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Basic Split (Spirit/Matter) - and Final Merge 

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 Looking Down On Matter


Many religions and spiritual systems look down on matter as something low and inferior - as if it had not also emerged from the same divine parent who gave birth to all spirits. On the other hand they also feel entrapped by matter - seems that there is no way to reconcile the two of them! The saga of Kain and Abel could be seen in the hostility between these unequal brothers - and matter is the innocent one!


The truth is probably that at the very root of existence, when each individual "dot" or "pixel" of spirit still had an infinity of choices - inherited from their divine parent in a process that has compelling similarity with modern computer programming methods -,  some of them opted for a limited and passive existence as law-obeying servants, and some opted for an unlimited, impulsive, decisive and active existence as law-givers or rulers. A first split of work: "I will do as you say", versus "I will tell you what to do." Doesn't that sound familiar? Have we not heard about something similar in the principle of Yin and Yang?


 The Richness Of Creation


This division of tasks allowed spirit, the active "brother", to become creative as an artist, while matter, the passive "brother", cheerfully played the role of being his canvas, his stage, and his rich palette of colors. Spirit puts out a vision, a 4-dimensional image (3-dimensional image moving through time). That creates a subtle energy field, a kind of fine 4-dimensional outline in space and time; matter is irresistibly attracted to it, since energy fields are its main way of interacting; its particles huddle closely against the outline and "crayon" it in full cinemascope colors, make it happen, make it real - savor this word: they make it materialize - literally.


Without matter's particles giving up their freedom to change their mind and make their own decisions from one moment to the next, blue could decide to be red, cold could decide to be hot, gravity could flip and suddenly start to push things up instead of pulling them down, or it could cease altogether and everything would float around at zero gravity, and so on - nothing would be reliable or predictable, and it would be impossible to create anything that lasts. So some individuals had to promise to become predictable and reliable to a very high degree for the next few billions of years (we still have the occasional break-up of a radioactive element's atom, but that has again become predictable by statistics and therefore part of the system, so we don't have a problem here).


Quite a long term contract! As long as they still knew all about their infinite freedom to make all possible choices, it was a very innocent and joyous game for the passive particles of spirit to give up some of their freedom to perceive on all zoom levels and decide from one moment to the next in the same way that the other brother did - just like kids who blindfold each other for fun! Giving up some freedom is not a great sacrifice if you have plenty of it. They had no reason to expect anything bad from the spirits - after all they were brothers, both children lovingly caressed by the smile of the same parent - not? Everybody still had the whole big picture, and everybody was fully "in the know".


Children having fun playing blindfolding games

Those who passively played colors and clay entrusted themselves to the eager hands of the artists, who would now become the acting players in the game of creation, formulate an intricate set of natural laws, and populate the universe with suns, planets, moons, oceans, forests, animals... all built from the inexhaustible pool of patient passive brothers, who, following the laws of physics and chemistry, enjoyed their own dance of ever evolving beauty... read more about matter's capabilities here


 Present Time: Madness Rules - The Kali Yuga

Fast forward to present time - on a little planet in our corner of the universe: we are looking at a mental hospital really; madness is wrecking our lives. Hate, corruption, violence, war, radioactive pollution, ozone hole, oil spills, destruction of the environment. The former beauty of creation is turned into chaos by spirits who believe they are matter... meat... the previously clear structure and joyous creativity is nowhere to be seen, all that is left is a desperate fight for survival. Here is an explanation for this terrible state of affairs, but does an explanation change anything for the better?

Other spirits - members of religious orders and churches - still have a faint memory of being of a spiritual nature, but they no longer remember how their passive brother blindfolded himself, in his attempt to serve the active brother and be useful in their mutual game of creating existence. They now look down on matter and flood it with negative labels like "low", "inferior", "dirty"... bodies are bad, body communication (sex, even touching) is sinful, money stinks, nature can be treated like garbage, livestock tormented...

Who still remembers the teaching of Jesus Christ, who said that we had to become like children if we wanted to get back to the Kingdom of Heaven? Like children: innocent, trusting, helpful, benign...? He was also the one who said that not what goes into a mouth makes a person dirty (talking about non-cosher food), but what comes out of their mouth (talking about what people said to each other). If we use that same idea in energetic exchanges, not the energy that comes at us harms us, but the energy that we project at others (if it is negative energy).

So, we are looking at spirits who degrade themselves by calling matter degraded... fatal logic if true!  And this same thing is going on in other arenas as well. The more we make less of others, the more we lessen ourselves. The more we attack others, the more we nullify ourselves. Destruction, on the spiritual and energetic level, has an instant boomerang function built into it.


 New Golden Age - The Original Idea  

I have some good news: After the Kali Yuga, the age of corruption and destruction which we are currently living through, the same ancient scriptures that predicted it would come, suggest that a new Golden Age will follow. The Vishnu Purana says: "The minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal." Minds as pellucid as crystal - because they cleared away their ballast of emotional pain, and dutifully completed all of their unfinished life lessons?

If a new golden age is indeed in the making, it should rehabilitate the original idea of creation: spirit and matter are friendly brothers, both "Children of God" - they treasure each other - the spiritual beings (who have forgotten so much and yet believe oh! how superior they are) let go of their arrogance and become humble and loving - physical bodies and nature are treated with care and affection.

Basically all we need to do is a total zoom out action in both space and time. In other words, reinstate our full memory (which may not be possible to do instantly - rather in steps that are small enough to be tolerable - as in Life Lesson Processing). As soon as we remember the original "big picture", and un-shrink (expand) ourselves to embrace it again, any and all negative patterns must disentangle themselves, straighten themselves out, as if by magic. Our world turns from agitated to serene. Oh, what a dream!


 The Final Merge

If the big cycle of manifested existence has any symmetry in it, we should expect something like a reversal of the "Big Bang" at the end of existence. And as it all started with a series of splits, theoretically it should end with a series of merges, as suggested by the famous channel Lyssa Royal. Our website's author Heidrun Beer has expanded on that in her article From Separation to Co-Creation. See also our ideas about how matter is going full circle at this point.

Just how would myriads of individual spiritual beings re-merge into the one big "self" of the supreme being? The way matter is building its structures is an invitation to meditate about that. Its particles, atoms and molecules, follow forces of attraction that cause them to assume their ideal distance and position relative to each other. If we, the particles of spirit, could find the certainty to trust our feelings to a similar degree that the particles of matters trust theirs, we could start to reassemble the "Face of God" - simply by listening to the attraction we feel to others, and making our position and distance in space reflect that attraction.

In other words, a big movement of migration would start. At the end, those people who belong together, would then actually live together - rather than being scattered all over the planet as they are now, living in locations where the physical existence of their parents has placed them.

It's like a big jigsaw puzzle - only that the pieces are not moved by an outside player - they are playing themselves! Then, after an eternal moment of enjoying perfection, all this manifested existence would fold back into nothingness - the end of the current Grand Cycle.



If only we could find the ideal distance and position in relation to each other, we might see

the "Face of God" emerge in all its glorious beauty. (See Josephine Wall's original painting here...)


 The Theory Tour Splits Up Here


As we have just watched the basic split between Spirit and matter, we will follow them separately from here on, until they meet again by merging into a Life Form. On both lines, before they flow back together, we will remind you of having a look at the line you have not followed. 


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