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The Human Bodies

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 Body Biology: Some Medicine Links

Our body is the biological organism that serves us as a physical vehicle while we interact with the material universe as a life form - a spiritual being incarnating, which literally means "taking on flesh". We could call it a machine, only that it is not made from metal like cars and aeroeplanes, but from carbon based organic molecules. The body is the vehicle, the spiritual being is the driver - so far so good. The body has also another role, which is to point at difficulties in life lessons that have somehow escaped our attention. The body acts as the last and loudest in a series of alarm signals. More about that later.

Now, like any other machine this vehicle needs professional maintenance. The science developed to do that is medicine. Or we would hope so, because it is still not fully developed. Traditional medicine believes that it understands the human body, but really what it has done is mostly to document it. Documenting is not the same thing as understanding though! We have learned much about the body's material aspects, but about its energetic aspects and about the way it interacts with the spiritual being we know very little - mostly because there is no such thing as a spiritual being in the cosmology of medicine.

Health author and coach Matt Traverso

We are not going to discuss anything medical on this page, but the human body from a spiritual angle, its energetic aspects, and the way diseases first become visible in our spiritual and mental world - long before they manifest physically. If you need medical information, here is the website of a brilliant doctor who knows both school medicine and alternative medicine (recently renamed to "complementary medicine"): www.mercola.com. He has articles about every health problem you can think of. Another area where he excels is nutrition. Mercola sees through the wild mix of information and disinformation in the medical arena that is currently on the internet. He is also aware of what has been called the "medical mafia" - an industry that lives from keeping people sick rather than making or keeping them healthy. So he would be an expert to consult. Or have a look at the e-books of brilliant health author Matt Traverso - real treasures.

Here is another page, compiled by our website's author Heidrun Beer for a magazine: http://www.ivymag.org/HealthLinks.html. It has important links to websites about cancer and other diseases (diabetes, dementia) that traditional medicine cannot handle yet, and some of her book reviews on body health. More of her health book reviews here: http://www.sgmt.at/BookReviews/BodyBooks.htm. We also encourage you to have yourself coached in the role of a Caring Commander by a Life Lesson Processing practitioner - we neither want to be the body's slave nor its tyrant - this coaching assists you in developing good leadership toward your body. See also our chapters on the body's life cycle and a  Healthy Old Age on the Entropy page.

The Human Body - Information Still Coming

What is encouraging is the fact that the human body's documentation by science has continously expanded. Beginning with the unaided eye, we went to magnifying glasses, then microscopes, then electron microscopes; we went from plain light to x-rays, ultrasound and magnetic resonance images; from doctors who tasted urine samples with their tongues to laboratory analysis, gas chromatography and DNA tests.

Is there a chance that this expansion goes even further - into the range of what is sometimes called the subtle energies? Each time we expanded our collection of instruments, we found more things to see. What else is waiting there? Will any of these new angles show us the really true truth? Or is there some truth in all of the angles?


 Matter Is Not Solid At All

In a nutshell: the solidity of matter is an illusion. If we look into any piece of matter with a high factor of magnification, we find that it consists mostly of space, with only a few particles in it - much like in a galaxy, where the stars are separated by light years of more or less empty space. And even the few particles of matter are not really particles if we take a close look: they are just energy clouds swirling in patterns that on the one hand are predictable, but on the other hand are also random.

If matter developed any more curiosity and self-confidence in following random impulses, it would fly around our ears. Any moment the chair on which we are sitting could suddenly decide that it would now like to turn into a flower pot, a racing bike, or a cloud of pink smoke. So it is good that it is still content with the relatively passive role it has taken on in the spirit/matter relationship - otherwise we could quickly run out of bricks to build houses, paper nappies for our infants, Formula 1 cars to entertain husbands, or the computers that are the backbone of the internet.

Modern science has a lot more work to do to ultimately decipher matter. With Quantum Physics, it is currently nearly going spiritual. Miracles find scientific explanations, and people can get trained to do them - see the mindboggling things that Richard Bartlett does in his Matrix Energetics seminars!


Anybody getting hit over the head with this chunk of coal would not believe that there is so much empty space in it - its solidity is a total illusion!

Entry of the carbon atom. This mini solar system is the basic building block for all organic molecules, including the ones in our body. It is also the main component of the coal that we burn in the furnace.

In models, the carbon atom is represented by black spheres. Oxygen is red, hydrogen white. These little ethyl alcohol doggies will give you a hangover if you swallow enough of them!

A photo of a PTCDA molecule - a high tech pigment. We can clearly see that it is not solid - it consists of foggy clouds of energy.

 Our Body - An Energy Cloud

Our body is an energy cloud! Complicated and full of little tricks here and there, but still an energy cloud! It only looks like a naked monkey. The animal on the photo to the left is not a horse either. It only resembles one because we look from a great distance and at the right angle (point of view). If we approached this dark nebula in a spaceship, it would look less and less solid the closer we come. Finally we could fly through it and would not notice any solidity anymore (or so we hope).

Same for our bodies. We could fly through them if we were small enough - like, say, a neutrino (a minute energy particle). We really have to say good bye to the idea that bodies are solid. Only if the curious eye who is looking is tuned to light of a certain wavelength, a human body appears to be more solid than any other energy cloud. To X-rays again it is only partially solid, and other rays of energy find it completely transparent - they go right through.


 Wavelengths Of Light And Magnification Factors


Human skin from the usual angle,

in plain light and without magnification.

Magnified: Cross section of human skin.

Strongly magnified: A tiny ghost may see

skin like this...

No skin visible. Is there really

such a thing as a skin? Prove it!

An alien with X-ray eyes would see only our skeleton. What about our muscles? What about our blood? Are they not real, just because he does not see them with his special set of eyes? A super model might be quite upset if that space visitor did not pay any attention to her perfect bust or her impressive eyelashes. And what's more serious, they could really hurt us by innocently reaching through the cavities they perceive below our ribs. "Didn't see your liver and kidneys, sorry I killed you." Ooops!

Obviously there are things that do exist even if we don't see them. Obviously we have not gone all the way in expanding our instruments to examine the human body. Let's stop to be childish - the forest does not disappear just because it is night. We only don't see the trees because the sun is down for a few hours. In other words: There are things that are waiting for us to see them - we just need to switch on the right light.  

In this context it may be interesting to know that there are people who can see ghosts - spirits who don't currently have a physical body. They see them kind of foggy, but they do see them. On the other hand there are reports from people who have left their body and went to the so-called Astral Planes - the same area where we live between our incarnations, the "afterlife". And suddenly the people there, who don't have a physical body anymore, became totally solid to them, they could see and even touch them - while the Earth plane with its scenery and buildings and people, which was still close enough to be in plain view, became more and more foggy and transparent and unreal. Hold on for a moment, we'll get back to that.

 States of Aggregation

These are the states of aggregation of physical matter - solid, liquid, gaseous. A fourth is also known - it is called plasma, where the atoms themselves no longer hold together.


Particles in solid matter live in firm structures.

They sit in their cities and never leave town.

Particles in liquid matter travel a lot,

but they still stay on the ground.

Particles in gaseous matter travel even

more - and they are no longer earthbound.


What if the states of aggregation simply go on, to always thinner and finer forms?

What if the bones in our body are not the only structure that is surrounded by something less dense? If there is a softer layer of energy around the innermost, hardest layer that we call bones, maybe there is yet another layer of energy around the outer, half-solid layers that we call flesh and skin, even softer than skin, very much softer, finer, thinner?

What does the photo to the right show? A lense reflex on a camera? Photoshop work? No - it's a so-called Kirlian photography, made with a special camera and special light. It shows more of the human body than we see with our eyeballs. It shows the finer layers, the layers consisting of energy less dense than that of the visible body - but energy nonetheless - just in a different state of aggregation than the energy that makes up the molecules of our flesh and our bones.

Kirlian photography of the human

aura (subtle bodies)

 The Tuner Concept

The information gathered so far strongly suggests that in order to see the various aspects of the body, we need to think like a radio tuner. We need to tune to X-ray frequency if we want to see bones, we need to tune to ultrasound frequency if we want to see structures like the pancreas or the kidneys inside the belly, and if we want to see the structures outside the skin, we need to tune into their respective more "subtle" (faster, more high-pitched) frequencies, like the ones used in Kirlian photography.


Seeing the various layers of reality requires tuning in to their native frequency levels.

Actually we get the very same information from just about anybody who has explored the "other side" during a Near Death Experience (NDE) or an Out of Body Experience (OBE). Many people who visited there and then returned to the physical plane have asked the residents there or some tourist guide for an explanation of how we could see the people who live on these different layers of existence, and the answer was invariably that we can see them as soon as we tune in to their native frequencies. Further informatino: the physical body tunes us down so much that we cannot tune in to the non-physical planes - this is why they become visible much better when we go out of body.

Sometimes we are lucky and even catch them on camera!  Read the following story, taken from http://paranormal.about.com/library/blclassic_railroad_crossing.htm

The Railroad Crossing Ghost

A strange legend surrounds a railroad crossing just south of San Antonio, Texas. The intersection of roadway and railroad track, so the story goes, was the site of a tragic accident in which several school-aged children were killed - but their ghosts linger at the spot and will push idled cars across the tracks, even though the path is uphill.

The story may be just the stuff of urban legend, but the accounts were intriguing enough that I wrote an article about the phenomenon, "The Haunted Railroad Crossing." The article included a photograph submitted by Andy and Debi Chesney. Their daughter and some of her friends had recently been to the crossing to test the legend, and she took some photographs. Inexplicably, a strange, transparent figure turned up in one of the photos. "They had no idea that it was in the picture until the next day when I printed out the picture and showed them," said the Chesneys. "It was really freaky. It appears to be a little girl carrying a teddy bear."


Aura photography ís a new diagnostic system, where areas of trouble can be seen long before they manifest in the physical body. Google Translator will help you to translate the explanations of the numbers shown on the german page at http://www.aurafotografie-greiner.de/was_erkennt_man.html

 Ancient Knowledge - The Subtle Bodies

The knowledge about these so-called subtle bodies - in their entirety they are called the human aura - is not new. Quite to the contrary, it is so old that we have buried it as a myth together with legends of flying Gods, ancient sites of nuclear explosions, and other things that we could never verify. But now we can verify them - if we look at the Kirlian aura photo here, they are in plain view!Bio-Energy Healing Pioneer Barbara Ann Brennan

Today the knowledge of the subtle bodies is moving to the mainstream. Barbara Ann Brennan, the legendary bio-energy healing pioneer, has written two fascinating books about them - they are part of every Life Lesson Processing practitioner's education. In a generation or so, students of medicine may be required to study them during their university training. Oh by the way, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing is already licenced as a college in the US of A! These things are no longer an esoteric foolishness - they have become cutting edge science.

Now, why don't we all become Brennan practitioners and learn how to lay on hands, heal the aura and repair broken chakras, if this is such a revolutionary way of healing? Wonderful question. Why don't we all wait until we have a heart attack before we do something about our health?

There is a thing called prevention. As a general rule, it is much less expensive, also much less painful, to take care of things before they have become so serious that we need an emergency car, a heart surgeon, or a Brennan practitioner. Typically the alarm signals become very audible much earlier - if only we listen to them.

 Alarm Signals

Difficulties in our life lessons often show as a damage in the system of bodies - or in the one body, if we want to see its different parts as one layered structure. Such a damage behaves like the signal of one of these modern phones. They first start to ring with a moderate loudness. If nobody takes the call, the signal gets louder. Then louder. Then louder and again louder - until the secretary finally hears it in the break room and rushes back to the reception desk to pick up the call.

Any damage starts in the most outer layer, in our connection with the Divine. From there it proceeds into our conscious thoughts, which are supposed to be located in the mental body. Then into our feelings, located in the emotional or astral body. Then into our impulses to move and to act, located in the etheric body. If at this point we still have not realized that there is a problem, the physical body starts to reflect it, first with pain, then with functional medical problems, finally with a massive physical incident.

This by the way parallels exactly the way we go into action: first is the thought (sometimes we even perceive the fine nudge from the spiritual dimension that precedes the thought) - then based on the thought we get a feeling, based on that feeling we have an impulse to act, and based on that impulse we make a physical move. There are spiritual/mental schools that spend quite a bit of time to practice pinpointing what happens in which one of the subtle bodies, where exactly and when and how. In Life Lesson Processing we have a different priority, but as an exercise that may be quite an interesting thing to do.

 How Damage Travels Through To The Physical Body 

The image below shows a damage that has gone unnoticed all the way through to the physical level - a frequent problem, difficulties with love. The body area that corresponds with that is the heart. The damage started with the connection to the Divine getting lost. Instead of being connected, separation became prevalent - "Me versus You" rather than "We". No more feeling snug in God's Hand! Selfish thoughts and attitudes followed - they slipped through the scrutiny of the conscience. Then cold or hateful feelings - nobody perceived them as lacking. Selfish impulses and behaviour, bad care of the body (lack of love even to oneself) - no self-criticism, no correction by others. Chest pains - no medical intervention, no change of diet or lifestyle.

So many chances to notice a problem, and all of them missed! Somehow this person was very alone. No spouse, no kids, no colleagues, no friends, no family doctor warned him about any of these alarm signals. He didn't notice them himself either. If any people were in his life at all, they let him down big time.  Being alone - in other words, being separated - it started right out there, in the most outer subtle body, the spiritual body, where the connection to the Supreme Being, the connection to the whole of which we are a part is alive - or more dead than alive!

After none of these signals registered, the final heart attack was the last and strongest warning sign. If after that there are still no corrections made, this lifetime is over, and there will be some unpleasant revelations in the life review after death! Apparently, this person has completely lost track, so at some non-physical level, sometimes called "higher self", the person thinks that they need a break and some rest and a fresh look at things before they go into the next installment and take on a new body.

 Prevention And Life Lesson Processing

Now the good news is that at any point in this sequence we can "pick up the phone" and react to the signal, long before it becomes so massively physical that we need a bio-energy healer or a medical doctor. Here is where Life Lesson Processing comes in - and why we believe that it is an essential tool to have: We catch any difficulties early on. The earlier, the better!

We just need to know what to look for - any troubled or troubling thoughts, feelings and impulses, errors and failures, guilt and remorse. While they are supposed to have specific locations in the subtle bodies, they are also directly available through our mind. No aura photography, no bio-energy monitor necessary - we directly ask the mind, which has connections to all these layers.



The Okinawa-Diet Food Guide Pyramid. Click to Enlarge!

The Okinawa-Diet food guide pyramid emphasizes eating healthy fat, calcium, flavonoid and omega-3 rich foods. Whole grains and other Right Carbs along with vegetables make up the base of the pyramid. Use the Okinawa-Diet food pyramid to guide you in making healthy and nutritious food choices. If you need to lose weight, just cut back on the grains, or leave them out for a while - vegetables have enough carbs to sustain you. Also keep an eye on the acidic/alkaline balance by eating much alkaline food.

CAUTION: Beware of food pyramids that have only grains at the bottom. They are outdated and dangerous.

CAUTION: Beware of soy - its downsides outweigh by far the one positive feature of being a plant-based complete protein. 

REMARK: We respect the concepts that advocate a vegetarian diet, but to not share them - see our thoughts about ecology and the food chain.

First we check our life's Standard Lessons and see whether everything is going as expected there. In each of these lessons there is knowhow involved. If for some reason there is Subject Illiteracy in these areas of knowhow, we can work on resolving that by issuing customized study assignments. Practical exercise is added where needed.

 Health in Relationships - Erectile and Brain Dysfunction


Part of these standard lessons are relationships - relations with people in- and outside the family. More often than not there is much processing work to be done in these areas. Some other areas of current life can suffer from bad management. Again we can look for subject illiteracy, maybe about Sexuality, maybe about Human Bonding (did you know that there is more than one bonding type?), maybe in the area of time management...


One especially important area of knowledge if we talk about the body is Nutrition. Subject Illiteracy in nutrition is a sure way to early disease and death. An unhealthy body also does not perform well in relationship matters and love, the maybe most important thing for human people. Bad nutrition results in bad blood circulation - the erectile dysfunction caused by that, as much as it is feared by men, is still a minor problem compared with the general lack of libido (not only sex drive but overall creative drive) and redúced mental capacity coming from a malnourished and inflamed brain (see Daniel G. Amen's books about that). Actually men are even lucky, because according to mainstream statistics, 8 years later the erectile dysfunction is typically followed by much more serious problems that are also circulation related - heart attacks, strokes, Dementia. So they have an early warning sign, right down there where it hurts most. 8 years is a lot of time for medical activities - if they are really used and not wasted. Other sources reduce that warning time to 3-4 years, which is still enough to do something substantial.


 The Boiling Frog and Borrowing a Brain


A dysfunctional penis will spoil the fun in the bedroom, but a dysfunctional brain will completely sabotage a relationship - any relationship, not only romantic ones! As memory, libido, perception and judgement deteriorate - all things where brain health plays an important role -, so do the connections with a spouse, children, working colleagues and friends. Irrational reactions and increasing negativity should ring a bell! Processing practitioners have to be able to spot these tell-tale indicators and send their client to a medician who has the knowledge and training to bring a brain back to health.


The proverbial Boiling Frog: thrown into really hot water, he would jump out immediately; but put into lukewarm water that gets slowly heated up, he misses the point of jumping out and is boiled to death. Actual frogs have proven this metaphor to be not true, but a similar thing happens a lot in health matters, especially where the brain, the cognitive organ, is involved.

We have two big risk factors here: the widespread cultural Morphic Field agreement that deteriorating brain function in our later years is normal, and nothing can be done about it. Not true - much can be done about it - see our Body Biology Links! Doctors who don't know this are simply not up-to-date - find a better one!


The other risk factor is the famous Boiling Frog phenomenon: Changes in the brain happen so slowly that we don't really notice them - just like in the case of the famous frog, who was put into lukewarm water which was then heated up very slowly. He failed to recognize the point where the temperature had increased so much that he was starting to boil to death...


When bad blood circulation has proceeded to a critical degree, where a tolerable memory loss and mild Cognitive Impairment are progressing into full blown Dementia, the cognitive impairment is no longer mild. It has developed into a real inability to think, observe, make decisions or implement plans. If they happen in ourselves, we often fail to perceive these changes. Family members may perceive them, but they may believe the morphic field idea that these things are inevitable.


In such a situation it is essential to borrow the brain of a person who has studied these things and has seen people with brain dysfunction return to full health so many times that they can lend their literacy and certainty to a confused patient and his discouraged family members. That can well be a Life Lesson Processing practitioner.  - You see why we put quite a bit of an emphasis on nutrition? With well managed food, these problems may never come - or they come decades later than in the average population.

 Life Planning and Guidance

But even in a totally healthy person, some life areas may be avoided because they are emotionally painful. Life Lesson Processing will resolve issues of Emotional Pain and help to complete the unfinished learning process typically contained in painful past key experiences. Other unpleasant or non-optimum emotions - fear, aggression, even the difficult emotion of apathy - can be traced down to their roots with the same system. 

The next thing to look at are any failed goals or derailed life dreams. Next, dreams that never took off but still want to manifest at some point. Some processing will be needed here to remove painful emotions, but also there may be quite a bit of study involved to upgrade the knowhow until such dreams can successfully be implemented.

Here we get into the area of Personal Lessons, Life Plans, and what Barbara Brennan calls Guidance - the connection to non-physical helpers, mentors or coaches. Much can be gained from learning to listening to such "people", or simply to the inner voice. With all these things lively functioning and well taken care of, a natural flow of life force from the person's center to the outside manifestions of life will be maintained, no energy will be dammed up or blocked or trapped.

If we also actively repair any errors and keep ourselves responsible and loving, we can catch any beginning difficulties in the early stages of thoughts, feelings and impulses - they never need to turn up to a volume so loud and massive that they impact the physical body.

As a general observation, life tends to spare us passive lessons like accidents or physical diseases - movies to demonstrate to us what we have failed to see - as long as we are actively learning something not entirely non-relevant. It's a little like having the foot on the gas when the road bends - that also tends to keep the car from skidding. 

 Emergencies: Medical Care and Energy Healing

Of course it is necessary to recognize the point where the physical body has been damaged or is even in acute danger. At this point it is too late to think about prevention (although we can still prevent the next health disaster). Energy healing and medical procedures are applied until the physical structure has been repaired. Life Lesson Processing can be done parallel, to alleviate emotional pain and take away some of the general load of negative energy.


If we do processing in such a situation, Louise Hay's assignments of body parts to certain mental or emotional issues can be used to trace down the physical problem to the underlying mental or emotional issue, and look at that in session - especially helpful if the red thread of emotional pain is no longer working because there is a negativity overload.


But generally our focus is on perceiving our clients' difficulties when they first appear in the subtle bodies, long before they manifest on the physical level, and getting them back on course with a smart combination of study, processing and competent life coaching.

Louise Hay has found out that mental and emotional issues typically correlate with certain body areas.



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