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Heidrun Beer, author of this website, LLP practitioner in Austria
Heidrun Beer, the author of "Life Lesson Processing


The Life Lesson Processing (LLP) website only gives the main concepts of processing. It requires years of training to become a competent LLP practitioner.  The materials for this training are kind of scattered across the universe, they mostly do not consider hidden cultural influences by morphic fields, and have not been put into context with our central idea of personal life lessons.


We are giving some links to materials that we find relevant. What is missing there, we are writing up in our own training materials at the moment.


As Human Beings we are a combination of a Spiritual Being with a Physical Body, resulting in a Life Form. We therefore have a gateway or interface to both of these sides. So, other relevant links go to Body Biology and to the Non-Physical World.




Some people have trouble studying a written text. This does not mean that they are condemned for the rest of their lives - it is possible to learn learning, if the time spent in school has not produced a fast and happy student. 


http://www.learntolearn.com has a brain oriented approach. http://www.howtolearn.com covers many different angles. More to be found in the search machines.




The foundation for any kind of consulting, processing or coaching is smooth and flawless communication. A good basic coverage of communication can be found in Flemming Funch's Transformational Dialogues, part 1.


 Suppression and Integrity


There are two major possibilities how any study and also any processing can go wrong, provided that there is no health problem: massive hostility and opposition from others (sometimes open, sometimes hidden) - and integrity breaks, like non-optimum life management, financial irregularities, drugs, abuse of family members, broken promises, unreliability or gross errors at work, or (in the worst case) crimes.


In such cases, it is necessary to deal with the situation at hand, which may be such a challenge that there is not enough peace of mind to do more than minimum processing at the same time. Also it is important to study the matter as thoroughly as possible. Competent people have much better chances to win in such situations. We are still looking for links that we can offer you in this area.


 Processing Concepts


Again we would like to point at Flemming Funch's Transformational Dialogues, part 1 and part 2. He does not cover morphic fields, although he tells us that today he would (the manuals have been last revised in 1995); he also does not relate to the Life Lesson concept which is our central idea. But everything about processing in general is covered really well, including a good look into the non-physical planes and the processing of Entities (the "demons" of Christian fame).


 Processing Procedures


The LLP processing materials can be applied only by trained practitioners and are therefore not public. If you want to try some processing for yourself, here are some ideas:


Recast Reality Website

The mental training drills on this website help you to see unwanted patterns in your life and show you how to get rid of them. They require no study and can be done instantly.

Three Steps To Change Reality

Other Recast Reality Drills


Mental Training Workgroup, Austria

Here are some processing procedures that you can use at home, alone or with a training partner. They are not adjusted to your life's Personal Lessons or Standard Lessons, but can be used to clean up punctual issues with hostile energies, shocks, "loaded" experiences and failed life dreams:

Mental Training for Everybody

Basic Tools for Life Planning and the Spiritual Clean-Up of Past Difficulties


 Interface To Body Biology


As Human Beings we are a combination of a Spiritual Being with a Physical Body, resulting in a Life Form. We therefore have a gateway or interface to both of these sides. So, other relevant links go the Non-Physical World, and here are some links to websites with information about body biology:

Here is the website of a brilliant doctor who knows both school medicine and alternative medicine (recently renamed to "complementary medicine"): www.mercola.com. He has articles about every health problem you can think of. Another area where he excels is Nutrition. Mercola sees through the wild mix of information and disinformation in the medical arena that is currently on the internet. He is also aware of what has been called the "medical mafia" - an industry that lives from keeping people sick rather than making or keeping them healthy. So he would be an expert to consult. 

Here is another page, compiled by our website's author Heidrun Beer for a magazine: http://www.ivymag.org/HealthLinks.html. It has important links to websites about cancer and other diseases (diabetes, dementia) that traditional medicine cannot handle yet, and some of her book reviews on body health. More of her health book reviews here: http://www.sgmt.at/BookReviews/BodyBooks.htm. See also our chapters on the body's life cycle and a  Healthy Old Age on the Entropy page, and our chapter on Health in Relationships.

Health author and coach Matt Traverso
Bio-Energy Healing Pioneer Barbara Ann Brennan
Energy healing pioneer Barbara Ann Brennan

Groundbreaking work has been done by Barbara Ann Brennan in the area of energy healing. See her fascinating books here. These practitioners, graduates of her Barbara Brennan School of Healing, which is already licenced as a college in the US of A, can typically see a disease long before it manifests in the physical body, and will catch it early on. This kind of energy healing can therefore be counted into the category of preventive medicine.  


We also find Louise Hay's system of correlation between body parts and their diseases with mental issues interesting. Or have a look at the e-books of brilliant health author Matt Traverso - real treasures.



 Interface To The Non-Physical World


As Human Beings we are a combination of a Spiritual Being with a Physical Body, resulting in a Life Form. We therefore have a gateway or interface to both of these sides. So, other relevant links go to Body Biology, and here are some links to websites with information about the non-physical world:


For many centuries, the communication with a non-physical world (actually a world not entirely non-physical but made from finer matter and energy than ours, called "subtle") was seen as either sinful and of the Devil, or at least outright weird. But channeling and contact with spirits has always happened. For the Native Americans it was part of their culture; today we have Shamans who travel by aeroplane and give workshops everywhere in the world. Same for famous psychics like James van Praagh, who get people in contact with their loved ones on the "other side" - they use modern technology for travelling and networking with physical people, in their role as ambassadors of the non-physical world.


 Near Death Experiences (NDE)


The world started to take these things more seriously when Raymond Moody published his book Life After Life, in which he reported the stories of many people who somehow survived their physical death, and came back into their body to tell about their experiences. He was the one who coined the word "Near Death Experience" (NDE). After that book, many people spoke up who had never told about their NDE's, because they were afraid that their family or employers would think they are crazy.


Out-of-body pioneer Robert Monroe

 Out Of Body Experiences (OBE)


One man was especially important in moving spiritual experiences out of the esoteric "weirdo" corner into mainstream acceptance and recognition: Robert Monroe, the man who coined the term "Out of Body Experience" (OBE) for his journeys with the subtle body. Before Monroe, these journeys used to be called "astral travel" or "astral projection". Today there are many people who can do these things, there are also workshops where they can be trained.


Some links for your information: The Monroe Institute, working with the so-called Hemi-Sync approach that Monroe developed; the Astral Dynamics website, the homepage of one of the two most famous living OBE gurus, Robert Bruce; then www.astralinfo.org, the website of the other living OBE guru William Buhlman. There are many more OBE authors, whose books are very worth reading.


Finally  Bruce Moen, a Monroe trainee, who has specialized in what he calls "afterlife retrievals" - helping people who are stuck after their death over into the Astral Planes, where their spirit guides then will take care of them (we keep seeing such stories in the famous "Ghost Whisperer" TV series). He too has a website: www.afterlife-knowledge.com, and his 5 volume series of books is a fascinating read, not only because of his emphasis on PUL (pure unconditional love), a thing that is seen as most valuable in the non-physical world.


See also how the famous spiritual school of Theosophy illustrates the way of the spirit through the various planes of reality inside and outside of the physical body: Lesson 8, Death And The Reincarnation Cycle. That page has a very good concise diagram of the non-physical planes of reality, and by the way also many fascinating references.


Here are some book reviews by our website's author Heidrun Beer: www.sgmt.at/BookReviews/SpiritBooks.htm. They are only a small selection from the flood of spiritual books that have appeared on the market, many of them bestsellers, some - like Betty Eadie's NDE books - real super bestsellers. Spirituality is absolutely going mainstream now.




Pastlife Regression Therapist And Bestseller Author Brian WeissMainstream therapy will typically not follow the red thread of emotional pain back into previous lifetimes - an idea that a practitioner can only use if he perceives you as a spiritual being rather than a chunk of meat -, and will therefore fail to uncover quite a percentage of your key experiences.


Bestselling pastlife regression therapist Brian Weiss is currently doing groundbreaking work in this area, but his cutting edge findings have not yet arrived in university training, while we are working with these concepts for over 30 years. Find his books here if you want to see what he does.


Some famous of the other authors who have written about past lives/reincarnation are NDE pioneer Raymond Moody, Thorwald Dethlefsen, and last but not least Ian Stevenson, who has left a huge legacy of mindboggling reincarnation documentation that spans the whole world. We find the reports of active practitioners like Brian Weiss or Thorwald Dethlefsen more relevant, because they demonstrate that average people like you and me can have great benefits from tracing their key issues back to past lives, but anybody who has the time and money to study Ian Stevenson's huge and expensive volumes will be entirely fascinated. There are also some thinner volumes with sample stories around.


"Life Between Lives" Pioneer Michael Newton

 Life Between Lives

Robert Schwartz' book "Your Soul's Plan"It has been said that life is a school, and that we return time after time in order to learn all of its lessons. Scientist Michael Newton has researched this idea. His clients remember how they planned their lessons before their upcoming birth - here are his books if you are curious.

Robert Schwartz comes to the same results in his book Your Soul's Plan, and a great many books written by trainees of out-of-body pioneer Robert Monroe, who have been on the "other side" during their out-of-body trips and came back with detailed reports from there, give the same information: we pre-plan our lives in order to work on certain themes that we choose together with our future co-players (spouses, kids, even opponents).


Now, we hope that these things will all move into the university training of  psychologists and psychiatrists in the very near future - it's about time to recognize the existence of a reality that is greater than the physical world!

That the two new terms Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Psychiatry already have so many entries in the search machines is really encouraging. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing the more pioneer minded among our readers in session soon! Just send us a mail to info@life-lessons.eu or give us a call under +43-7956-69441 to make an appointment.



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