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One Grand Cycle

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One Breath Of God   --   The Principles of Split and Merge  --  Multiple Universes? 


 One Breath Of God


One breath or heartbeat of the Supreme Being (or All-That-Is or God), if we look at it in the super fast-forward mode that lets us see a whole movie in a few seconds, is like a soap bubble that is blown out of the center and then drawn in again. It starts with a Big Bang and finally ends in the reverse of that, a process that science calls the Big Crunch. Between these two points, billions of years are passing.



See how we imagine the unfolding stages of creation, while God's Urge to Act is still prevalent, in an expanding universe, and how we believe that matter returns to its pristine original condition at the end of creation, when God's Urge to Rest overpowers the urge to act, he gets tired of holding all that space expanded, and the universe contracts until it finally folds back into nothingness - our ideas are a bit different from what science believes.


While the bubble of existence is folded out, a whole universe with galaxies, solar systems and planets is born and dies. Some of these planets have life forms - like Earth. But before it comes to life forms, a lot has to happen. 


 The Principles of Split and Merge


The saying "As above, so below" comes to mind. We see the same two principles at work from the smallest to the largest scale: the split, and the merge. A whole symphony of splits and merges is going on all the time in the world of existence.  Whether these splits and merges are well managed (as in most of nature) or badly managed (as in much that humanity does) - one fact remains, which is that we find these two principles at work everywhere.


Split and Merge: Blood Vessels

Split: Tree Branches

Merge: Cancerous Melanoma

Merge: Human City in the Desert


The split principle goes into the direction of more detail, variety and differentiation;  the merge principle goes into the direction of accumulation, organization, evolution. In these two principles we recognize the two forces that also motivate the two basic directions of spirit: the urge to move apart - to experience the principle of Self in contrast to not-self (Others) - in other words, individuality and independence; and the urge to come close and to join - to experience the principles of closeness, resonance, co-creation, unity, one-ness.


These are the same two principles that motivate the original individuation of a spiritual being from his divine parent, the enormous curiosity and initiative that leads to his emergence from the non-manifested infinite potential of the Supreme Being (or All-That-Is) at the beginning of his timeline, in contrast with his final act of uniting with his divine parent at the end of this timeline, where he is overly satisfied with experiences and feels an irresistible longing to rest and to "go home" - much like the pull of gravity in the physical world.


Individuation in this context would go through several stages, a series of splits, while the re-uniting at the end of a grand cycle wold go through a series of merges. While splitting away from the divine parent, the sprouts "inherit" the parent's divine qualities in a process that has compelling similarity with modern computer programming methods. It is from here that we derive our divine qualities of creating from the void, and having an infinity of choices.


The splitting activities of Spirit do not end with one spiritual being, who may or may not animate a Physical Body, resulting in a Life Form. The individul spiritual being can continue to split up: he can develop conflicting personalities inside himself - we call them Identities -, and splitting off Entities is another result of this split process, which is not bound to a human incarnation - it can happen at any time inside a human life.


Merging on the other hand does also not happen only at the end of a spiritual being's timeline. We all know the human forms of associating into families and communities - from a spiritual viewpoint, these are attempts at merging, even though they do not happen very completely, because as human beings we are solidly separated from each other (individuated). Then we have the energetic merge activities that lead to the formation of a Morphic Field, and finally there is the concept of a group consciousness. The formation of a Group Consciousness unit is a first step into the direction of the final merge back to one-ness, but a group consciousness unit can enjoy existence in this form for quite a long time - it does not have to continue to merge very quickly. 


 Multiple Universes?


The model of existence that we are presenting on our website goes along with this model of one bubble of existence as it is mentioned in ancient scriptures. More recently there is, however, the idea around that there are more bubbles than one at the same time - see illustration on our page about the Human World, and short presentation of the Schwarzschild Wormhole idea on our page about the Creation of Matter.


We are not decided on the question whether or not there are multiple universes. For our purposes, we are planning to stay inside our own - we'll leave the wormhole adventures to our children and grandchildren, once we have made sure by straightening out the world's responsibilty levels, doing our sessions, coaching and training, that they still have a planet on which they can build their spaceships...



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