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The Big Picture: All-That-Is

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The Heartbeat Of God  --  Manifested Existence  --  Churches And Priests

 The Heartbeat Of God

Ancient scriptures talk of a pattern that could be called the "Heartbeat of God" - a rhythm encompassing eons, like an immense system of ebb and flow. It goes from non-existence to existence, back to non-existence, to existence again, covering billions of years in each cycle, like breathing in and out, or rather like waking and sleeping. In God's eons long sleep, all that exists would be the dream.

The dream then unfolds like an enormous hologram, projected by countless pixels or dots, each of them one unit of divine life force. It expands and grows over countless years, suns and whole galaxies are born and die, on some of their planets life forms blossom and disappear, until at the end the dream folds itself back into nothingness when God awakes again. One such dream is a Grand Cycle.

While God is awake, nothing exists, but everything could become - this is an immense pool of possibilities, an enormous field of unlimited potential. As soon as the first thing springs into existence (manifests), the potential could be thought to reduce, because so many other possibilities are no longer possible. If we were talking about the physical universe, we would assume that the bigger the manifestation becomes, the more the potential reduces, but what happens if you take something out of an infinite potential? Is there not still an infinity left? To contemplate this in all its enormity is a powerful meditation.

 Manifested Existence

While the dream is going on, we have the two unequal brothers spirit and matter. Together they make for the richness of creation - in a first split of work between "I do what you say" (matter) and "I tell you what to do" (spirit). Spirit also brings forth individual spiritual beings. If they take on a physical body, we speak of an incarnation ("taking on flesh"), or a life form. The human being is a spirit "in the flesh", an incarnated spiritual being.

Much has been said about the human soul and its relationship to God or the Supreme Being. Some religions see God "up there" and ourselves "down here". They assume that we need a person "in the know" (a priest) to connect us with God. But probably a spiritual being is nothing else than an extension of the Supreme Being. Is it that what Jesus Christ means when he says that we are "Children of God" - sprouts, like the little cactus that grows out of the big one? Then God would not be "up there", he would be "in here", at the point from where we emerge: right where we feel our "root", at the very spot where "me" becomes bigger than "my own self", we could hear God talking to us.



"Children of God": spiritual beings, the offspring of the Divine Parent,

made of the same substance, inheriting all his properties, like creating

from the void, and an infinity of choices. To deny another spirit

these inherited powers would be the ultimate "Sin against God" -

we call it Spiritual Criminality.

 Churches And Priests

If we learn to listen to the voice of God inside ourselves, instead of far outside and only through the mediation of a priest, we need no more priests and no more churches. That would probably be bad for their purses and treasure chests, but actually it is predicted in the Bible that this is going to happen. In Jeremiah 31:33, God does away with scriptures, mediators, shrines and houses of worship, saying (through the prophet): "I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people." Seems that for a while in his big dream, God is sleeping so deeply that he has even forgotten who he is, but the time always comes where he awakes again...

A spiritual being is divine, but of a lesser potential than his Divine Parent, the All-That-Is or Supreme Being. While he inherits his parent's divine qualities in a process that has compelling similarity with modern computer programming methods, he is reduced by being located in space and time. He is no longer everyhwere and always, but somewhere and in a moment of "now". Instead of an unlimited field of potential, he is a limited point of view. We could say that each spirit is one "Eye of God" - all spirits together are the eyes through which God views existence. There is an interesting question to ask: "How big is your here, how big is your now?" Theoretically if a spirit could totally expand his viewpoint until there is nothing left outside, both in space and in time, he would assume the viewpoint of God.

An individual spirit's timeline would then be one of God's countless simultaneous journeys through space and time, from the emergence from All-That-Is to the final moment of re-uniting. On the way out, spirit goes through a series of splits. On the way back, spirit goes through a series of merges. And then we are ready to start all over again...

The Eye of God

  This nebula resembling a human eye is an illusion -

  it does not look - it is being looked at. The real "Eyes

  of God" are we - myriads of spiritual beings - "eyes"

  or points of viewing that the Supreme Being uses to

  see, hear, smell, taste and in any other way savor

  manifested existence - ultimately to "feel himself".



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