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The "Life Lesson Processing" Tree

Life Lesson Processing Theory Tour

A Note on Mainstream Therapy

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Mainstream Therapy  --  Life Lesson Processing (LLP)


 Mainstream Therapy

Mainstream therapy will typically not follow the red thread of emotional pain back into previous lifetimes - an idea that a practitioner can only use if he perceives you as a spiritual being rather than a chunk of meat -, and will therefore fail to uncover quite a percentage of your key experiences.

Pastlife Regression Therapist And Bestseller Author Brian WeissThere is a promising development though in the work of Brian Weiss, who has converted from a very conventional head of a psychiatric hospital to a deeply spiritual pastlife regression therapist. His story is compelling! His ideas are highly popular, his workshops sold out, and he writes one bestseller after the other. Find his books here if you want to see what he does.

And he is not the only one! In fact there are two new terms, Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Psychiatry, to denote these cutting edge new approaches to the human psyche. Some famous of the other authors who have written about past lives/reincarnation are NDE (near death experience) pioneer Raymond Moody, Thorwald Dethlefsen, and last but not least Ian Stevenson, who has left a huge legacy of mindboggling reincarnation documentation that spans the whole world. We find the reports of active practitioners like Brian Weiss or Thorwald Dethlefsen more relevant, because they demonstrate that average people like you and me can have great benefits from tracing their key issues back to past lives, but anybody who has the time and money to study Ian Stevenson's huge and expensive volumes will be entirely fascinated. There are also some thinner volumes with sample stories around.

 Life Lesson Processing (LLP)

Life Lesson Processing is more a concept than a specific approach. Any method that completely uncovers past key experiences, extracts the unfinished life lessons from them, and helps the client finish these lessons and implement them in his present time life, should serve the same purpose. Basically LLP belongs into the category of Spiritual Psychology. Looking at the development of recent years, we are positive that it will find its way into university training in the very near future, whether the name will be adopted in psychology terminology or not.

Until then, it will probably be only the more pioneer minded people who want to do this processing. While it requires  sophisticated practitioner training, overall it is based on a very simple idea. Its concept resembles the layout of a tree: from the suffering branch of your life we feel our way back to its root in your past - and by tending to the root, the branch recovers.

The "Life Lesson Processing" Tree


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