subtle way, not by enforcing things onto a child or student, but by ignoring or neglecting his talents and interests. Now we cannot expect from a small morphic field that it covers all possible areas of interest - the morphic field of figure skaters will hardly be equipped to give a good education to a medical doctor or an astronaut -, but the big morphic field of a country's culture should be equipped and prepared to discern a new member's personality structure and support and empower him in any possible way.

Here are some illustrations about how morphic fields can interact with children. Basically the child comes as a small unit but with a big potential. Now it is the culture's job to open him the spaces to grow into:

This is a negligent morphic field. It ignores the child's talents and interests - not only those which are not present in its own set of features (blue color). Not even where the child resonates with the morphic field, is there a space made for him to grow into (magenta color). Instead, the culture opens him large spaces in areas where he has no interest. There is only one good thing here - the morphic field has so little interest in that child that there is also no suppression or opposition. A strong character could be able to develop on his own, with the support of family members or friends. In this morphic field, some of the child's features also have no counterpart (blue color). He could be born into a football family with an interest in skydiving, or into a farming community with a great political talent. The morpic field here is a good one: not only does it open him a lot of space in the areas where he resonates with the morphic field (yellow, green), and poses only little distraction in areas he is not interested in (red, magenta) - they also give him space to unfold his "blue" activities. He may even enrich his morphic field with his unique personal talents. This morphic field is hostile to the child. Spaces are opened into the wrong directions (red, magenta). For his talents and interests there is no space, even in areas that would resonate with the morphic field (yellow, green). Only one tiny connection is allowed (magenta). The child's most prominent features are massively suppressed with morphic field energy. This could be a family who wants all their children to become medical doctors, or a big cultural field which enforces a religion or a family form that is against the child's nature, forces a female athlete into a housewife's role, or forces a gentle young musician into a military career.

Children are like tree seedlings. They are still undeveloped, but they come with a complete set of personal features. Now it depends on the culture whether they can unfold or not. The culture's gardeners (parents and teachers) do well if they recognize the nature of a young sprout and plant him into a matching environment. Just like a spruce tree will not thrive in a willow's environment and vice versa, it does not work to train a musician into a bookkeeper, an athlete into an artist, or a manager into a housewife. Nor does it work to drill a traveller into a farmer, or a sailor into an air pilot. The same is true for our more private sides. We slowly grow out of the mindset where homosexuality was considered a "sin", but sexual configurations or family forms that combine more than two people ("polygamy") are still illegal in our culture, and people who live their sexuality without any personal bonding ("swingers") still have to hide in most parts of the world.    

Now such things are a personal matter, much like a person's choice of religion. We are used to the idea that we can choose our religion - in an Islam country that idea would get us killed -, while we are not used to the idea that we can choose our family form. We have been brainwashed into thinking that the government or a church should decide this. But as a matter of fact it is not up to any culture to decide these things, nor is it up to the culture to train us into thinking that the morphic field should make such decisions, rather than the people involved. So here we have a clear act of Spiritual Criminality - massive interference with our power of choice -, while in the very same subject our morphic field fails to empower or support us, where it comes to the training of lovemaking skills. Young people are completely left alone in acquiring knowhow in this sensitive area, which can make such a big difference in relationships. Consequently a large number of people have a Delayed Lesson here.

Nutrition and ecology are other areas where our morphic field's education is letting us down. We are very much fighting Subject Illiteracy here. And finally spirituality - we get fed fairy tales rather than a reliable truth about our spiritual nature and how it relates to the existence in the physical world. Here we really have to catch up, if we want our culture to deserve that name. 


 Individuality In The Big Picture

A picture that wants to be perfect must have perfectly and individually defined "dots" or pixels. They need to have enough self-confidence to lively express themselves, and enough humility to allow the same lively self-expression to their near and far neighbour pixels in the same image, whether they are of a similar or a totally different color. So, for the Supreme Being to become visible in all perfection, its "dots" or particles need to learn to proudly define themselves - that would be you and me and all other spiritual beings!


The three images below illustrate the difference between the Face of God, dreaming the dream of manifested existence as imagined at the top of this page, in its ideal perfection - or under the influence of a morphic field that muddies the lively definition and contrast between the individual pixels - or after the morphic field has nearly wiped out the pixels' individuality. In a theoretically possible next step, there wouldn't be a picture left - it would be a mud of uniformity without any structure or function left in it.

These pixels do not fear the contrast with others. Where they feel that they belong together, they team up in groups; but they also enjoy the differences between themselves and their neighbours. They have developed great sensitivity for the way their own freedom interacts with the freedom of others. It is very peculiar that the particles of matter are very successful in this art of aligning with each other, even though they don't use thoughts or a mind at all - they just have total trust in their perceptions of who belongs together and how.



The pixels in this image have enough self-confidence to lively express themselves, and enough humility to allow the same lively self-expression to their neighbour pixels. Combined, they make for an image of perfect beauty. Isn't it fascinating that their ultimate service to a bigger whole consists of totally concentrating on themselves?

These pixels have been contaminated by the equalizing forces of a morphic field that dislikes individuality. Their contrast and self-definition is getting muddy - they are losing themselves. Much of the picture's structure is lost, the playful detail entirely gone. If that morphic field does not stop enforcing equality and learn to encourage individuality, soon there will be no more picture, just a bland soup of always the same.

Nearly no individuality is left in the "dots" or pixels of this image. The next step would be the same total equality that results from the submission of unique spiritual beings to an anti-individualism morphic field. In order to play our role in manifested existence, we need to learn to first proudly define ourselves, then find our unique position in the "big picture".



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