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Spirit Splits - Identities

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 The Identity Concept


Following the tendency to split - one of the two major tendencies of Spirit, Split and Merge -, a spiritual being can form several "inside personalities". We call them "identities". As long as they are getting along well, there is nothing wrong with that - only when they start to have upsets, fight for dominance, or compete for resources like money to spend for their interests, it is time to look at these conflicts in session. The most important resource they compete for is body time. Who gets the body and who has to wait for it, sometimes for weeks, months, or years, is a life and death issue for an identity.

These chapters are excerpts from a technical "How To Process" page: A bit of information about the concept of Identities - typically a split part of the client who is in conflict either with other identities, or with the client as the "boss" who makes the final decisions about what the money is spent for, what the time is spent for, and who (of all the identities) gets the body to act out their ambitions and desires.


We have a lot of contrast and tension between different units of consciousness - called Viewpoints - who are sharing the same space and are "touching" energetically. Identities who have painful emotions or are unhappy in life "contaminate" the space of the body/spirit/identities conglomerate with their non-optimum energies and vibrations. If this is not resolved in session, they will continue to produce low emotions and destructive thoughts - all these things that we don't want to have around, as they are very disruptive to a happy and productive life.


 Types of Combinations


Where we are dealing with Entities, all viewpoints other than the client are of the Other category, while in case of identities, they are of the Self category - another part of "me" - competing and fighting for dominance and resources. We have two different types of combinations, self + entities and main being + identities. A third type is the combination consisting of client's own original substance and the Morphic Field energy that mixes into it.


Also we have the additional factor of the emotional body possibly separating out of the package of subtle bodies as client gains in perceptions, and feeling, wanting, acting on its own. And of course the body/spirit combination. It gets a bit crowded in here, doesn't it - but in case of any confusion, we look for the basic simplicity and just go for all possible situations of tension.


 Dominating, Suppressed and Struggling Identities


On identity conflicts I have currently much reality, as I have been writing the LLP pages for weeks, and my gardener identity is in apathy, sending feelings of weakness and "I am giving up" ideas into an otherwise very active universe. Also my medical doctor identity is in terror about watching the LLP author identity, who is channeling an incredible flow of power from somewhere and really overwhelms anyone else, forcing the body into the chair into the same position from 4:30 in the morning until 21:30 in the evening - with some necessary but very short breaks in between. Fitness is out the bottom. Fortunately weight is not out the roof again - a whole gang of identities who need a healthy body crushed the LLP author's cravings for junk food with grim resoluteness after the first 3 kilos: "Well, you haven't had the body for some years, so here take it for a few weeks and have fun, but don't you dare to fatten it up again!"


ASTRONAUT POSITION: Sit like this if you have a mammoth desk project to manage. Just stretch out the legs a bit more - not a 90 degree angle like here. This gives you a better chance against blood clot formation, which is known to kill people after only one day of sitting in an aeroplane in an upright position. Of course ideally you would do physical work between desk work periods, say every hour or so, but tell that to a maniac like me - not a chance...

So, while the LLP author is spending a whole day of ecstasy on making images like the diagram of Creation (my alltime favourite, where my non-physical friends even helped me with Corel Draw specifics about how to make the colors flow through the background circle) - the medical doctor frantically spews horror images of blood clots and lung embolisms into that bliss (I do have my legs up in an astronaut position, which is probably why I am still alive) - and in the 10 seconds that the LLP author rests between bouts of inspiration, the completely suppressed, or should we say "killed" or at least "dying" gardener injects some strange clouds of grief that don't match the other emotions at all.


Let's not even start to look at the household manager, who is tearing her hair about the complete insanity of doing a major writing project at a time where we should be packing books and clothes into boxes and wash the soot from the furnace room walls, where a fire has gone out of control - if we leave that soot on the walls before we move house, we'll have to pay a huge bill to the landlady. Or the office manager who has 70 centimeters of unopened mail - just two days ago the stack got too high and fell over, now half of it is on the floor, but the LLP author identity makes the body step over it as if it were a different person's mess. "You can go and open these letters when we have finished the image of how Personal Lessons overlap with Standard Lessons, and how some of them culminate in this lifetime and some go on into future lives." Right!


 Priority Conflicts


Oh yes, the mother identity and her flows of panic. She would like to smack herself for not running after hear 17-year old son to wash his dishes. These are probably the last months I have a chance to teach these lads how to behave when living with other people, and they are still not house-trained (being spoiled by 20 years of cleaning ladies), and the LLP author doesn't give her a chance to make use of these last weeks of vital importance. All she can do is to appeal to the lads' intelligence and logical thinking (hah!) and give them some dire predictions of being thrown out by others if they behave like pigs - rather than training them like a mother would do - if she only had a body and were allowed the time to run after the youngsters.


Also we have the finance planning man (woman). She is very upset because she didn't get the body for a whole month to make payments. The money is there, but the LLP author doesn't give her the two or three hours of quality time.  "You can go and make these payments when we have finished the technical page about how to program the LLP case" is followed by "Just let me finish optimizing the keywords for the search machines, and then I only have to fix the ISP server problems with the contact forms and read the three Zeland books about morphic fields, just in case he had some ideas that didn't appear to me yet - then you can make the payments, promise!"


That's how it goes all the time, an impossible situation for every single one of my identities, only the LLP author has the body now and insists on keeping it.


 Dormant Identities


Do I have to write more about identities, or did you get the picture? They fight with each other for their sheer survival, just like people fight with each other for survival. Each wants the whole body, but they get only a share, or sometimes not even that. Frankly I believe this is why the Supreme Being split into individual spiritual beings and let them each have his own body - there are so many things to do, so many avenues to explore! I could be 20 people, and not one of them would be bored.


Oh, just in this very moment my lover's identity raised her head and looked around with great surprise: "Is there a world out there?" She has been deeply asleep. Right. You get it. Next time you can't find a reason for being so sleepy, look for sleeping or dormant identities.


By the way, for years before July 2010 it was the author identity who didn't have a chance to grab the body - completely opposite situation. She still has work to do everywhere on two websites (which is why a new one had to be started - impossible to clean up so much backlog), and several unwritten books. I could fill 10 sessions with the negative emotions she kept flowing into our life. Some articles and newsgroup posts were all she was allowed to do. A miserable existence, really, but do you know how happy the gardener was doing topless gardening in the bright sunshine?



 Group Consciousness Identities


We have been looking at split viewpoints up to this point, but there are also viewpoints that form by merging - Splitting and Merging being the two main principles that are active in all of existence, along with Acting and Resting.


The Morphic Field is NOT a viewpoint, it is an energy field. But viewpoints can form where people merge into the "bigger me" of a group identity. This concept is not as novel as we would think - in nature it has already happened millions of years ago, when single-celled organisms joined each other to form the multi-celled organisms that we know today as plants, animals and the human body. On the spiritual side of the Basic Split, it is supposed to happen as we move into 4th Density and then into the higher density levels - see Lyssa Royal's book The Prism of Lyra if you are interested, or see the article I wrote about these things for the IVy mag: From Separation to Co-Creation. These books and articles talk in more words about the integration of individual spirits into a bigger unit of consciousness of the "we" type, as described in a nutshell as the Face of God.


I had the joy to run a session where we looked at things from such a group consciousness viewpoint. Entirely fascinating! My extremely experienced practitioner was able to adapt to the cutting edge concept of a family group as a viewpoint to be used in processing on the fly, but the idea really should be included in training, as it is quite a quantum leap in practitioner thinking.



 Identity Hierarchy


In a Life Form, two energies are merging, and each comes with its own set of priorities. It is kind of ironic that each also believes it has the greater importance - if we think back to the Basic Split between spirit and matter for a moment, that's where we find our explanation.


Ideally, there would be a balance and an ongoing dialogue, as suggested by the idea of the Caring Commander. In practice, the physical body is often screaming louder and has the last word. If you have any doubt about that, just try to stop breathing for a few minutes, and we'll talk again after you have seen the outcome of this experiment! But sometimes it is also utterly suppressed by a tyrant spiritual being.


At the root of any identity composite, in a life form (spirit plus body), are always the basic survival IDs. These are the identites that are needed to run a single body and keep it alive: they manage food production (or income), sex and health, and even more basic, they conquer and maintain a territory (our very own bubble of the physical universe). Building on this foundation, we have the identities or roles that are needed in order to function in a human family and in society: lover, parent, child, office manager, financial manager, household manager, the overall human being. Survival IDs and human IDs tie in with the Standard Lessons on the Human Timeline.


When all these "people" use up less than 100% of the time that the body is awake, personal interests can unfold - we can play chess or tennis, or build a 3D jigsaw puzzle of the Taj Mahal. But the personal identities also play back into the very foundation of survival IDs: if we have done well in our early years, we could turn our personal interest into the profession that provides our income, and we don't have to slave away in a boring job and have only a few hours weekly left for the things that we are really into. Identities of the personal category tie in with Personal Lessons - they are probably the very "actors" that the main being spawns in order to gather experiences in these themes of personal interest.


The spiritual identities are the ones who literally animate the whole composite, they are the ones who decide where to go and what to do. However, in case of an emergency they are the first ones to shut down: When we lose our job, we first stop meditating; then we stop pursuing hobbies like bike tours or going to the movies; then we may have no more time to play basketball with our children or cook dinner for them; and if everything fails and no new job can be found, we may end up digging up a meadow and planting potatoes. Short of a meadow, we'll become beggars, and what will we ask for? Food, of course, and a place to sleep - it will be a long time before we will think of reading a book or running a session.




 Multiple Personalities


A person who has many identities, all of whom are well integrated and in good shape, would simply be a person with many different character traits - maybe even especially gifted, or multi-talented. On the other hand, what psychiatry calls a Multiple Personality may just be a person with many identities who are completely separated from each other, to a point so extreme that each has their own voice, behaviour patterns, history and especially memories - one personality does not remember what the others have done. This condition has even been renamed to "Dissociative identity disorder" now.


If all identities share the same consciousness and memories, in other words they are not completely separated, the situation is less extreme. Conflicts between these identities can mean that there is a lot of tension in a person, but theoretically it also could mean an urge of Spirit to split some more, as each of these identities basically wants their own body and life. From the outside this situation may look less severe than the complete split of the multiple personality, but we have doubts about that. If the split is complete, one identity can keep all the negative energy it is storing away from the others - which is how psychiatry traditionally explains multiple personalities - they always see a massive trauma at its root, like being nearly killed, or most often being raped as a child, and one in the group of identities holds all that negative energy contained, which allows the others to live in peace.


Where the identities are just interested in different things and quarrel about the use of money, time and the body, one way to peacefully solve this dilemma would be to form a group consisting of matching people who have only one main focus of interest. The physical work that the various identities would have to do, can then be given to the group members who are interested in doing these things. If the group has a valuable product and can support itself, that would be a way of allowing all these identies to thrive. Our lady described above might be running a farm with a training and processing center attached to it, she would have an organizational board manned with 10 or 15 people who do all the work and report to her as their general manager, and in her free time she would write her beloved screenplays. She would be the creative force in all departments and just delegate the physical actions, and all her identities would be living their dream. What an idyll!



 Survival Situation


The overall damage we are looking at is caused by a massive survival threat - this goes to the very root of the identity composite, all the way down to the Territory Manager, who is the most basic of all, paving the way for the food producer (farmer, hunter, or in a more advanced civilization any other kind of income provider). Our lady here sees not only her own territory in acute danger, but the whole planet, the mother of all territories. Not only may there be no future for her 4 children and the generations to come - she herself also may have no more place to go for her next lifetime.


This is a lady who thinks big. While other people quarrel with neighbours about their garden fence, this lady sees the whole planet go down in an economical collapse or nuclear disaster. It is a bigger picture, both in space and in time - she looks generations into the future -, but she is still faced with a territorial survival threat of massive proportions, which explains her ongoing struggle and extreme tension.


The main being has identified human corruption and perversion as the strongest factor that can destroy the planet as a playing field for all future incarnations. She is perceiving DEFCON 1 for the planet, and has gone into a hyper effort to prevent its destruction from happening. All human identities that are normally well developed - mother, lover -, but also most of her personal identities are suffering from lack of body time, because she is working in overdrive to keep the territory in existence, radioactive dust not being the very best soil to grow food in, nor to build houses on.


As she has identified human consciousness and the human mind as the central factors in the destruction of her planet, she has made consciousness work her main activity - processing practitioner and writer of (hopefully educational) screenplays. Any ID that is useful in this battle is considered valuable. Any ID who wants to just play and have fun ist considered useless. No wonder that they are sulking!


Always work, never play - who wants such a life? And yet there are situations where playing is not an option. Running for a bomb shelter would be such a time. Keeping the bombs from falling might be an earlier time where playing has a low priority - that would prevent much more damage than just running for cover. Keeping the bombs from being built in the first place would prevent even more damage, and would have to happen even earlier. Keeping the bombs from being wanted would be the ultimate solution! Ah - then let's work with people's mind, so that they get rid of their fears and no longer want bombs! This is the logic that propels this lady's activities all day long. A quick run for a bomb shelter (and subsequent not-so-quick rebuild of the house if it was hit) has been replaced by a life long effort to work with people's minds and process them out of their feeling endangered.



 Obsessed With A Game


All-time classic of a german kid freaking out because his computer won't play the game he wants

We could call that a really thorough approach, and actually it is the lady's Software Developer ID who has the logic and patience to implement such very work intense long-term solutions, but somehow we are also reminded of the obsession that some children have with video or computer games. They shrink into their role in the game as if they were hypnotized. The world around them disappears. They are totally serious about this, they scream and beat each other over their conflicts inside the game.


Watch this all-time classic of a german kid freaking out because his computer won't play the game he wants. It has been viewed on YouTube over a million times in several versions - here it comes with an english translation of the german audio. An eye-opener if there ever was one.


We really wish he could lean back for a moment, look out of the window and notice that the sun is shining. Or even switch off the computer! This is pretty much how seriously most human beings play their lives as a human. As spiritual beings, they are totally zoomed in to the size of this game, and perceive nothing outside of its boundaries.


Life Lesson Processing allows them to zoom out again and see the big picture. Also it takes care of any identity who has a grudge or complaint, or has collapsed to a picture of misery, or who is quietly crying in the background. They are carefully aligned with each other and integrated into the main being's life plan and screenplays. If you have any questions about that, just give us a call at +43-7956-69441 or send us an e-mail to info@life-lessons.eu, and we talk it over!



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